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*Spoiler Alert* You might not want to read this if you haven't seen the movie


I was almost crying when Bella gets to Jacob's house and all you hear is Jacob screaming in agony. It was soo sad. And then to see him in all those casts made me feel so bad for him.


I'm glad they showed it in the movie though, because I could never imagine how he looked like when Bella goes to break the news to him that she chooses Edward in the book.


Oh, and also, I really wanted them to show the epilogue from the books where Jacob runs away after reading the wedding invitation. Kinda sad it wasn't in the movie. Hopefully it'll be in Breaking Dawn.


Anyone else felt heartbroken?

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Well I'm not sure. Cuz the BD the book they do IT like 4x at the honey moon n I think 1 or 2x web Bella is a vampire. N that's a lot of parts not 2 show. N they r gonna wanna show Bella covered in bruises n feathers so I'm really not sure. I think it will be rated R.
I don’t think they’re going to completely cut that part, but I don’t know how far they can go in a scene like that if they mean to make a PG-13 movie. I’m not saying they should make an explicit scene, but I wonder how they will resolve that. I mean, will they just make a shot with feathers floating around or will they show the bed frame already broken? Or what about Bella’s lingerie destroyed by Edward the second time they do it?
I don’t know, I can’t imagine a PG-13 movie neither…
I agree with u, I felt bad for Billy because he couldn't do anything at all! I'm not a parent (only a teen) but if I was, I have no idea how I would not break down in tears and lose control of myself. I very badly wanted to see the epilogue! But if they save for BD thats's great because I was almost annoyed with Bella and Edward after Jacob got hurt. I was probably just mad to see the movie end that way
i almost did he was naked 4 like a minute in eclipse 2
Yep, when he crawled in the sleeping bag with Bella.
yeah...keeping BD pg-13 is going to be a huge issue! sigh* :(
I know! You know movie ppl. They always want 2 make everything dramatic n stuff. Itz probably gonna b rated R
The screaming and the actual moment when he gets hurt in the clearing just broke my heart!
However, I thought that the scene with him and Bella talking while he is in bed recovering would make me cry, but didn't have the same emotional weight as the book.

I liked the ending though, it fitted the flow of the movie, I don’t think it was really necessary to keep the epilogue. It was fine, the same meadow scene from the beginning but with a “different” Bella, sure about her choices, etc. BUT, what she said about becoming a vampire that it was not only about Edward…WHAT?!?! Am I wrong? Isn’t the whole thing about Edward? I mean, she spent like 3 books trying to figure that out and I don’t think she wants to join him in eternity because she always thought she was a freak herself and didn’t fit anywhere. That would be the only thing I didn’t like about the ending.
I know!!! I was like what does she mean it's not only about edward?! I was almost about to yell in the theater yes it is! Well, that's how I understood it atleast, but I really thought that practically the whole thing was about edward
I just feel bad for poor Jacob in the whole the past two movies. Nothing goes right for him. It breaks my heart.
Well, I wasn't keening like an infant, but tears were threatening to brim over onto my cheeks... I was like, "No, please, no, don't start crying," because the mascara I wear now is organic and it doesn't take much to make it run down my face due to the ingredients... yeah...luckily I made it out of the theater still looking composed enough that people didn't stare.

The only time I really over-reacted to a movie was the very end of New Moon... Tabitha probably remembers the story about me, her embarassing friend, a bit better than I do, don't you?
i laffed so hard when bella punched him and he cood hear the sound effect and then bella was screaming


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