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Okay, my friends and I in my regular life have discussed this, now it's your turn.


My Opinion:


 Yes. I don't like Nessie and Jake as a couple. Sure it's a great way to make peace

between Team Edwarders and Team Jacob. But, I don't like it. In the book, it seems

like Jacob hates her, and then suddenly LOVE! Whats with sudden love in this series?

 Anyway, I think Stephanie could have better continued the series if Jacob had ended

up with that human girl Lizzie he met. It would have been a sweet romance. I'm not

saying Jacob should despise the Cullens, but it sounds wrong how he was always

saying how he hates vampires, and even though one is half human, he loves it like

it's only human.

 Well, what do you think? Feel free to disagree with me, but don't despise my opinion.



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Yeah. It sort of disturbs me that for like, 4 years at least, he'll be dating A LITTLE GIRL! But you know, the thing about him being more like a brother in the beginning of their relationship was sweet =). I don't mind THAT, but I don't like them as a COUPLE.

I disagree because Bella giving birth to Reneesme is the best thing that could have happened to Jacob. Jacob was always going to love Bella. Reneesme is like a piece of Bella. I think the only thing that confused me was how Bella got pregnant by a vampire. I think Stephenie could have cleared that up a little. But all the books and movies were great!!!

I defiantly see your point, but i've never thought of it that way! i think a great twist could've maybe been like the Lizzie girl was part of the volituri and found out a bunch of secretes on the Cullens, or an actual were-wolf (Child of the moon) but i'm sure NONE of us saw the whole "Nessie and Jake" thing coming, which i actually loved. i don't think we (the twilight fans) will EVER be completely satisfied until we discover how everything turns out, until all possibilities are gone! like someone else said, just because they are fit to be together, don't mean that they will! So, there is a few more possibilities, WILL they be together? I would really like for her to write a few more books, and narrow all of this down! (:

I COMPLETELY agree with you. It would make a great spinoff or even like a role-play. No one would be completely satisfied no matter what happened.

Exactly! (:

Yes I do think Nessie and Jacob don't belong to each other I think that Jacob would have been better off with Leah. And Seth should have imprinted on Nessie !!!!!

At some point, i wanted Jacob to be with Bella but only because it would've been a healthy choise for her and they would've fit each other, in an ordinary world, with no magic...but in that world Edward would've never existed, nor Renesmee, nor wolf Jacob...And our beloved twilight world is full of magic, Edward does exist, he is a vampire and Bella's destiny is to be his. She's choosing the hard way, the complicated one but also the most beautiful one. We all know that the biggest prize is always earned with great costs and effort.

The idea of Jacob and Renesmee as a couple doesn't bother me at all, in fact i love it, because it feels right, because it's' special and unique.It' s also quite normal, considering the fact that they are both partly human. I believe humanity, their heart beat and breath make the connection. But it's also supernatural, as they are supernatural.

About Jacob' s Imprinting: I understand Sam's personal theory ("Survival of the species, genetic override. You’re drawn to the person who gives you the best chance to pass on the wolf gene") and i agree with Billy's(the imprinting makes stronger wolves), so when i read it,i wanted it to be real, i thought it's the most logical and concrete thing about imprinting - so i stand up for this theory. I consider Renesmee the best possibility as the magic happens again.

Maybe true love is the perfect combination of faith, magic and chemistry.

 I also like to name their the Love Beyond Time concept.


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