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*Spoiler Alert* You might not want to read this if you haven't seen the movie


I was almost crying when Bella gets to Jacob's house and all you hear is Jacob screaming in agony. It was soo sad. And then to see him in all those casts made me feel so bad for him.


I'm glad they showed it in the movie though, because I could never imagine how he looked like when Bella goes to break the news to him that she chooses Edward in the book.


Oh, and also, I really wanted them to show the epilogue from the books where Jacob runs away after reading the wedding invitation. Kinda sad it wasn't in the movie. Hopefully it'll be in Breaking Dawn.


Anyone else felt heartbroken?

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thank you :D
Yes, I was in severe pain when I heard Jacob's scream. I also felt like he was having a broken heart as well knowing that Bella truly didn't love him they way he wanted her to. Either way I feel Bella could had changed her mind if Alice would not had come back. In the book of New Moon it stated that Bella was beginning to accept Jacob in her life as more than a friend until Alice showed up. This made all her thoughts disappear and think only about Edward. However, we know Stephanie wrote the Saga for Edward & Bella to end together. I just didn't like to see Jacob get hurt along the way even though he does keep his promise for Bella by staying by her side and imprinting on Renesmeee. Either way I can't pick either guy they are both good for Bella. Emmett Cullen Breaking Twilight also known as myself Mrs. Ildira Peterson
That was soooo sad :( I can't believe what a jerk Bella is!!!! Jacob just got his bones broken twice and she's telling him that she doesn't love him!!!!! What a loser! lol
i know it was just in a movie but i felt relly relly relly bad for him
yeah well i felt sad for jacob and not just the ribs but aboot bella she doesnt deserve him i mean i felt a little piece of my heart break when she said that she only said that she loved him because she knew it wouldnt change anything!!!


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