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Do you think that: Carlisle's Decision To Convert The Members Of His Coven Into Vampires, Was Driven More By Selfishness Or By Compassion, On His Part ?

Do you think that: Carlisle's Decision To Convert The Members Of His Coven Into Vampires, Was Driven More By Selfishness Or By Compassion, On His Part ?

Rosalie; I am voting NO! ..because I wish that there had been someone there to vote no for me!

Bella: "I couldn't believe it I REALLY wanted To Be A Vampire! (PPAW..  Paraphrased As  Always)

Discussion Question, Do you think that: Carlisle's Decision To Convert The Members Of His Coven Into Vampires, Was Driven More By Selfishness Or By Compassion, On His Part ?
Optional counterpoint questions raised by the discussants: If they are of interest to you.:
1.When Carlisle was "changing" Edward do you think that he felt that he was destroying Edward's soul ?
2. Roselie was incoherent and within moments of dying when Carlisle "changed her. Then she spent the next 50 years complaining about not being alowed to die. If she regretted being a vampire so much, why do you think that she didn't force the Volturie to kill her?
3. Esme originally was 16 when she met Carlylr (See Stephie's home page notes) was she too young to have fallen in love with Carlyle then?  Was Carlyle  to "old" to have loved her then?
4. What do you think was Carlisle's overpowering reason to offer to convert, the beautiful healthy Bella, in the prime of her live. A girl he had come to love as his own daughter ?

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When I was reviewing this topic, I came across this photo of a high school girl who was Bella's age when she was changed. Apparently it has some obscure relationship  to the saga.






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I don't think Carlisle has a selfish bone in his body and that is conveyed in Twlight and New Moon . . . He's always wanted to be a doctor and to "help". I think he converted them out of compassion. I don't feel his motive was to start a "coven". I doubt that thought even entered his mind. All converts were "suffering" in some way. He made it better (extremely painful at first) but better in the long run. All of his family members are compassionate individuals (even Rosalie, we will see).

Robin, You bring up a wonderful point: In "New Moon" Bella asks Carlisle "How can you do what you do and not take the easy way" (dedicate your life to caring for humans and not feeding on them) Carlisle Responds: It took centuries of work (for me to master my compulsion) but I never could have taken the easy way (sacrificed human life to satiate my desires) AND EVEN IF I ALREADY AM DAMNED. "What I do (serving the sick and caring for humans) BRINGS ME JOY!! Bella then looks at him with the sincere total amazement of one who fully understands the GRACE of God, and says "BUT CARLISLE! YOU COULD NEVER BE DAMNED!! Once again when Aro says to Bella, "YOU would give your life for a soulless being (Edward) Bella (who understands Edward better than anyone ) responds YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HIS SOUL! (And she says it with certainty because her love has allowed her to comprehend his goodness, and her spirit God's grace) "You can have my soul. If it means loosing you I don't want it (eternal life) without you." Thank you for raising this interesting point, Doc

I think Carlisle's decision was consiously compassionate..but subconsiously selfish...Carlisle hi self said that he wanted a companion but never had the heart to do by his coming across the broken compassionatly he selfishly turned them..what I mean is that he did it to save thier lives but also so he wouldnt be alone...who want to be alone for an eternity...Even I would change someone...
Good points.
Carlisle had been think about it but it was when Edwards mom was dying and bag him to save her son. When she died he still had to think about it before he did it and he only did it because he had told Edward's mother he would do all he could to save him. He even told Bella that he thought she know he was different.
yes, i think part of his dissision was selfish and part of it was to save Edwards life

I agree with you.

Dear Scarlett,
My brother (the psychiatrist) would say that your answer was genius. He would say that we (humans) have two minds. That we have a conscious mind, and a subconscious mind. And that both are working all the time. While Carlyle consciously might not to want to change Edward, the demands of Edward's mother. "YOU MUST SAVE HIM DO ANYTHING!! Was all that his subconscious mind needed to proceed with what he so desperately wanted "a companion to share with." Thank you for sharing with us, Doc


Stephanie said in an interview: I use to repeatedly "honestly" say.That I had purposely avoided describing my personal family in "Twilight." Then one day I was describing how the Swans are the total opposite of my family. "My family," I said was big and loving. And it contained had all these wonderful gifted different characters. AND THEN IT HIT ME. As I was writing "Twilight" my subconscious mind was describing my personal family down to a T. BUT MY PERSONAL FAMILY NEVER WAS THE SWANS THEY WERE "THE CULLEN'S." And for almost two years I wasn't even aware of the trick my subconcious mind had played on me!!

Replying before I read the rest..
Carlisle didn't like what he had become. He agonized for centries before he finally came to terms with what he was. He made a decision to be better than what others may have perseived of him should they find out he was a vampire. He decided early on that he would not drink human blood. He was conflicted before he turned Edward. It was Edward's mother dying wish that her son be saved. Turning Edward, he now had someone with whom he could share his true self. But he was still alone in other ways. He had met Esme when she was 16 and years later she tried to committ suicide after the death of her baby. Personally, I like to believe there was a connection within that first meeting but obviously the age difference may have stopped him from any further actions. So while others thought she was dying, he decided to give her a second chance. In her, he found a mate. Rosalie was turned because she too was left for dead, even though we know that this was not a life she would have chosen for herself. But being a good doctor, he may not have seen any other way. Emmet was also dying when Rosalie brought him to Carlisle. And the only reason he agreed to turn Bella, tho she was not dying, was to save his son (Edward). So through all of this, I believe it's his compassion that leads him to make his decisions.

Dear Okita,
I agree with you. And I congratulate you on an excellent defense of your position. (Some times I revert to my old debate team analogies)
Your point; "And the only reason he (Carlisle) agreed to turn Bella, who was not dying, was to save his son (Edward). So through all of this, I believe it's his compassion that leads him to make his decisions." Well stated and I entirely agree. I also think that Bella was a very special case. I feel her defense of the concept that Vampires can still have souls was in agreement with Carlisle's. And showed him that she was making an informed decision. Possibly the only human to have as deep an understanding of Vampires was the Volturie's human secretary. Who planned on becoming a part of their world. Unfortunately she thought that she was going to be "turned" But as Jane pointed out "the only thing she was going to be turned into was an eventual desert for her. Thank you for sharing your excellent analyses with us. Point well made! Doc


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