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if you do tell me why and who it is and also who is in your way... for me i love jasper hes gorgous and can mess wit my emotions so i could never be sad but to bad alice is in the way i wish i was her cause shes awesome too

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edward.I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH EDWARD!!!!!they say that the girl that asked him an autograph(rob.)and he said no,i mean thats mean.anyways,i will love edward 4 ever ........:D
i freaking love EMMETT :D
hes so cute and adorable
i love his sense of humor :D
I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!! I wish I was in Bella's shoes all the time to be with him...... I have fallen head over heels for Edward!!!!! I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!
ummmmm, like all the cullen guys, and there's rosalie, bella, alice, and esme. all of them are awesome.
I love Edward the most, his personality and the way he cares is amazing, his love for Bella and the way he will always wan to protect her is really amazing to read, and there is no guy like that.
But then i love Emmett, he postive attitude and his strenth and indurance is amazing and easy to fall for.
And Jasper, he can control your mood, i would love not to have a sour mood, he cares about alice so much and is so protective, it is just really cute to read.
And Carlisle, his emotional strength is amazing and he cares for humans so much, so how can we not care for him?
But they all have there soulmates and i love the girls to much to ever want to get rid of them!
lol wow obsessed much... ?
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove edward, because he is a sweet sensitive caring man. he thinks of himself as a monster when he really isnt.
and i too am a little like bella, im a totally uncoordinated person, i cannot play sports, cant defend myself well
i look diferent than everyone else in my school...
EDWARD MARRY ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Jasper. I felt his story was the most touching and painful. He is HOT all the way. He is my kind of guy. Quiet yet very expressive if you know what i mean.
I love Edward sooooo much!The way he loves Bella made me hope someone would love me that way!
I love Carlisle too!!
I LOVE Jasper and Emmett.
Jasper is the solemn type, but he aslo really struggles to do right and to resist temptation, which is SO hot!
Emmett is so simple, sweet, and funny, and SO hot!
ohh gosh I absolutly love Edward Cullen. He's personality alone says it all about him. He sweet and cute and funny, all of those awsome qualities! But then I also really like Jasper, he would have to be my second character. I liked him more in the 3rd and 4th books, he really becomes a bigger character.



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