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OKAY was anyone else TOTALLY pissed they took that lline out of the movie !1!?!?! Because i was

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i hope the new director will do better !
the other lady took out so much she could have left in !
I mean it wasn't nessicary to take out all this stuff
THAT MADE NO SENCE that was 1 of my fave lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was. thats one of my favorite lines in the book!!
XD They could have at LEAST put that one in there. They changed nearly all the lines; the only ones I caught that were the same were the ones in the hospital where Edward finished with "Then I hope you enjoy disappointment."
Haha! I loved that scene in the book! It was awesome. Yeah. They should've left that in the movie. It probably would've ended up being the next big piCk-Up line. Haha
100 percent agree with that :)
i just want to hear him say it soo bad.
I dont see why they took it out !
yes to the power 6 billion. I so loved that part plus every word of the book was important. I read and reread everything in there.
they took out all the good lines =(
yes! i loved when edward would dazzle bella
AWWW i love that part. They left out a lot of stuff. The kiss was at the wrong time. Hey, did anyone else notice that the dream that was incredibly crucial to New Moon AND Twilight was left out? (The dream where she figures out Edward is a vampire, the dream where she discovers that Jacob is a werewolf?) Yea, so what are they going to do in New Moon? They need to STOP changing things!
yeah that was gone.
And i really would have sat through the whole EXACT twilight book made into a movie
word for word
i wouldn't have cared if it was a 5 hour long movie. I would have still watched it all


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