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Do you think she is the correct person to be Leah?

I made a group

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Noo way,
I can't imagne Vanessa Hudgens playing a character like Leah.....
Leah is so depressed and angry all the time.....Vanessa is way too girly and cheery.
no way....i think all the disney stars should just stay away from something that is totally out of their league.
I have nothing against Vanessa but HSM and Twilight don't mix. When I c Vanessa I always think of HSM are they gonna put Zac as Sam? LOL
Vanessa can not be Leah
Why?!!!!! Where's this new directer? I want to talk to him! He is doing the worst mistake EVER!!!! Vannesa go back to HSM but LEAVE NEW MOON ALONE!! I hate this! If she's part of the cast I will stop watching or not watch NEW MOON! Urgh Im sooooooooooooooooo mad!!!
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Of Coure NOt! Ewwwww much! Never! PLEASE DONT RUIN THE TWILIGHT SAGA! hell no! If she dare gets in the movie, im gonna go mad! riot! NEV-ER! im joining the strike.
let me know ~ ! lol
hell NO!~!!! and i sign up for the petition no disney kids on twilight saga .. lol i dont think shes right for it AT ALL .. urgh dont like her
If she were to play a part I think she could be Emily the one that is Leahs cousin
well, to me leah is extremely annoying, i can't stand her, and i also can't stand vanessa hudgens. she would play the part perfectly, she acts just like that, but she needs to make sure she keeps her distance from the real action and just stays in the background
No not really and is she really doing the part or have they picked her yet and i love the books dont you?
NO CHANCE!! They should cast an unknown!!!


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