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WARNING: For those of you who have not finished Eclipse or read Breaking Dawn there are Spoilers for both of the books even though this is not the Breaking Dawn Discussion.

I don't know about you, but Bella made me mad near the end of Eclipse. She was engaged to Edward while she was making out with Jacob. I mean HELLO! haven't you heard of the thing called loyalty. Or, how Bella was like I love Edward, wait now I like Jacob, No I think I'll stick with Edward, No I want Jacob. Ugh she bugged me. If she didn't want Edward or Jacob, I would have gladly taken them off her hands.  What about you? tell me what you think, if you agree or don't let me know your opinion.

By the way I don't hate Jacob or Bella, but I am TEAM EDWARD all the way! And the book wouldn't have been as good without the up and down but it still did make me mad.

I understand that the bond between Bella and Jacob, also. He was there for her and blah blah blah I understand and it still made me mad.

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Well, Bella loves edward so much, but in newmoon when edward left her she became helpless, thanks to jacob she had her life back.
I think she also fell for jacob plus the friendship... making out is no big deal...the important thing is she's with edward...
i hated that too but jacob made out with her she didnt make out with him! And jacob's too strong to let her go or so she cant let go . Also i dont know why but that was one of my favorite parts it was probaly my second fav i also like when edward proposes to her
no Bella did make put with the end of the book when he told her he was just going to first she didn't make out with him but then she started to when she pictured her life with him
I was upset with the choice that Bella made however I am more up set with Jacob for putting her in that situation. He knew what he was doing. This was his way to stick it to Edward. I understand that it was her choice and she did it with her free will, but come on! What I was surprised about how cool Edward was with it all. It shows his love for her and how human she truly is.
I agree. I should be more mad at Jacob, but I think I'm more mad at Bella cuz she played them both
i don't really mad about what she did because it was also jacob fault two(when he kissed her at the first time and she broke her arm and got all confused about her feeling)
yean!!!!!!!!!i wanted to jump in the book and tell her something about that and wat is she if she was crazy..
i got really really pissed to the way...

...she is mean not only to my jacob but to edward tooo...
i agree. bella needs to choose her poison
i was mad too i was like woh! omg why did she do that!
omg i totally agree with u she mad me soo mad and yah shes engaged y is she making out with Jacob!!!!!
After reading Eclispe, I was so pissed off. I felt like burning my copy and never read anything Twilight related again. I was mad at Bella for constanly "Playing" both Edward and Jacob. I can't descibe to you how mad I got when I read the Bella kissing Jacob part. I seriously wanted Edward to leave her for good after finding out. She broke his heart throughout the entire book only to semi-mend it back together again. He deserves so much better than Bella. Maybe he should have had his own "bestfriend/lover" on the side to make Bella jealous also. I understand that in New Moon Jacob was there, that he helped her so I can't truly be that mad at him. But he was going after another man's girl and that is just point blank wrong. I just wish Edward would have went off on her or just left her because the pain he must have went through in Eclispe must have been terrible.


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