The Twilight Saga


     Embry’s finally gotten his imprint, her name’s Anna.  She’s nice, beautiful, a perfect girl.  Then she starts getting warmer and angry, she turns into a werewolf.  No one knew that there was another pack in La Push, the pack that Anna belonged to, Sam didn’t know about them either.  He meets their alpha, and discovers things about the past that they were never meant to find out.  A war breaks out, can love still happen?


          Embry’s POV

          I woke up at about 6 am, which is extremely early considering its Saturday.

          But I can’t sleep, not with Jacob outside my door all night and Sam outside my window.

          Now, why do they do this, to keep me from sneaking out? 

          Do I think they’re crazy, yes?

          Do I think this whole feud is ridiculous, and something that’ll never have an answer, yes?

          But does anyone listen to me?


          I got up and walked over to my door “Let me out Jake”

          He sighed “can’t do that”

          “This is stupid and you know it, now let me out”

          “Sorry, can’t.  Alpha’s orders”

          “Screw Alpha’s let me out”

          Jake chuckled “No Embry”

          “Don’t make me get Nessie”


          “She’s your weakness man, and she’s all for love” the word burned my tongue.  “So she’ll be on my side”

          Then Jacob said the magical word “Imprint”

          Needless to say, I shut up.

          I sat on my bed and took out my phone, usually, this is confiscated by Sam, but I drugged him and stole it back for the night.

          Anna, u there? I texted.


          I sighed in relief, she was able to get hers back to.

          Hey, hows it going over there?

          Other then the fact that I feel like dying...decent

          If you die, I’d die

          So what, you’d commit suicide?

          Yeah, pretty much =\

          THAT’S SO SWEEEEET!!!

          I had to hold in a laugh because of Jacob and Sam.

          Yup, that’s me!

          Awe, I hate you <\3

          Why?!? What’s with the <\3?

          That’s for bein a W.W!

          Well im sry 4 having fur =)

          U should be ;) luv you!

          I smiled luv you 2


          What’s Maria got u doin? Maria was her alpha

          Well, when i’m not at school being watched by Zoie, i’m constantly stuck inside my house, with Elizabeth and Jenny, and my stupid stupid cousin.

          Wow, long text


          Short text now

          =\ I ran into Edward 2day

          Stupid leech, what’d he say?

          Run while I could, hes sucha parasite

          You should run, run ta me =P

          I would if I could, I luv you embry, but things here, i’m watched 25/8

          Don’t you mean 24/7?

          No, i’m watched 25/8

          No privacy...that sux

          Mhmm, I h8 high school

          Where’d that come from?

          Idk, I need to think bout somethin else Maria’s commin, G2G, I <3 U!

          <3 U 2

          Do you know what it’s like to be in love?

          Do you know what its like to have that feeling torn away from you?

          I feel like there’s some kind of rip in my heart.

          How can you actually live, when your heart’s...torn?

          But I can’t stop fighting.

          Now, I’m running, I won’t stop running.  

          This is a race I have to run.

          And if I loose, I’ll loose more than life.

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HmMmM.... ThAt wAs AwEsOmE! MoRe pWeEzE
lov it so good plz write more soon
Anna’s POV
Its midnight on a Tuesday, and I don’t care what Maria says, I am going to see Embry.

I have to.

I snuck out the front door and met up with Elizabeth.

Maria may have her watching over me, but she feels love is more important.

Elizabeth, she’s my best friend. She’s this really tall girl with hair that’s short in the back but longer in the

front. She’s so beautiful but she’s also to self conscious.

“That’s what you’re wearing?” Elizabeth asked.

“It’s shorts and a t-shirt, I’m a wolf, I can’t go to him in one of those long, poofy, frilly dresses that, by the way,

are way out of my price range” I said.

Elizabeth simply laughed.

I shushed her “not to loud, Maria’s got ears like a hawk”

“The saying’s ‘eyes like a hawk’”

“Well she’s got something like a hawk”

Her lip quivered, trying to hold in laughter.

Elizabeth led me to her car, and then we got in.

The engine roared awake, and then...the car wouldn’t move.

“Why won’t it go?” I asked.

“I’m trying” Elizabeth said, trying to get the car to move.

Then, my worst fear, Maria ran out into view. Her anger turned her face a bright red “ANNA! ELIZABETH!”

“Hurry up!” I said, as Maria started to come over to the car.

“Hold it!” The car finally got moving, we were gone, but Maria was watching us from down the road.

I leaned over, stuck my head out the window, and then stuck my tongue out at her.

Needless to say, she was furious.

When I couldn’t see Maria anymore, I put my full body back into the car.

“You think she’s going to go wolf?” Elizabeth asked.


“Think she’s going to come after you?”

“No doubt”

“Think she’ll find you?”


“Will you ever listen to her?”

“Heck no”

Elizabeth laughed.

“Yes, according to her, I am such a hand full” I laughed.

“According to her, you’re also the worst kid to have ever been put into a pack”

“She hasn’t met Paul” I laughed.


“Oh, a guy in Embry’s pack”



“So, what’re you going to say to him?”

“I don’t know...”

She dropped me off at the edge of the forest; Embry said he would meet me inside the forest.

I got out and thanked Elizabeth, and then I started running.

I ran around for about three minutes, and then I saw him.

Just standing there, in the dead of night, he was there.

I ran into Embry, and ended up bring us both down.

Embry laughed “Hello to you to”

I blushed “I got excited”

“I can tell” he smiled widely.

He stood, and then reached down to help me up.

Once I was up, Embry kissed my forehead.

I blushed deeper.

He wrapped his arms around me “I love you”

“I love you to”

“But, Seth’s in my place right now, so I can’t be here long.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck “then make each moment last.”

Embry leaned down and kissed me softly.

I sensed something and pulled away after a minute.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.



“She’s here, Maria, she’s close, we’ve got to go”

Embry took my hand and started running.

I didn’t know where we were going, but I didn’t care, as long as I still got to be with him.

He led me to the cliff side, and then we stopped at the edge.

“Is he still coming?” He asked.

I looked around, and then Maria came into view, standing tall and human.

Then Embry took my hand and gave me one quick look, I understood.

With that, we turned and jumped.
coooooooollllll keep me posted please

and write more soon
so sweet
omg, they jumped down the cliff?!
lov it hehehe awesome
love it!
i don't read to many wolf stories, i like it,i am curious to read more


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