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if you do tell me why and who it is and also who is in your way... for me i love jasper hes gorgous and can mess wit my emotions so i could never be sad but to bad alice is in the way i wish i was her cause shes awesome too

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Of course!!!!!!!!
i luv edward because he is ever thing i could ever wan't in a guy&vampire<3
I Love Edward Cullen.. END OF!! :) xx
I just adore Edward.He is everything I look for and more.I am not in love with others but I like Alice because she is mad but very friendly and helps Bella.
Emmet, he's a big teddy bear! To bad Rosalie's in the way. Don't get me wrong, I like Rosalie. I can understand how she would feels about not being able to have kids and being stuck where you were. I would probably give it up,though. If I got to stay with the person that I loved.
only one????
I love all the cullens ( even Rosalie a little bit) especialy Endward (ahhhh...) and Emmet!!
I love Edward Cullen! Because he's attractive!
I'm desperate for Edward...
Um seriously, who doesnt? Oh EDWARD!!! he is just the perfect man!!!
I absolutely am 100% ready to be bitten by Edward Cullen. Imagine a life with him, OMG. There are no words !!!
I too, tell people all the time to "bite me", of course before Twilight it had a different meaning, now I want Edward Cullen to really really "bite me" lol...Edward loves Bella but im sure she would share him with us, he was prepared to share her with Jacob, so she should be nice and return the favour.. Long live Twilight
4 me it's eward beacuse he's awesome and hes irrasistable and i love him but bellas in my way i wish i was here because shes amazing to but edward is the best EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in love with Edward Cullen.He can protect me anytime.
Err i kind of love them all :),
for all different reasons, in my eyes they all have really good qualties, but i love edward/bella the most (L)(L)


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