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Ok i know most people will think that i'm copying "Titanic A Twilight Twist" but i'm not... This Fan Fic is based on three things... "Twilight", "Vampire Diaries" and a book called "Distant Waves."(which is based on the Titanic.) This has nothing to do with the other fan fic... And if you see something that is a similarity to that plz tell me and i'll take it down imediatly.








Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)


By; ~Luvme2day~


ChApTeR oNe: The real life…





“Bella hurry up! Or were going to be late!” My sister Alice called for me.


I struggled to pack the rest of my belonging in my tiny luggage bag. How could they expect me to fit all this stuff in this tiny little thing? I sighed and took out one of my favorites skirt and blouse. I then zipped the bag up and dragged it behind me to the living room.


“There you are.” Mother looked frustrated.


“Didn’t I tell you to pack your stuff earlier? You never listen to me.”


I shrugged. “I couldn’t pick what to bring.”


She then sighed and signaled me to follow her to the motor car.


 “Where Alice?” I asked.


“She’s already gone to the station with father and Steffan.” She relied while she loaded the rest of the luggage into our only transportation left.


“They’ll meet us at the station. Now go call Elena and Damien”


I rushed into the house and into Elena’s room. I found her slim figure bending over a trunk. “What in the world are you doing?”


Elena was my little sister. She had recently turned 12 and was as stubborn as ever. She was quiet tall for her age and had pale skin and smoky blue eyes that I envied. She got them from my father Charlie. Her dark hair was held up in a high pony tail and draped across her back lovely.


She looked up shock written all over her face. “Nothing.” She replied with such haste that I was sure it was something.


I shook my head. “Anyways, mother said to hurry up. She’s already started loading the rest of our stuff in the motor car so if you want to put something in it you better rush.”


I turned for the door but Elena called me back.


“Bella?” She said in her child like voice.




“Do you think it’s a good idea to go to America?” Her voice was shaky. Worry coming across her face fiercely.


Being only two years older than her I didn’t understand much myself. I tried to sound sure of my self or at least wise. But I think it didn’t work that well.


“I don’t know. And it’s not our choice. Plus, there’s nothing left for us in England. Father can’t find work so the only way is to move.”


She nodded understanding and continued what she was doing.


I headed to Damien’s room. He was sat on a chair hunched over his desk scribbling on something. Damien was 16. Much taller than me and almost as tall as father. He had light brown hair like my mother and her green eyes. It was kind of strange when you looked at the. From one angle they seemed a mossy green but from another they looked like a smoky blue. He was skinny like all of us and kind of a know it all which is one thing I don’t like about him and that girl drool over him like some pastry dish.


“Damien. Mother said to hurry up we are leaving soon.” I told him.


He grunted. “Tell her I would be there soon.”


“She said to come now.”


He turned and looked at me. His eyes looked sad. Damien had tried everything he could do not to go to America for some various reasons but the number one reason was because of his girlfriend Cassandra.


Cassandra was beautiful and smart. I liked her and we’d become close recently.


“Tell her one more minute. Please Bella. That’s all I need.” He said.


I nodded. I knew why he wanted to delay our leaving. He was waiting for Cassandra. She told him she would come to see us off.


“Damien! Cassandra here!” I heard Elena yell from the front room.


Damien jump up excitedly and pushed me out of the as he rushed to her.


They started hugging and kissing each other. I had to turn to not be disgusted much further.


It took us quiet a while to split them up. But when we did Damien was strapped in the back seat with Elena and our luggage and I sat in the front with mother. Cassandra was left at the steps cry franticly.


I didn’t know what the matter was they would see each other soon. Damien was only coming with us for a year. Well, I guess that’s not soon but still. He’s turning seventeen soon. And once he reaches eighteen he has the right to do what ever he was like coming back here to England and getting married to Cassandra. I knew they had been planning this ever since we heard about the news of us traveling to America.


But I think the trip would be fun. We would be traveling over seas on the Titanic. The most majestic ship ever created. It would be filled with rich people. We were boarding first class. I couldn’t wait to dine with the wealthy such as I, meet new people, wearing the finest clothes.

It gave me chills just thinking about it.


In the next five minutes we were off to our next destination. The train station where father, Elena and Steffan would be waiting and we will be getting on to make out way to the Titanic.




The Chapters:


Chapter Two:


Chapter Three:

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:

Chapter Six:

Chapter Seven:


Chapter Eight:


Chapter Nine:


Chapter Ten:





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love ti but I haven't seen the Vampire Diaries!!! :( hope to soon

more ASAP
well you should. It's good. Don't read the book though. It's huge disapointment. :)
I like Rosalie's dress the best. Everyone else look like the living deadLOL
i love the story but bella should be changed before anything happens
i also love the colors you use i have always wanted to know what are the different colors we can use here but i dont know how to word them....anyways would you mind changing the color i think its to bright and it hurts my eyes which makes it harder to read...but i still read it all lol...I love the story
Sure thing i'll change it no prob. Thanks for reading...
post more soon love it
Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)

By: ~Luvme2day~Vannessa

ChApTeR tHiRtEeN
: Complicity…

When Edward’s mother left I got up myself and followed Edward. His steps were quicker as if in a hurry. Catching up to him was and trying to stay hidden at once was a struggle. But I managed to do so correctly because he did not turn nor stop.

We turned corners as escaped up stairs but we did not see Jasper. Edward walked back to the banquet hall with me at his trail. I stopped behind the door. Not entering the room. It would be obvious that I was following him. He walked towards his family and pulled his sister behind. Words were muttered between them and with all the other passengers speaking it was hard to here exactly what they were saying but I pressed my fingers and ear against the door and listened hard.

“Have you seen, Jasper?” Edward asked her.

Her mouth turned to shape downwards. Her features showing annoyance. “That is what you pulled me aside to ask?”

“Have you seen, Jasper?” He repeated.

Bonnie shook her head. “But, I did see Alice. She was looking ….. I saw her run up….. She never came down ….. She is there.”

Where? Where had Alice gone? I didn’t take note of that for too long.

I got up and looked through the window and spotted Edward quickly walking towards me. I turned and glanced around searching for a place to hide. Detecting a closet to the far left down the hall I dashed towards it leaping inside and closing it just when he opened the banquet doors.

I dared not breathe as he walked by me. When I was sure he had gone. I got out wondering where Edward had gone next. So I looked around the ship in search of him. But of course he was long gone.

My feet clamping on the carpeted floors I ran to my floor and walked the rest of the way to my room. I thought I would have seen it but I hadn’t. Someone bumped into me. As I was about to scold them on proper manners and ask who they thought I was and what kind of power I had, that’s when I saw her.


Her eyes were wide and eager. She did not answer me but instead pulled me along with her into my room. I sat on my bed and looked at her as she passed across the floors.

“You’re going to burry a hole through the floors.” I told her.

She did not stop. Moments of silence passed us by. No one spoke or intended to by the matter of fact.

I decided to take the lead. “Alice.”

She still did not answer to my call. “Alice? Please speak to me. I’m here worried to death. What ever is on your mind you can tell me.”

Alice stopped and turned to face me. She shook her head and continued passing her skirts flowing around her. This time instead of speaking I got up and stood in front of her forcing her to stop.

“Tell me.” I demanded and pulled her towards the bed.

We both sat there for a while. Again filled with silence.

“I’m terribly sorry, Isabella.” She finally said.

I looked at her curiously but also confused. “What do you mean? What are you sorry about? You have done nothing wrong.”

Alice shook her head. “Yes, I have.”

“What is it then?”

“It’s the Cullen’s. There is something you need to know. Something important.” She replied.

I sat there waiting.

“You know those visions I’ve been telling you about? The ones that come true”

I nodded.

“Well I saw one of them today. Something bad is going to happen, Isabella. Something horrible. And something bad has already happened. And….And…. I can’t fix it. I…I…” She struggled with the words she wanted to speak. Her breaths coming fast and her tone sounding as if she were about to cry but no tears escaped her eyes.

But that’s when I noticed. When I looked into her eyes. They were crimson red. A sharp bright color. Slowly I got up and backed away from her. My eyes bulging out.
Alice looked up at me with a wearied look pasted on her beautiful face.

“Al…Alice your eyes. Th…There red.” I said stammering my way through my sentence.

She nodded and her lips pursed.

“Isabella, you know when that man James was telling us about immortals. Vampires to be exact. He told us about how there aren’t many of them and from time to time you will pass them with out even noticing. Sometimes they will kill you or you’re a family member or a friend and you won’t know why there was a sudden death and if they like you they’ll change you even though you don’t want to be changed…” Alice took her time while she explained and tried to make her words clear for me to understand.

Tears streamed down the corners of my eyes. Fast and hot. There was no way to stop them from coming. I backed away more towards the door.

“No.” My mouth trembled.

“…well while I was with Jasper; I knew he was one of them but I didn’t care because I was in love. Love makes you do stupid things. Anyways, while I was with him things happened. He let himself get out of control and it turned to a blood lust. He bit me and started sucking….” Alice continued.

I tried to block my eyes from hearing her speak but sound just kept coming through. “STOP!”

Of course she did not listen. “…And then Edward came bursting in. But it was too late. Venom traveled through my body to my heart and across my veins. Spreading it through out me. No one could stop what had already happened, Isabella. It was too late for me. So here I am.”

By the time she was done I was on the floor. Rocking myself. Crying and rocking. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I’ve always made myself believe that vampires were not real. That the clips they show about them were false. They didn’t exist. James told us a little about vampire. About how to know when you’ve seen one and how to stay away.


“So here are ways to tell.” He said a grin spread across his face.

I did not know what was so funny about it but I listened anyways. My curiosity burning in my veins.

“One: All vampires are very pale. No matter what emotion their going through they never turn red from embarrassment of cry from sadness. Because they have not blood running through them just venom. They have no tears because their body isn’t made up of water just venom.”

We both nodded. Alice and I. Our arms linked together. We were at the library and sitting at the very far corner where no one would here our conversation. It was warm. But we paid no mind to our surrounding just the words that came out of James’s lips. Wise words.

“Two: They all seem out of their era. They talk as if they are from a past time. They sometimes even walk as if they were not from this time.”

“Walk how.” Alice asked. Here eyes wide and she blushed when James’s eyes flickered to her.

He smiled showing his milky white teeth. “Don’t ask me my dear. I did not make these symptoms did I?”

My sister shook her head and said no more.

“Alright now. Where was I? Oh, of course, Three: You might notice that their eyes are dark as a crow’s feather or red as crimson and the special ones have honey golden eyes. As times it changes to Onyx or a deep brown. But when they have feed it remains a golden tone.”

“So what do they feed on?” My question was dim-witted even Alice turned to me in stun that I even asked it.

But James did not judge. “They fest of blood, Isabella. Some drink human blood other animal.”


His lips pursed. “I can’t really answer that because I am not them and don’t know their intentions. But I think they do it to preserve human life.”

“Oh.” Was my only reply.

This time it was not me who spoke but my sister, Alice. “Is that all?”

He thought for a moment before answering. “Yes, I suppose. That is all I know of.”

Alice and I looked at each other. Our emotions satisfied but of course nor neither believes in the foolishness that the man spoke of. It was entertaining that is all we were here for.

We thanked the man and left. To forget of his tales and ambitions.


“Isabella, please. Just listen.” My sister begged of me.

I did not reply to her and she did not wait for one.

“The Cullen’s are what you think they are. Even Edward to tell you the truth. I know you don’t want to believe me but it’s all true.”

With my voice thick with tears and shock I asked. “I’ve thought about vampires too. If they were genuine of not. Especially that first night. I suspected Edward and the rest of the Cullen family but I refused to believe that the man I was in love with could be such a thing. In addition he never told me about it and I never asked in fear of the answer.”

“But why? Why would Jasper do this to you?”

Alice stayed silent keeping her voice low. “I don’t know, Isabella. It was an accident first of all.”

“And there is something else. My visions. I saw the ship sinking. I saw you dead and Edward and his family crowding around you. He was heartbroken, Isabella. I mean more than you know. He loves you.”

I shook my head. “I do not want to be in love with a being as so.” I said irritably.

“But you don’t understand, sister. He’s passionate for you. He would die if it meant you will live on. He would burn in fire if it meant your safety. Do you not feel the same?”

To tell the truth I did not know. Did I love him? Perhaps. “I’m not convinced, Alice. I need time to think about that and after what his mother said to me I don’t know it I can.”

Alice paused. Her eyes narrowed. “Esme? She said something to you?”

I nodded.

“Do tell.”

“She said ‘Stay away from him. If you know what’s good for you.’ Her eyes were hard and cold. I mean she was dead serious and trying to make her point.” I told her.

“And do you believe her? Do you believe that you should stay away from Edward?” Oh, Alice always asked the most important questions. No wonder she’s older.

“I don’t know what I believe in nowadays. But I love him. I mean he’s intelligent, valiant, amusing, and compassionate. Never thinking of himself but others. He’s perfect.”

Alice smiled. “You are sure then. I remember feeling like so when I first establish in relation to, Jasper.”

“I felt complete. That no one else will ever touch my heart similar to he did. He always knew my emotions. Made me calm. Took away the hurting and the pain. As you said ‘perfect’.”

Her eyes were distant. As if in another world all together. It was kind of peculiar. Two sisters in love with two brothers. Both living dangerous lives but not considerate because as they say ‘love concurs all’ isn’t that correct?

I don’t know how you can love me. The words came softly, as if he were thinking them to himself. You’ve seen what I am.

That’s why I love you. Kaitlyn told him

L.J Smith, Dark Vision. (PG. 726)
You have done it again. My poor Bella so confused!! but her love for Edward never waver at all. I do hope they make it through this. Love does concer all. If it is true love !!!!!
I couldn't have said it better myself...

wow, deep, passionate and beautiful more ASAP

oKaY..... WhEn YoU sEnT tHe LiNk AgAiN i CoUlD'Nt HeLp MySeLf! It is good!!

well i like this!


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