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Book one of my Diary of A Newborn Vampire Series. 
I have posted this before, but here I am posting it again to see if more people will read. So please read! 

This story is very similar to The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, but it is still my own. It is about a teenage girl who had a great life. She was most popular, all the guys wanted her, all the girls were jealous of her. But then at a party, she gets transformed into a vampire. Now she has to try to live as a monster. She meets people along the way and finds the love of her existence. 

 Diary of a Newborn Vampire


  Dear Diary,

      I have learned that everything is not as it seems. Life is life. We live it freely but with restraints. And death is
death. We just disappear. And I don’t know where I fit in. I’m stuck. I’ll
never change. I’ll never be able to grow or start a family. I will never be
able to have a life. I am going to be this way forever. A never changing body
of nothing

x---Tell me what you think of the story so far and I'll post the first chapter! 

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its good.
I love your stories so Im excited to read this one!!! Update me ASAP when you post more!!! AGAIN YOUR STORIES ROCK!!!!!

This one I like the concept of the diary idea!
haha! thank you! i love this story and i love a lot written already! going to post in a second!
Ava's party dress:
Baylee's party dress:
Kara's party dress:


Dear Diary,
For some odd reason, I feel like something terrible is going to happen today. I just know it. It’s is unbelievably strange. I don’t exactly know how to describe it. It’s like there’s the feeling deep down in my gut telling me to keep an eye out for anything weird. I just know today is going to be a very bad day.

I looked up from my diary at the clock. I quickly packed my red leather bound book of secrets into my purse and hurried down the stairs out the front door to school.
It was Friday. The ending of our first week back from winter break. So of course there was a party going on. And because I was the most popular and prestigious girl at North Fall’s High, I was going.
Down the hall, I met up with my two friends Kara and Baylee.
“So,” Kara started, tossing her sandy almost blonde hair behind her shoulder. “Tonight, should I wear my sweet little baby blue dress or my hot looking, eye-popping pink dress?”
I laughed. “Does it matter?” I asked as we walked down the student filled halls.
“Yes! Of course it does. I want to be the best dressed at the party,” she said smugly.
Kara was beyond shallow. But I only tolerated it because it was hilarious.
“Who cares?” Baylee interjected. “Everyone knows that Ava,” she smiled at me, “is going to win that title. I don’t need my psychic powers to tell you that.”
Kara frowned and secretly glared at me. I didn’t take it the wrong way; I was used to that look. Kara had always blamed me for beating her at everything. It wasn’t my fault though.
“Well,” I told them both breaking the odd silence. “All I know is that this night will be a night to remember.”

Dear Diary,
I don’t why I was freaking out so much this morning. Nothing bad happened today. I must have just been paranoid. Too many mystery shows. Now, I don’t have to worry about that and I can just think about the party tonight. It is going to be fan-tastic!

I walked through the doors of the party place, Beth Curry’s, a junior who knows most of the senior class only because she’s dated most of them, place. I smiled at everyone gawking at me. I was used to that too. There was plenty of reason why there were more eyes than usual tonight though. Tonight, I was dressed in a flaming red mini dress, matching heels, and had my blonde hair down wavy.
I spotted Kara and Baylee talking to some college dude across the room. He left as I made my way over to the.
“Hey,” Baylee said straightening her white and orange dress that contrasted beautifully with her dark skin.
“Hi,” I smiled as she handed me a drink.
Kara didn’t dare to say anything directly to me. All she could do was glare.
Then, a gorgeous guy came up to us. I didn’t know him and evidently neither did.
He smiled and said, “I’m Derek.”
I stuck my hand out. “Ava.”
Before he could even get around to shaking my hand, Kara intruded trying to make herself noticed. “Kara,” she said shaking his hand. “That’s with a K.”
He gave her a nice breath-taking smile.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you-all of you.” He stared long and hard at me. “Sorry, but I need to go.” He took my hand that I’d had forgotten was still in midair and kissed it. “Farewell.”
My heart skipped a few beats as he walked away and my stomach acted as if it was in the Olympics.
Kara then turned to me. Her face flushed with anger as she gave me the eye.
“You think you’re something, don’t you?”
I gave her an honestly confused look. “What are you talking about?” I asked her innocently.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about!” she yelled at me. I was surprised the party was still going on considering her volume. “You always have to have the guys after you! I never get a chance! You get everything!”
“Kara,” Baylee tried to calm her down. Baylee hated violence and anger. It was at the top of her unnecessary things to do in public list.
“Shut it, Baylee!” She turned back to me. “I’m am sick and tired of you being Miss Everything! You are dead! You that?! Go lie in a ditch and die already! You’re over!”
I didn’t really know what she meant by that, but it didn’t take a genius to know that she meant it.
I turned and ran away upstairs to the bathroom away from all the drama. To calm myself down, I took deep breaths and looked myself in the mirror.
Kara was right. From the outside, I did look like I got everything I wanted. But right now, I hated her. I hated her. I hate myself. I hated everyone I hated my life. I was tired of the same old things. I wanted more. My life sucked.
After spending about twenty minutes trying not to vomit down the sink, I straightened up and decided to go back to the party. I opened the door into the dark, black hallway.
It was just a teeny bit creepy. The only sounds were the music pulsing downstairs and the wind whooshing outside around the house.
Then, there was another sound. Like footsteps coming from behind me, but when I turned around nothing was there. Thinking I was just hallucinating, I started walking again.
There they were again. Light, but there. I knew someone, or something, was behind me. I ever so slowly turned around, bracing myself for what was coming.
When I found my follower, Everything happened so quickly. It was as if someone was holding down the fast-forward button on the remote.
A horrid face…a lunge for my throat…a scream escaping my lips…the urge to faint…
There was so much pain…So much…blood.
Amazing as ever Ana!!! Ava shouldn't of thought just because school was out that she was safe! Who bit her though is my question? This was great!!!!
thank you! you'll find out in later chapters!
New Reader of this story: Very intriguing, a very personal touch you gave that story.
thank you! i love new readers!
Oh wow you are such a tease Ana, lol, nevertheless I love it and I want more.
hehe. thanks!
Does she have any relatives like a son who she could raise without harming him/her and love it?


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