The Twilight Saga

"You guys are like the perfect couple" Jess says as we both walk threw the alley way to the book store. I luagh every one says that about Edward of course hes the perfect boy friend. He looks like a god! but secretly there was a different reason th....

My thoughts are interupted by Jenn screaming I turn around to a guy eith a knife to her kneck. "What...What are you doing let her go!" He had a mad look in his eyes "LOOK GIVE ME WHAT YOU GOT AND YOUR FRIEND HERE WONT GET HURT" i then started breathing hard because I felt him on the back of my neckI felt the wantingspirit that needs to protect me.

"Bella Step Back" I do as he says a little frightend by the snarl on his face not being the only one the attacker quickyly runs but as he does Jenn screams again. Edward runs after the guy as i look to see if Jess is ok. I storke her cheek but then feel something wet. I pull my shaking hand from her and see it is blood.

I then scream "EDWARD" for not more then a second I see the whole Cullen family around me. The only sound you could hear were Jenn choking on her own blood "Please Carlisle help her" He checks her neck "Im sorry Bella its just to much blood loss" I close my eyes still hearing the sound of her choking "Change her" Carlisle shakes his head I plead "Please she cant die" Edward comes to me "Bella thats not such a good Idea "Why!!save her please" Edward slightly nods at him "Ok well if we are going to do this you have to leave Bella and we have to taker to the house"

In a way I was slightly Jealous ,jealous that she was going to get what u had been longing for to become apart of their world.Avampire.I guess it will eventually come and I have to belive


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love it
Chapter 6
"Ok were here" I smile as we walk the beach La push. "So both of us have something to tell each other" We bothe sit infront of the ocean leting the waves hit our feet "Ok so Ive been with Edward as yo know..." I was interupted by me finishing the painful sentence when Jacob grinds his teeth together "Bella we have to go" He says while pulling me to the forest "Why" I say worried "There are blood suckers here" I stop hearing the leaves rustle behing me I look back and see Victoria and I start to breathe hard.
I still remeber that horrifying day when the Cullens killed the agressive vampire James trying to protect me but he was also her agressive lover. she looks at me with a scold that would scare any human "RUN! RUN ALL YOU WANT BELLA EVENTUALLY WELL BE ALONE AND ONLY ONE WILL WALK AWAY" She yells. I go to be held by Jacob but I see hes disapeared and has blended in with the trees. I still see Victoria moving my way.
I see Jacob,Sam,Pal,and Quil heading to me "GUYS RUN SHES A..." Before I could run to them hey then transformed into something I couldnt belive.
I guess there were no more secrets he was not only Jacob but he was a WereWolf?
Of course Victoria got away but I sit still in the corner watching the boy infront of me transform back to my Jake the one I love "Its ok Bella shes gone" I nod "What are you totally freaked out now" I smirk "Ive seen worser,Ive been in things worser" He looks down "So this dosent change anything" I shake my head.
Of course it didnt I knew he could love me and love me with a passion Edward used to. I whisper in his ear "Hey take me to your place I want you" He looks at me confused but I knew what I wanted to do Jacob Black could be the hidden part in my Destiny.

Edward Pov
I sit in the Den,with out a single thought in my head except my own the one thing I could think about my love Bella the one I longed to kiss me at the mist of midnight. "EDWARD,EDWARD" I hear Alice calling me "Bella was about to attacked by Victoria but..." " I know he saved her" Slowly that mutt was taking my place "Thats not all Jessica was the one to alert Victoria were Bella was...


Dead Silence
oh snap!!!
this chapter was great!
and i can't believe jessica would do that...but then again, i can. lol.
loved it!
can't wait to read more!
more soon
Loved It Keep going Please!!!!!
i love the story please write more soon!!!!!
-aleasha c.
Chapter 7
Jessicas POV

I walk in The Cullens house acting clueless. Maybe Bella got lucky but Victoria will eventually kill her then me and Edward can be together. Her running out today made me notice that she dosent deserve Edward.
I go into the Den and see the whole family in the living room "hey are you guys ha..." Edward then jumps up and puts me against the wall with a look in his eyes.Alook that said he wanted to kill. "How could you shes youre best friend" I start to get infurated "Was...She Was my Best friend" He stares at me with nothing but angriness "Every day what do I hear about from you, Bella,Bella,Bella,Bella, how much you love BELLA" he left me and came down with my bags "What are you doing" "Youre leaving" I look stunned "Im family" "No you USED to be" "FINE BUT I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME AND IF YOU CANT LOVE ME YOU CANT LOVE HER" I go and disapear in the darkness busting the window in a near by car "Time to give Charlie a little visit" I was going to hurt them as much as I could.
Chapter 8
"Come on" I say leading him to his room "Is Billy here" he shakes his head no "Good so I can do this right" I kiss him passionetley bringing him closer. I take off his shirt "Bella wait what are you doing" I sigh "Jake" "Yea" "Im ready" He looks confused "Ready for what" "To give myself to you" He pushes away a little "Are you sure" I nod my head "Of course I love you,You Love me it couldnt be any better".
He smiles and gently puts me on his bed. We start to kiss with unwilling desire that couldnt be held He takes off my shirt as I unfastend his pants while breathing hard. I roll over which mad me be on top of him .

Both of us Naked tumbling like cubs playing in the jungle.
He enters me.Not only does he enter me physically but he enters my soul. My heart.
As I lay there with Pleasure I notice two things
1. I can only imagine him as Edward
2. There was no protection....
loved this chapter!
can't wait to read more!
oki to much for me thank you but love it


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