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Hey guys! Okay I am reading The Host over again for like the 50th time and I wanted to know is there ever a part in the book that got you at least a little teary eyed? It doesn't matter how many times I read the book I always cry in the same spots! (I am very emotional when I read books lol)


Like I always cry when Wanda is planning to go away so Mel can come back and Ian tries to beg her to stay! He shows so much compassion for her I find it mind-bloggling!


Anyone else? Post your parts of where you cried lol

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Same! Thought I was balwing like a baby when Wanda was saying goodbye to Ian
i know...I wudn't leave Ian for anything!
I cried when Wanda found out they were killing souls and morned for 3 days... I cried when she wanted to kill herself to give Mel back to her body... I cried when Kyle came back with Sunny and then again when Jodi never came through and they put Sunny back in... I cried when Ian said, " I held you... You were beautiful"... I cried at the end when Ian had Wanda and Mel had Jared! This was a very emotional book for me! I cry though a lot in books when Im happy and sad so that doesn't help either!
I cry when she leaves Ian. I cry when she asks Jared for the lie. I cry when they bury Walter. I cry at the blank pages. I cry when Wes dies. It doesn't help when I picture Taylor Lautner as him. I cry when she decides to stay too. But I also get mad with her for not seeing the impact she has on those around her and not understanding their depth of feelings for her. It is an emotional roller coaster of a book for me.
I never get teary eyed in books but the host got my crying.
I cried when:
*Walter died
*Melanie left (When Wanda forced her out)
*Wanda said she was going to die
*There were those two blank pages where I thought Wanda died
There were many parts that i got teary in - but the only part i really cried was when Ian and Jared did not want her to go. That was sooo sad!
lol... im very emo types too! i cry for like every part. but the one i can remember of now is wanda feels helpless when she's not able to help jamie. all that she could do is sit and cry!!
haha I always cry about the emotionally difficulties between the love square so you could say :P im not sure but I always get so caught up in those scenes and of course when Ian and Wanderer are saying goodbye to each other in his room :(


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