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OKAY was anyone else TOTALLY pissed they took that lline out of the movie !1!?!?! Because i was

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the second time i watched the movie, id just finished reading twilight for the second time.
i found myself going to quote the book is so many parts.. only to hear bella or edwrad say something completely different or the scene to have already ended.
i cant believe how many "little" details they missed and hwo much it actually affected the whole movie.
that line definatly needed to be in it tho
and by missing all those bits your missing edward and bellas personality. like the move they both come off kinda .. snobby or pissed alot.
uggh still so angry over it.
If you read Midnight Sun - then you'll know that when Edward smiles his "dazzling" smile- he really means something else by it.
He is really being dangerous but most human's perceive it as a dazzling smile. That is what he means when he says he can lure humans in with his smell, his looks etc.


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