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I'm just wondering...

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Yeah, who would wish for the real vampires not like the Cullens? It's too scary...

I'm afraid if there is real Edward you'll be the last to know lol...Of course, I'll go first...hurry hurry...hehehe...

Thanks for the reply Shane!
I am confuse too because I know God is the ultimate source of everything. So if they do really exist then vampires are made of God too... Just come they drink humans blood? ...(confused)
If we've never read the books , would we even consider this question? I'm saying this because I asked myself the same thing!
Yeah, Stephenie did let us asked this question. Though I've heard a lot of stories before but I never did believed they exist. Maybe if they do, they really are well hidden and I doubt it they are vegetarians too like the Cullens. Still, it's dangerous for humans...
i guess no , there is nothing like vampire or werewolf in our world and good question tooo it make us think about this
Love your profile Pic! whew!!! Anyway, yeah I guess they're not true?? But they can We really don't know,unless they'll appear and say"hey, I'm here. I'm a vampire. I'm a wolf!" But of course nobody will ever announced it if they really existed. Maybe, we'll just be contented with our fantasy with the Cullens and the wolf pack!!! Just that...
I don't believe they do. Though I did watch a show on that topic, and I saw humans drinking human blood. It was horific. Ugh!
Woooh!! Really? I don't believe they are vampires. Probably they are just natives in your land. Of course they speak like Shakespear because they don't know what's happening in our modern world today. But yes, I think there's a little possibility that they are vampires. If they really do, we'll you should be happy(?) that you know them. lol.
Oh what is this red stuff? Quite scary... Why are you going there anyway? Aren't you afraid? I am currently reading "The girls guide to vampires". Try to look for it in bookstore, you'll know everything about vampires, it's origin, history and all. You might be having a vampire friend.!
Where's their house? In the woods? Wow! You're dancing with a You're indifferent too. If I am in your shoes, I won't go there for my safety as well. We'll anyway, it's your own choice. Somehow, these people have good attributes you can't resist that's why you keep on coming back to them...
oh! Anyway, I hope I am not talking to a vampire You might come across my land and bite me..hahaha(kidding). Have a lovely weekend dancing with your lady friend across the hills and a lot of can...Good luck then!lol


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