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*Spoiler Alert* You might not want to read this if you haven't seen the movie


I was almost crying when Bella gets to Jacob's house and all you hear is Jacob screaming in agony. It was soo sad. And then to see him in all those casts made me feel so bad for him.


I'm glad they showed it in the movie though, because I could never imagine how he looked like when Bella goes to break the news to him that she chooses Edward in the book.


Oh, and also, I really wanted them to show the epilogue from the books where Jacob runs away after reading the wedding invitation. Kinda sad it wasn't in the movie. Hopefully it'll be in Breaking Dawn.


Anyone else felt heartbroken?

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I did like soooo much..My bff is Team Edward ans like i was sitting there in tears and then like all of a sudden she was all " I hope Jacob dies!" and she like screamed it...yesh i truned to her and slapped her btu like it was soooo sad....omg but did you see that he was like alll naked....I felt a little disappointed with the movie though...I guess that is the last time that i re-read the book right before i go see the movie.
I can't believe your friend would have the nerve to do that!!!!!! I mean, even if you were Team Edward, wouldn't you still feel some sympathy for the poor guy WHO JUST GOT CRUSHED BY A FREAKING NEWBORN???!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!!
I told her that..and she was like Im sorry Kam. I know you truely love him and since you dont bugg me about loving Edward I will leave Jacob yeah she has some issues haha jk but she does
What kind a person wuld do that! I wouldn't b friends with some 1 like that! Like kenzie sed, the poor guy just got crushed by a freaking newborn! Wut the hell is her problem that she just goes and yells out " I hope Jacob dies! " what kind a person is she!
Haha yeah she was kidding but i got really really mad and like we are yelling at eachother and we are sitting right next to eachother...When she said that i was all " Beeeep YOU!!!" hah yeah and i almost got in trouble
Don't get me wrong, I'm team Jacob and that part brought tears to my eyes too, but still, it made me laugh so much what you said your friend did…
but it was like sooo mean
I fought back the tears. It was horrible! My freind Ali and I almost cried our hearts out, but, Like i said, I fought back the tears.
Maybe you two were the girls bawling two rows down from Tabitha... jk
i cried from when he fell from the vampire till she left the house and then still sniffing at the very end sooooooo saddddddddd
my mom and sister laughed at me and mi sister is 6
and it made me mad that she went back to edward!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was heated he got half his body crushed and shes still wants the vampire id ask her " are u sure" and then take him for myself
I know right?!?! have you read the books, Nadyah?


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