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I'm just wondering...

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Wow, I love you! Do you research it all? Thanks for the reply, it's very informative. Yes, if only they are real. We all be running to get Edward. haha! Me
yes i think so u?!
i think they do too...gush!! where are they??lol
lol. if they do exist send them my address! *screams : COME GET ME EDWARD!!!!!!*
They are! send them to me!!!! *yells: come get me Edward!!!* :)
me too...haha! come and get me...
IDK.... But that would be Awesome!!! If there are real vampires out there, bite me......
wow...that's too scary!!lol...I just want only one to bite...Only one else..
Do you guys realize that if the "real" vamps would be anything like the myths that exist about them,would be a life threatening creature? I mean how much "bad" stories have you heard of vampires,compared to good ones?
Even If they really would be like the Cullens,THEY "slipped" too,meaning killed human beeings.
It is both scary and fascinating to wrap your mind around this topic,but at the end of the day I Don t believe that any vampire like the Cullens exists.
They'll bite you if they'll find you....Get ready!! Don't bring pepper spray....
i think maybe there are vampires in our world today as people go missing all the time. if you think about it what would be the best way to cover yourself up if you just bit a human? you'd make it look like they ran away/were abducted. its the perfect cover up story. :) xx
i sure wish they exist but..but i wish they are exactly like the Cullens.." the vegetarian types"

and please if there is a real Edward! take me with him..i want his world..i want him!
oh! please bite me my Edward! please!


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