The Twilight Saga

The Truth is......I dont think they should date!
I love Selena but I just think they are to different people! And sure they say oppisites attract.......But Still!
I just dont like them together........but what happends happends.
And for now they are together.But thats just my opinion:)

They are dating and know one can stop them:)

-Smiles- Maybe he will date me:)

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-Smiles-Yeah let him be happy.
But I will only give them a month.Maybe 2.

-Ya Know the only reason we dont wont them to be together is because we wont him!-Smiles-
i think they look really cute together but of course i would look better by his side lolz jk
Um no i dont think so. I think selena should get some one her own kind. Taylor is sooooo much more popular than selena. and if her rep. goes down for something stupid. Then hes going down with her. You know what i say to taylor if he was dating selena?
"Dump her hard Taylor! Make her cry!!!"
^^^^ My opinion.
i think they would make a cute couple becxause they arre both goodlooking and they are so much alike


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