The Twilight Saga

I have been hearing that Robert and Kristen have gotten engaged and are getting married very soon!
Do you believe tell me what you think!

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Nope, I don't, but nice pics though! :D
errm..i dont think it has gone that far yet!!
I defiantly belive there is a robsten, but i think the magazines just write stuff so that people will buy them!!

it would be nice tho!!!!....
LOVE THE PICTURES OF THEM. but no they were never engaged. they may have been dating off and on but they never got engaged. i don't know where you heard that but yes just like any other ROBSTEN rumors they have stayed just a rumor. {but i do think that they make the perfect couple!}
I think not. And if so, then the time will come when they are told.
for me it doesnt matter all i know is their very cute together and have very good chemistry on and off screen and if they are engaged thats great and if their goor friend also great so it woldnt matter either way
no,i don't think so,guys...
Helz no i dont believe it!!!! i dont think they r that stupid and that in luv even tho they make the cutest couple ever and they so belong together
Go Team Robsten!!!!!!!!!
ya I heard that too by kristen stewart I have her as a friend on myspace and she said they mite get married after they are done filming breaking dawn....

that's a dream to all of us!!!!!!!! I hope it's true!!!!!!!!

I'm very happy right now!
no,i don't think so...maybe they just want 2 know each other right now
yes we are engaged
I believe they are in a relationship, one that they both fought very hard for and that has developed slowly, but as far as them being engaged I don't think they have probably gotten that far yet. I think right now they are just trying to be with each other as much as possible and getting to know each other better and watching their feelings for each other blossom. I hope it all works out great for them I believe it is there destiny to be together.


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