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I have decided to make this fanfic on Bella and Edward getting into an arranged marriage because of their cruel parents wanting to look good in business.

Major problem there.

Bella isn't very fond of babysitting men like Edward. He is messy and rude and has major problems expressing himself.


Bella is all the opposite. She is sweet with people and makes it abundantly clear what she is feeling because that's the kind of person she is. Really, it doesn't look like Bella or Edward with get along with eachother much less the idea of marriage at 18 right after high school.


Both can be rebelious. So what would happen if you mix Bella and Edward with a hint of battle? Stir with a humongus house.

  All human by the way ;) Banner always very welcome!


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Chapter 10- Sneak Peak!!


 The Fierce Queens of Money

 The Swan Family Mansion: 

  We arrived at the glorious family estate that had been passed down in our family for generations since the 1940s. Waiting to greet us was a polite servant.

"Good evening, I'm.............. Alec and I'll escort to the main room for...... the celebration." Alec said obviously trying not to stare at any of the females here with failed effort. I felt Edward next to me tense up and Emmett cleared his throat. 

 "Oh right this way." He looked at Rosalie then at Emmett and avoided looking at Rosalie completely. I say this as promising for Emmett.

Emmett went to park the car in the lot that was practically another 10 minute drive because the parking lot was almost as big as the mansion, therefore it needed space far from the house. I remember being here as a child and Charlie telling me everything about our fabulous investments and how I need to be the one to manage the family money and how much of a failure I already was and would never amount to anything and-and.....


 I will not let Charlie steal my happiness. I would have a life without fretting over my father's cruel words and my mother's neglect. I was strong enough to be happy in front of my friends and they would pain if I pained. I could not let that happen.

 Edward took my hand as Alec escorted us to the main room. I marveled at how warm and strong his hand was on mine and felt a burst of happiness that Edward was mine and I was not a failure.

 Rosalie and Alice walking aside from Edward and I stopped in the middle of the way there.

 "What's up?" I ask.

 "I just-we want to wait for Emmett. I mean I'm sure our pal Alec wont mind coming back for the rest of us so we wont be lost." Rosalie says this in a rush.

 I simply nod and looked at Edward. He had a knowing look in his eye and it seemed he understood what was going on between Rosalie and Emmett. Edward seems to have this way of understanding so much from small details like instead of listening to the words they were speaking he was reading their minds.

 Alec nodded and led us to the main room, opened the doors and I swear I was in a movie......

 Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak more will come soon!!

Love it like always write more please

I love this story.

Emmett and Rosalie Omgotness

Bella nd Edward so sweet. Who wouldnt want  relationship like theres.

Alice is so brave. She is a greatfriend she worries about her friends happiness before her owns and shes adopted. She's goin through alot if only she had a guy to help her through the pain.

Since I brought up a guy fr Alice where is Jasper?

Keep me updated


Continuation of chapter 10

 The Fierce Queens of Money



   A movie. Thats got to be it. I'm in a movie. I know this because I know no crowd of well groomed people would stop in their chit chat to stare open mouthed at Edward and I.

 Or I supposed it could be a dream. A very scary dream. I was blushing furiously but that didn't make people laugh like it usually did. Our server Alec was still flustered and quickly left us in the gigantic and overly done luxiorious room.


 I felt Edward squeeze my hand and I knew I couldn't smell his natural warm sunset colonge in a dream. His eyes told me it wasn't a movie either, because the look could not be faked. Pure love could not be faked.


 Some piano music was playing sweetly in the cool room and some people came to greet us "fashionably late" young couple. It thrilled me to hear that we were a couple even though I knew this, it felt good to just hear it from someone else.


 "Hello." I mumbled to some people rushing to talk to us. I swear I just saw a person outside the decorative glass wall take a photo of me and ran away from one of the servers chasing him. I've NEVER had this much attention in my life! And it felt kind of-- well of course scary but a good scary.


 My mind is having a mindache, how otterly strange.


"Bella," I was amazed with how Edward's voice had become so familiar to me so quickly. Maybe too quickly. I abruptly let go of his hand and tried to respond with a level head. I'm not nervous I'm not nervous I'm NOT nervous....


 "It's Charlie." He said my father's name and I almost turned on my heel and got back the way I came. This house had too many bad memories, I don't think I'll be able to go through this.........


 "Ah! Bella welcome home honey!" The voice made my insides fall to the glossy white floor. My heart and body screamed at me Foul! Disgusting! Lies! Danger!


 I felt someone grip me that wasn't Edward and even though I was looking at the walls I knew this only because the touch was so unwelcome to my body tears gathered in my eyes.


 "Oh everyone see how much she missed us? She's tearing up. It's ok your here now." Charlie's voice rang that of an actor with well rehearsed lines.

 "Ok everyone I'd like to make a toast to my daughter and her new fiance, yes they are getting the ring at a later day but you special guests are insiders!" The crowd smiled and chattered about the excitement of my proposal. I wanted to die. With my clothing I felt like a queen but tonight it was all about the money. No kingdoms of peace just money. And I had no choice but to go along with it. The feeling of being trapped inside my own happy place made my palms sweat and I felt dazed.


 "And along with being insiders, I'd like to announce that we have made a recent discovery in the family. Many years ago my wife and I were blessed with a child. A boy." The crowd gasped and Charlie continued. I'm pretty sure my mouth was on the floor by now.

 "Yes Renee had birthed a boy shortly before conceiving Bella. Our son though was stolen from us when he was one month old when Renee and I had to leave the baby with a babysitter to see a dying family member. Renee didn't want to bring the newborn out in public yet and New York was out of the question.


 "When we returned fresh with sorrow, we had realized that our son and the babysitter was missing. We had searched for years and years heart broken. In that time Renee realized she was pregnant once again and it seemed that each day we were further and further from our son's life and eventually kept the information of our son only to trusted private investigators because well......the pain was too much to think about every waking moment.


 "So now after all these years our son had discovered us and he is here tonight! My son, Jasper Swan!" A blonde haired boy with hazel eyes came out and the crowd went wild. He looked a bit wary and tense. I saw Edward's mouth drop. Charlie still by my side held me uncomfortably closer.

  He whispered, "Meet your brother Bella." After that I managed to walk to Edward not giving Jasper a second glance. My legs felt like jelly and I saw the world go black in Edward's arms.




Thanks for reading! I was on vacation for a little while so here is the next chapter and I hope this answers Takyra's question about Alice needing someone special.....well we'll see if it's the person you have in mind! I'm making some adjustments to this story soon because I was inspired from my vacation and its going to get exciting!

Woah. Was not expecting that. AT ALL. Great chapter glad you're back..

OMG!  great update! 

Update plz!!!!

Okay first thanks for answering my question.

Second Omgotness. I'm shocked

Can't wait to c wat happens next.


New reader!! I absolutley am in love with this story!!


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