The Twilight Saga my opinion Robert wasn't the Edward I imagined.Just my opinion :) What do you guys think? If you agree with me, who do you think should have played Edward? Please leave a comment <3

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I agree!

I agree  with u %100000000000000000

I think Robert Pattinson was perfect for it. Mysterious yet beautiful at the same time.I don't think anyone else could of played it better.
u r right
I rented that movie, I couldn't get past the first 10 min. with out falling asleep. I think Robert did an awesome job playing Edward. I read the books too, so I was able to really get to know the character as Stephenie wanted the public to see him as. Since movies sometimes change the characters a bit from a book. The script was right on, since the whole book couldn't be put in the movie, for the sake of length, it was great to see how well he really portrayed Edward.

he seems more suited for the part


Why do you think so? Because of his look or ... ?

I think Robert is absolutely right person to play Edward. I couldn't imagine anybody else playing him, Probably thinking so because I first saw the movies and then read the books. Anyway he is so convincing in his role and handsome of course. I just love him.
I watched New Moon when it was released before Twlight and before reading the books and I was hooked. I watched New Moon at the theater at least 30 plus times. I am totally obsessed with Robert.
Really, Lisa? I always think Edward looks bad in New Moon! I mean, from 3 movies NM is the worst.
You know I think because I wasn't into the movies and books like everyone else when they first came out my obsession came later and I think that's why I got hooked on that one. I always thought Eclipse was my favorite but Breaking Dawn is pretty good too. I can't wait for the movie my only hope is that they stay true to the book as much as possible. I just finished Twlight yesterday and forgot how much more in depth the books are compared to the movies. Which one is your favorite?
Twilight!... despite awful make-up. Maybe director's passion made that film so emotional, so... so alive. Score and soundtrack were fantastic, too. I love Edwards facial expressions when he reads minds (lost in next movies).

Hello Lisa,


What movie is that picture from??  I know Rob plays piano anyways, but I know he has done a bit more than Twilight and Harry Potter. It's really kool! I have seen all that I can find here in Utah of his other works, or is this behind the scenes of a movie? Just curious where you found it.


Thank you,

Barbara :)




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