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OKAY was anyone else TOTALLY pissed they took that lline out of the movie !1!?!?! Because i was

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i totally agreee!!!! haha
i thnk that they could have done that.
I was so mad about that and so many other things that they changed and/or left out of the movie.
yep. >-/body>
yes i was pretty mad that is the coolest line ever. btw love the pic
yeah it is my favorite line.
i took a picture of that line in the book and put it as the background on my cell phone =]
I KNOWWWW i was soooo mad!!! Don't get me wrong, the movie was really good but they took out a lot of good and important parts in my opinion! They didn't even have them say "I love you!!!"
Yes!! They really should have had that in the movie. Actually, I thik they should have had a lot more in the movie. Like the part when Bella tells Jessica what happened in Port Angeles and Jessica asks "How much do you like him," and Bella replies "More than he likes me," and then Edward tells her she's wrong. Also, the part when he's listening to her sleep and she says "i love you." Oh well, what can you do?
i just wish they wouldnt have left out soo much
thye didnt even mention that jasper can control emtions!
It so wonderful, why would they miss the importance of his apperance in the sunlight/connected with his mezmerising skills with human interaction. Dazzle discribes it all. Its core to his draw. Its so part of who he is he doesn't even realize he does at times. He makes people swoon. and it is especially effective on Bella.
Yes, I felt the same! why didn't Edward say that??? and also I was waiting to see the scene when Edward tells Bella that She inspire the lullaby,but that didn't happen.
i was 222 it was sooo important kinda but still


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