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Did you think Kristen Stewart did justice to the character Bella?

So in the movies did you guys think Kristen Stewart did a good job in playing Bella? I honestly am not very much impressed. There could have been so much life in Bella but Kristen most of the time looked no offense but kind of like she was out of it you know? Very lifeless. What if Bella was a happy person? At least not as lifeless as Kristen portrayed her to be!! Please share your thoughts!! 

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I am not a fan of Kristen's acting, even though I should admit that I have actually seen very little of her work outside of Twilight movies.  I agree with your assessment of Kristen's portrayal of Bella, that she is very lifeless.  However, I honestly think that Bella's character is very similar to how Kristen portrayed her.  She is not a happy person.  She is very mellow and tends to isolate herself from others.  Bella is one of the most insecure characters that I have ever read. :/ 


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