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I actually like Jacob and Leah their were alike in so many ways i thought they would have been great together after they got past all the bitterness between eachother their were kinda cool together

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OMG totally Jacob and Leah would make such a cute couple ..................i like that better than Jacob being with Bella or Renesmee
YES, all of the way!
i agree
Jacob doesn't have to end up with Renesmee, remember.....Jacob could possibly be nothing more to her than a brother to her (which is allowed in imprinting)

but i did think that Jacob was going to get with Leah, I was kinda sad that it didn't happen
Think about Sam.He would feel betryed.He still has feelings 4 Leah.Leah still has feelings 4 Sam.Jacob has imprinted on Nessie.ITS NOT MEANT 2 BE!
I think the point of Blackwater is what could've been.
EEEeeeeewwwWWW! no I can see your ponit though. It would just be wrong. It is better that Jacob can have a part of Bella.
OMG i totally thought they were going to end up 2gether... it is always the pple that hate each other that end up together i thought that would have been awesome and i also think the imprinting on nessie was a little weird i mean i know i obviously wouldnt get how that happens but its jst a little creepy cuz she was like a day old wen it happened
i do think leah deserves her happy ending after all the pain sh ehas been through, but i like jacob and renesme. i know its a little wierd because renesmes so young but i love that jacob finds his soul mate and gets to stay in bellas life. i hated to see all the pain jacob had to go through in the twilight saga and i feel really bad for leah too but i actually like jacob and renesme together.
i thought so too and they both lost their "true loves" so i thought he would be perfect for her but he haaaaaadddddddd to imprint on renesmee
I know personally I tought that Jacob with Reneesme was a bit too creepy and gross because of the way he felt and tought about Bella it just seemed wrong to me.
I am so with u on that one!


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