The Twilight Saga

"You guys are like the perfect couple" Jess says as we both walk threw the alley way to the book store. I luagh every one says that about Edward of course hes the perfect boy friend. He looks like a god! but secretly there was a different reason th....

My thoughts are interupted by Jenn screaming I turn around to a guy eith a knife to her kneck. "What...What are you doing let her go!" He had a mad look in his eyes "LOOK GIVE ME WHAT YOU GOT AND YOUR FRIEND HERE WONT GET HURT" i then started breathing hard because I felt him on the back of my neckI felt the wantingspirit that needs to protect me.

"Bella Step Back" I do as he says a little frightend by the snarl on his face not being the only one the attacker quickyly runs but as he does Jenn screams again. Edward runs after the guy as i look to see if Jess is ok. I storke her cheek but then feel something wet. I pull my shaking hand from her and see it is blood.

I then scream "EDWARD" for not more then a second I see the whole Cullen family around me. The only sound you could hear were Jenn choking on her own blood "Please Carlisle help her" He checks her neck "Im sorry Bella its just to much blood loss" I close my eyes still hearing the sound of her choking "Change her" Carlisle shakes his head I plead "Please she cant die" Edward comes to me "Bella thats not such a good Idea "Why!!save her please" Edward slightly nods at him "Ok well if we are going to do this you have to leave Bella and we have to taker to the house"

In a way I was slightly Jealous ,jealous that she was going to get what u had been longing for to become apart of their world.Avampire.I guess it will eventually come and I have to belive


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this is soooo OMG thats all i can say OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep Going Please!!!

-Jocelyn "Cassie" lautner
that is really interesting
I could not imagine my lords and Edward together until now
Charlies Pov
"Hold on Im going to go get the glasses from downstairs" Renne nods Im so glad that shes back her with me and Bella. It just what will happen when Phil comes to get her back I mean every things great...but I just need to forget it and stop bring up old feeling of me and her in the past.
I reach for the wine glasses but when I turn i am greeted by Jessica Stanley one of Bellas friends "Umm..." She seemed angry and incredibly hurt "Lets just make this fast Mr. Swan I dont have time to waste"
Jessicas POV
I smirk a little as I spit the overflowing blood that i took from the life less body infront of me I knew exactly what I was doing dragging him into the living room disapearing into the kitchen ready to attack my next prey who would soon come down stairs.
Renne POV
I sat on the chair wondering were Charlie was with the glasses Its kind of weird how good of time Im having with charlie when we were younger we always couldnt stand each other because I guess we felt suffacated I then look down and stare at my wedding ring which my thoughts are quickly interupted by rambaling down stairs I go to check what hes doing.
"Charlie I hear no answer "Char.." I then trip over something "What.." I then see my hand coverd in blood. "AHHHHHHHHHHH" I look over and I see Charlies lifeless body it looked like a animal attacked him I kiss his cheek lightly as tears cascade down my face My first love.
"No...No... dont cry Mrs.Dwyer or wait which one is it Swan because as it looks your sleeping with both" I look at her timid "Who...Who are you" I look at charlie "Well im Jessica" "Bellas friend" I as questionaly. she nods with a look on her face that hels guilt and pain but was godess and beautiful "MMMM... I see were Bella gets her sweet scent from you almost smell the same just older itll be delicous" I sit there confused "Look just know everything thats happening is your daughters fault now have a good after life,I know I did" She laughs as she launches at me my whole life flashes before me
Bella POV
I laugh as Jacob nibbles on my neck "You made me happy,Jacob I needed that" He nods but I then hear my phone rng "Aww who is that interupting us" He kisses me "Its not even that important focous on us" I moan "ok" W e start to get more passionate My phone startes to ring again "Ok it might be an emergancy" I get up to get it "Well it may be a pain when some one calls but I love to watch you to go get it" he says admiring my naked body
*Hello" *BELLA* I hear Alices panicked voice *YOU HAVE TO GO HOME NOW* i start to panic "WHY WHAT HAPPEND* *i just had a vision edward kicked jessica out and i think she got to charlie and renne*
I drop the phone dazed the dreams Ive messed up has probably now hurt the life of my parents and my secrets are finally coming out of the shadows......
Omg Please Post More!
more more more more more more more pleas now
oh an pleas read this story
Chapter 10
I rush putting on my clothes "Whats wrong Bella" Jacob says I ignore him trying to fasten my pants but tears blurr my vision "Be..." "My mom and Charlie Jake!,they may be hurt" He then jumps up to put his clothes on
We arrive to my houseand I suddendly feel breathless "Bella maybe you should stay here and let me check it out" I nod not fully aware what was happening.
Jacobs POV
I go into the house my instincs alert. I stumble over something thinking it is just something that fell but I then notice on the floor laid Charlie and a few feet away lay Renne .
I look down because I knew it would crush her the love of my life. It hurts me to that those blood suckers did this it is obvious because of the bite marks on the corpses. I make a call to the police and slo the ambulance reporting that Mr.Charlie Swan and Mrs. Renne Dwyer have both been attacked by animals and are dead....
Bella POV
I wait. I hear the sound of a car come to a screeching hault "Bella are you ok" Alice comes to hug me as Jake comes out of the house im eager "What happend are they ok" He looks down that is not a good sighn.
I run to the house and I open the door. I see them. Lifeless. She did this my bestfriend some one I trusted and loved and she actually killed my parents. I kneelbefore both of them Sobbing.
"Come on Bella do you want to leave" Alice says she looks at Jacob he says "Ill go handle the police and everything" She helps me up "Lets go" I shake my head and I whisper "No its the last memory I have of them being together i cant leave" I sob as Alice takes me up the stairs.
I sit on the beddazed and confused.When I look at Alice I noticed she is having a vision and then comes out "Bella did you and Jacob Black.." I look down and nod my head "Ummm.Wow" I look up tears in my eyes "What did you see" She looks down "Its going to kill Ed..." "What did you see" She sighs "Lets just say in 9 months youll have a little friend" I start to black out
17 and Pregnant.
What will I do?
How do I tell Jacob?
oh my god.
i loved this chapter!
can't wait to read more!
Chapter 11-Daughter To Father
I sit in a daze staring at the wall " Bella um... I dont know if you want this but its something that came with Charlies will" I flinch at the name. I try to open my eyes with out tears but I couldnt"Jake just leave it there" He leaves the room.
I inch over to the letter sitting on the dresser. I still smell his scent. I open it slowly. I havent spoken that much.I wonder if they would want me to be this way.
Dear Isabella,
If you are reading this my love,Iam up and gone no longer can I call you my little girl,or protect you the way I would want to. I remember when me and your mother got married my mother said "Love is the greatest of all things" That stayed with me forever I know maybe I didnt show it when you were in Phoneix with Renne but it was always there.
I am kind of sad we had dreams about us being a family you going off to college,Then getting married.
Marriage.You know after all these years Im still in love with your mother not one day did i go without thinking about what we could have been. Make sure you marry some one good ok like Jacob or Edward hard to admit it but I like the boy you have my aproval on both it was just Edward was just kind of weird.Choose wisely.
Forever and always,
Daddy Love you
PS.Dont sit around moping im always in your heart

I blink away my tears "I love you to daddy"
i like your story can u keep me updated plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sad chapter.
it made me cry.
loved it though.
can't wait to read more.


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