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I actually like Jacob and Leah their were alike in so many ways i thought they would have been great together after they got past all the bitterness between eachother their were kinda cool together

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Yes i totally agree lol oppisites attrack lol and wow did they ever in this book lol
OME I totally think that too. I thought he imprinted on her oh well...
I agree. Nice couple yeahh..
i think they would of been great together i thought they were gunna be (untill i remembered that he didnt imprint on her) but when he printted on renesmee it just all fit together. bella and him stayed best friends, his and edwards relasonship got way better (they dont hate each other anymore) and he can finally love bella in the right way.
I bet he thought about it, but he imprinted on Renesemee. Too bad
I thought originally that that was where it might be heading in the book, but I was also thinking around that time frame that Jacob was going to imprint on the baby. It was a little interesting the way that the Jacob/ Leah relationship was forming--and definitely slightly misleading.
Yeh, for a while i thought they would end up together to be honest
yeah!! i thought thats the way they were would of been good 2...
Yeah i reckon so :) And that leaves Renesmee open for Nahuel (Theres another book waiting to happen)
Yeah, I do. Being on Team Edward, I was pissed when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, because I totally didn't see it coming. (aka, no one ruined the book for me ;) ) Jacob and Leah are much better with each other, but hey. I guess there's nothing that can be done now. I'll just have to learn to like Jacob.
YES!! i totally agree!! the whole time i was reading the book, i always kept saying "why cant they b together??"
If those 2 HAD gotten together Bella, Renesmee and the Cullens wouldn't have been safe from the pack!


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