The Twilight Saga

I actually like Jacob and Leah their were alike in so many ways i thought they would have been great together after they got past all the bitterness between eachother their were kinda cool together

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r u seriouse
no lol just wante to bring in comedy lolz i know wh leah is no worries
and if thats u on ur pic i dont wanna get to know ya lol
OH it s 2 headed nvms i thought it was like a bug eyedchineese freaky thing lol
I TOTALY agree.
When she first joined his alph, I thought that she imprinted on him!
is imprint sex?how does that leah girl not have sex?...idiots how does a werewolve not have sex?! jacob did it!
they are like the same and
esides the will be most of the
time together so obviestly!
gosh!, i thought i was the only one to think about that!
i kinda thought so but i saw an interview with stephanie on ew and she said that all along it was written that nessie and jacob will be together
I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! leah and jacob should've been together and w/out reneesme. reneesme is soo beautiful she cud choose anyone she wants. jacob was not the perfect match
YES i think they should of maybe if they were he wouldnt have imprinted on renesme
YES! They have had the same experiences with dealing with a broken heart and share their lives as wolves.


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