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I actually like Jacob and Leah their were alike in so many ways i thought they would have been great together after they got past all the bitterness between eachother their were kinda cool together

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totally agree with smfan
i no that would have been totaly cool! i dont really like how she ended things with poor leah. i mean, shes still toaly heart broken over sam. she should have a happy ending too.
When I first read it, I swear I thought they were going to get together, but after Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, I didnt even care.
I think that it would've been great to have Leah and Jacob end up together, but knowing that its Renesmee who he imprinted on, thats even better, because Jacob and Bella said it throughout the whole saga, they belonged in each others families, now they really can be.
Jacob isnt in pain about losing Bella, and Bella isnt upset about hurting Jacob, I think it works out for the best all the way around.
okay, but they wouldve ipirnited the first time they saw each other. duh. is there sumthign rogn w/ fallin in love?
I always thought that Jacob and Leah should be together. Too bad that they dont really like each other..
lie, they do SO like eachother!
Ya I was sure they would end up together because they were so perfect for each other! Then stupid Nessie came and messed everything up!
I don't really think so...but would love for Leah to have her own story. Leah needs someone away from the pack, to give her time away from that life, and the reminders of Sam.
yes, wolves with wolves. not with vampires and esp not with hybrids. Jacob will be much satisfied if he stays with his kinds. Moreover, jacob is not gentleman enough to hang out with vampires.
oh my god i soo agree with you. leah definitely deserves to be happy. and by the way their relationship was going, i thought that they definitely would be an item, of course that was before the "it was a glowing" part.
Yea, I totally agree with you while reading it when Leah joined Jacobs pack and they were becoming friends, and Leah has had a pretty rotten time she deseved to have Jacob and thats the way I honestly thought it would go.


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