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I actually like Jacob and Leah their were alike in so many ways i thought they would have been great together after they got past all the bitterness between eachother their were kinda cool together

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totally agree! they shood b together especially being in the same pack
i agree with you totally. it would of work with then two
You read my mind.
I mean Leah and Jacob oh my gosh it was SO set up i mean "Your the only one that understands me" and what-not i mean REALLY. I mean it would have totally worked out. Leah never got her happy ending I mean she was tragicly dumped by Sam for her cousin Emily and not one single creature has the SLIGHTEST intrest in the pitiful warewolf. she has NOBODY she didnt get her happy ending and i think she totally deserves it no one ever thought about poor Leah.
i agree with you
ur pic is sexy
Yes!! dude, blackwater 4evr! they wouldve been like Bella and Edward only in wolf version, and sides, Leah deserves a happy ending to.
yea i agree
i agree with you 100%.
no, it would be better for them to fall in love like normal people. *screams "LEAH CANNOT IMPRINT AND NO ONE CAN IMPRINT ON HER!'*
I agree with you. Jacob sucks to be the son-in-law of Edward. tooooo eeewwww....
Like I said in the Blackwater discussion group - up until the moment where Jacob saw Nessie for the first time and imprinted, I seriously thought he was going to end up with Leah. They just seemed to click, and could bond on a level that no one else understood. I'm also a bit of a romantic and I had this fantasy where Jacob and Leah fall in love and she's finally free of Sam. I REALLY liked Leah's character and I hate that Stephenie just kind of left her hanging. I thought it was all going to be good when she found her place in Jacob' pack, that she would finally be happy! and then it was...over.
I too thought that Jacob and Leah would end up together. Too bad they didn't. In my mind they would have made a cute pair. They are so much alike and I guess I imagine them falling in love also.


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