The Twilight Saga my opinion Robert wasn't the Edward I imagined.Just my opinion :) What do you guys think? If you agree with me, who do you think should have played Edward? Please leave a comment <3

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I think he fits quite well :)  not only for his physical appearance but also because he adapted himself to play that role :)   If he hadn't chosen for being Edward, seriously I have no idea who would've done it!  I mean, I can picture anyone else... xD

Yes I really think Robert is the perfect Edward. I would only see that cause I only became obsessed with the movies and the books when new moon came out in cinemas. Now I'm in love with Robert Pattinson and Edward Cullen as much as Edward is in love with Bella :D

in my opinion robert suits the character of edward cullen.he is almost as same as what stephenie meyer describe edward cullen.this is my personal opinion:) i dont think there is anyone who could take over his role as edward as he fit the role.

i watch this movies  50 times only for to see his perfect face. 

oh ROBERT, you are my hero

I read the books before I saw any of the movies and I don't think any actor could have lived up to the Edward that exist in my mind. Now I'm used to it being Robert I couldn't think of any actor playing him better. I think Edward had to always be played by a relatively unknown actor as any previous major role would have tarnished Edward.

As for Bella, I don't mind Kristen too much, its not her acting that annoys me, its thhe script she has to portrait but that's a whole different story.
I really think that Robert plays Edward really well! I don't think they could of founded a better that Robert Pattinson! I have friends say that I'm wrong but I think they are wrong lol! Robert Pattinson just has this thing to him that fit Edward to a tee and he plays him so very well.

Yes! Absolutely agree.


Which is  important - BooksBellas flaws (such as unintentionally giving hope to Jacob) comes from hers naivety. She acted wrong because she believed it's for good. Making MoviesBella as strong girl took away all reasons to act in naive and unselfish way and turned her into cold, cruel one.

I agree. I don't know if anyone could blush on the spot though,

YES totally because he justs looks like the vampire type plus he's cute so yeah

Is your profile pic a new pic??
no i found it on google so i think its old.
lol, okay thanks!
I think he fits the part perfectly!  Not only is he beautiful, but he just has a way of really bringing out the Edward in the Novel I think.  I cannot imagine anyone else playing the part.  I think he is absolutely AMAZING!  I wasn't even really a fan of his or anything before the movies came out, but he changed my whole perspective of him after watching the movies.  He really gets into character and makes it seem real.  The only negative thing I have is about Eclipse and how they did the wigs and make-up on them I think it was terrible.


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