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Okay, my friends and I in my regular life have discussed this, now it's your turn.


My Opinion:


 Yes. I don't like Nessie and Jake as a couple. Sure it's a great way to make peace

between Team Edwarders and Team Jacob. But, I don't like it. In the book, it seems

like Jacob hates her, and then suddenly LOVE! Whats with sudden love in this series?

 Anyway, I think Stephanie could have better continued the series if Jacob had ended

up with that human girl Lizzie he met. It would have been a sweet romance. I'm not

saying Jacob should despise the Cullens, but it sounds wrong how he was always

saying how he hates vampires, and even though one is half human, he loves it like

it's only human.

 Well, what do you think? Feel free to disagree with me, but don't despise my opinion.



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Good opinion! Your awesome! You get a gif!

sure :)

i love both nessie and jake but them being a couple is just NOT RIGHT!!!! jake imprinting on her ruined the end of BD for me.i mean i was totally looking forward to a fight between edward and jake or something like that.and yes i agree with you jake should have imprinted on that girl lizzie :)

Thank you! It just would have been better, and did kinda ruin BD.
I disagree. i liked the way BD ended. He didnt hate Nessie in particular. He hated anything that hurts Bella. He was in love with Bella and Bella was in love him, then when Nessie came she took the love bella had for jake and that's how jake imprinted on nessie. jake didnt hate all vampires either, just the ones that drunk human blood. But I can see some logic in your opinion too.

Thank you, and I also see logic in yours.

ok i c ur point but i have to disagree, remeber as Bianca said jake just hates things that can kill bella,hence the fact he hates edward(he'll change bella or kill her in some way) plus i think of it this way, i would LOVE it c him happy and since he has nessie , she made him forget that bella is a bloodsucker vampire and so he is happy i love the ending, or at least jake's ending(the happy ever ending, the one withedward and bella at the medow , was not that good an ending for me) but i get ur side :P

:) Thank you for not trashing me. Thats why I started this discussion in Team Jacob ^-^. God Forbid I started it in
Team Bella...

Anyway, thank you, and that makes total sense.

i actually don't mind jake and nessie together even thoe i support jake and bella it wasn't meant 2 b nor was leah and jake or lizzie and jake so i luved the ending of BD minus bella being a vamp
I agree but for some odd reason I never like the idea of renessmee cullen. I like reading fanfics with like a Bella/Jacob pairing because I think that they are great together . But that's just my opinion .

i don't like them together either which is why i avoid fanfic starring jake and renesme as a couple. it creeps me out. and the whole renemse ordeal feels rushed and fake. i think her only purpose was to make jacob happy and make him forget about bella. it felt out of character for jacob to even imprint on a half vampire demon spawn with super intelligence and super growth. you would think he would atleast try to fight the pull, but he didn't. he just went to her like a dog to its master. =0)


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