The Twilight Saga

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I backed against the cold stone wall and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see my death as it came for me. Through my terror I briefly wondered how this happened. How had my families defenses failed? It hit me suddenly. I was a blind spot. No one could see me.

And now no one could hear me scream.
1. Love

I watched the clock hid 11:00. Finally. I darted out of my room and then
skipped silently though the living room and into the warm night. I inhaled deeply and grinned; I had made it. Not that I had any doubt that I would. I started walking across the grass. Soon I was in the forest, my heart raced in anticipation of seeing Jacob soon.
I couldn’t really remember when my feelings for Jacob and changed. When the knowledge that he was “my Jacob” changed into love. Even though I had always loved him in a way, it had changed so totally and completely. I guess that it related to the fact that I was full grown now. Frozen. Just like my mom and dad, and grandma Esme, and grandpa Carlisle, and auntie Alice and Rosalie, and Uncle Emmet and Jasper. I smiled to myself at the word “grandma” applying to Esme. Or “grandfather” for Carlisle. Both of them were so different then Grandpa and Grandma Sue…..Of course they were though, they were human. Just like that half of me….Suddenly a disturbing thing occurred to me; was Jacob frozen? Or would he age like my human relatives? I couldn’t bear the though. The idea that someday he would age and grow old….I stopped and looked around, he should be here by now…..I heard the footsteps before I smelled him. My family all thought he smelled bad, they thought all werewolves did, but he smelled like the forest to me. He stepped out from the shadows and grinned at me.
“Hey, Nessie.” I smiled back and ran up to him. I placed my hand on his cheek and thought about what I wanted him to see. He grinned again at the image of him leaning down to kiss me. I laced the image with a question and he stroked my hair.
“Don’t have to ask me twice.” His lips met mine, warm and soft. He had once told me that I was the only warm thing to him, that everything else felt almost cold. I could barely tell the difference. There was Jacob. And then there was my mom and dad, and the rest of my vampire family, they were all cold. But they were cold to everyone. I didn’t really care.
When Jacob broke away for air he smiled at me.
“I wonder what we’re going to think about tomorrow.” I felt my smile sour. With my dad’s mind reading talent Jacob and I had to think of complicated and consuming things whenever we were near him. Just yesterday I had to re-play the day before yesterday, translating everything said into Japanese.
“What did you think about yesterday?” I asked. He rolled his eyes.
“Ugh. I was going over every strategic move for fighting I know, over, and over again.”
“My dad must think we’re crazy.” Jacob shrugged.
“I don’t care.” I brushed his chin length hair from his face.
“You need a haircut.” I liked his hair short. I pressed my hand to his forehead and pictured him with short hair. Jacob rolled his eyes and tucked my hair behind my ears.
“I could never be perfect like you.” I blushed, “you are perfect.” I whispered. Jacob kissed my cheek and then slipped his hand into my mine. “Come on, let’s go for a walk. Leah, Seth, Embry, and Quil are at La Push tonight. So we won’t have to worry about running into them.” I loved his pack….But Leah didn’t love me.
“Sounds great.”

After awhile I remembered my earlier worries. I turned to look at Jacob.
“Will you…..age?” His eyebrows pulled over his eyes.
“Well….” I froze. No. He can’t. Jacob noticed my worried expression and smiled, “it’s not like that, Nessie. I’ll age when I stop phasing.” I gasped. I pressed my palm to his cheek and furrowed my eyebrows. I pictured Nahuel, the only other half-vampire I had met, telling Aro that he stopped aging at maturity. Jacob sighed.
“Let me finish? IF I stopped phasing I would age.“ He brushed his thumb against my lips. “But I won’t.” I looked at him.
“I will never give up phasing is that means I can be with you forever. If you’re not aging then neither am I.” It took me a moment to process his words, then I leaned my head against his chest. I felt his arms tighten around me. I closed my eyes and smiled. “I love you.” I murmured. Then I froze. I had never said that out loud before….It was almost like the fact that we loved each other was understood. I looked up to try and see his reaction. His eyes were soft. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. “I love you too, Nessie.” I felt a strange kind of euphoria rip through me. I closed my eyes, relishing the moment. Jacob laughed, “come on, Nessie. We were going on a walk?” I opened my eyes and grinned at him. “Oh. Right, forgot.”

I yawned and my eyelids drooped slightly. I leaned my head against Jacob’s shoulder. I felt Jacob laugh.
“Time for bed.” He said jokingly. I thought of how far we had wondered into the wood and groaned. Even though I could run as fast as anyone in my family, I was way too tired. The human and the vampire halves of me warring with each other again. Jacob turned to me and grinned.
“I’ll carry you.” I felt a rush of adrenaline. I put my hand to his cheek and pictured myself riding on the back of hi in his wolf form. He threw back his head and laughed.
“Nessie, are you serious?” I nodded. “Yes.” He chuckled.
“Fine. I’ll be right back.” He darted into the trees. I sighed and waited. Soon I felt the change in the air, the almost electrical charge that coursed through the air around me. I heard the huge paws thud across the ground. The giant red-brown wolf loped from the shadows. He walked to me and rubbed his snout against my shoulder. I giggled as I ran my fingers though his hair. He lowered himself closer to the ground so that I could swing my leg over his back and wrap my arms around his neck.
“Okay. I’m ready.” I whispered into his over-sized ear. He bowed his head once, and then took off through the trees. Before long we were closing in on my small stone house. I slipped of Jacob’s back and then kissed his nose.
“See you in the morning.” I whispered. He smiled wolf-ishly. I knew he would sleep close to the house. He always did. I turned slowly and started to breeze over the grass. I stopped at the threshold of my house and turned to look at Jacob one last time. He was sitting where I left him, watching me. I grinned at him and blew a kiss before stepping into my home.
2. Blurry
“Good morning.” I heard my mom whisper. I opened my eyes and saw her and my dad
smiling at me from the door.
“Good morning, mom, dad.” I greeted, my mom beamed at me, while my dad stared deep into my eyes. Crap. I started composing a song in my head. My dad grinned and then gestured at my newly renovated closet.
“Why don’t you get dressed so we can go?” I nodded and slipped out of my bed. Both my parents’ eyes were black. They’d have to hunt soon. My throat burned slightly. Hm. Guess I would too. I opened my closet door and picked out a soft pink cashmere hoodie and a pair of jeans. My parents were already outside.
“It smells like dog out here.” I froze. They could smell Jacob’s trail from last night, we always met far off in the woods to prevent this. I peeked through the window and saw the pale blur as my dad followed Jacob’s scent into the woods. He came back a few seconds later.
“It looks as if Jacob slept about thirty feet from the house.” He looked angry.
“He probably wants to keep an eye on Renesmee.” My mom murmured, winding her arms around my dad’s neck.
“Yes, I suppose your right….I’m not happy about it though.” He sighed before leaning down to kiss-ew! I whipped away from the window and started composing more piano music.

“Hey!” Alice ran up and hugged me, I hugged her back.
“Hey, Alice.” I said. She stepped back and cocked her head as she examined my outfit. Her face lit up in a smile.
“Nice! I approve.” I longed to reach out and touch her cheek, to show her Jacob telling me he loved me. But I would have to wait until we were somewhere more private (the only reason I was able to think this was because my dad was focused on talking to my mom).
“Morning, Ness.” I smiled at Emmet while Rosalie hugged me.
“Good morning, Em.” I heard the door open again and I turned in anticipation; the woodsy smell already telling me who it was. Jacob smiled at me, I, composing music all the while, ran over and hugged him.
“Morning, Nessie.” He whispered into my hair. I heard my dad clear his throat pointedly and I shot him a glare he shrugged innocently and I sighed; he could be so annoying sometimes. I stepped away from Jacob and put my hand on his neck, I showed him my morning up until now. Jacob watched intently until he watched himself open the door in my mind. He grinned.
“My morning wasn’t fun ‘till now.” Aw. Soon after the morning greetings were exchanged everyone drifted into their normal routine, Esme and Bella started talking about a trip to Denali, where we would visit Tanya’s clan, Edward started to play the piano, Jasper, Emmet, and Jacob turned on a baseball game, Rosalie and Alice shuffled through a fashion magazine and picked out clothes they would buy soon, and Carlisle was at work. I walked over to Alice. “Hey, Alice.” I put my hand on her neck and pictured the last time we had gone hunting together. Alice smiled at me. “Sure!” Rosalie glared at us.
“What?” She demanded. Alice turned to her.
“Nessie wants to hunt together.” I glanced at Rosalie’s golden eyes, she wasn’t thirsty. Rosalie nodded, bored again.
“Oh, all right.” My mom looked up.
“You need to hunt, Renesmee?” I nodded. My mom smiled, “if you can wait I’ll go with you once I finish up with Esme.” Alice waved away her suggestion.
“Nah, we’ll go alone.” My mom shrugged and turned back to Esme. My dad looked up from the piano.
“Be safe, love.” He said smiling. Jacob turned to me, he looked worried. I sighed.
“I’ll be back soon, Jacob.” He smiled back, “see you soon.”I nodded and started for the door, Alice followed behind me.

“So what do you have to tell me?” Alice asked once we were out of earshot of the house. I furrowed my eyebrows.
“How did you know?” A dumb question to ask my psychic aunt, but I was a blur in her visions. Alice rolled her eyes.
“Well I’ve been having visions of a really blurry wedding. I think it’s yours so this has to be something about Jacob.” My breath caught. She could see a wedding? My wedding?
“Are you serious?” I screeched. Alice sighed.
“One hundred percent. And that’s big for half-breed visions.”
“Does my dad know?” I asked. I didn’t need this right now. Alice snorted.
“No way! You think I’d think about this before talking to you? Besides, if I told Edward he’d tell Bella and then she might try to give me ‘limitations’.” Wow. I scrambled to remember why I wanted to be alone with Alice. I put my hand out and placed it on Alice’s cool neck. I re-played the exact moment when Jacob had told me he loved me. When it was over Alice smiled and nodded.
“Very sweet, I knew it would be something like this….Okay so I think the wedding will have a natural theme. ..Lots of flowers, even more then Bella’s………Hmmm, I see.”
“The wedding will be next summer. So that means I have about a year to get everything done.” My eyes bugged out. I was going to get married in a year?!
“Are you serious?” I breathed. Alice smiled.
“Yep! I think I’ll put you in you in a goddess style dress. High waist……Hmmm, no maybe a trim waist...Like your mom’s but more modern…….long train for sure….Maybe a few diamonds shaped like flowers on the skirt….” I put my hand over her mouth.
“Okay. Slower. So apparently I’m getting married next summer?” How was this happening?
“Blurrily, yes.” My heart started beating faster. I couldn’t believe it. Alice smiled and patted my shoulder.
“Please don’t freak out like your mom did. I hoped that you had more sense than that.” I sighed. “I don’t care about the wedding plans! I’m freaking out because it looks like I’m getting married in one year!!” Alice shrugged.
“Hey, you too were always meant for this future. I’ve had vague visions of some kind thing between you and wolf-boy. But now I can see so much more! Edward walking down the aisle, but I know that you’re there too….And Bella’s all blubbery, what a baby…….And there’s all these flowers and candles ..Wow, I’m really going to outdo myself this time…Ugh, I wish I could see your dress! Oh well….I’m sure I’ll make the decision sooner or later.” I shhhhed her and put both my hand on her shoulders.
“Okay, so we will not think about any of this, agreed?”
“Of course.” I took a deep breath and pushed away all the uncertainty I was feeling. I loved Jacob. And apparently I was going to be ready to marry him in a year……Alice patted my cheek.
“I’m so happy! A wedding! And my baby niece all grown up!” I blushed and leaned in to hug her.
“Should I tell Jacob?”
“That’s your choice…Although I hope that he can control his thoughts.” I smiled proudly.
“We sneak out every night.” Alice pulled back and looked at me, impressed.
“Wow. Nice job, I’m proud of you.” Suddenly she tensed and her lips pulled over her teeth. I froze too, listening. I heard the sound of elks. Gross.
“Aw, isn’t there something else?” Alice grinned.
“Not if we want to get home soon. And I have allot of wedding planning to do.” I thought of seeing Jacob again.
“Okay, fine.”

Alice (her eyes now a golden amber) and I walked nonchalantly into the main house. No had really moved, my mom and Esme were now making lists of what we would need on our trip, Rosalie was making Emmet pick out clothes from the fashion magazines, Jasper was reading a book, dad was scribbling out a letter to Zafrina’s clan, and Jacob was eating a hamburger in front of the TV, he got up when he heard us come in though. He walked over and took my hand.
“Hey, Nessie.” He said, grinning. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek.
“Hi, Jacob.” My dad stood up and looked at my mom.”
“Shall we go, love?” I cocked my head.
“Where are you guys going?” My mom smiled.
“We’re going hunting.” Oh. Okay, have fun! My dad nodded, hearing my thoughts. I breathed a sigh of relief when they left. Jasper felt my mood change and raised an eyebrow. I blushed and turned away. I put my hand on Jacob’s neck and pictured the elk Alice and I had killed. Jacob nodded.
“Nice catch!” I pulled my hand away; I couldn’t tell him, not now…..not yet. It was just…weird...showing him our…wedding. I think a part of me also wanted him to realize he wanted to marry me on his own…not because he saw that he would eventually …I didn’t want to be the one to plant the seed. After I kissed Jacob’s cheek again I drifted over to the piano. My fingers started to dance across the keys, forming the tinkling melody I had written a long time ago in honor of my mom. The calm music soothed my jumping heart, as it usually did
3. Party
I heard a loud knocking at the cottage door. I stood up and inhaled deeply…Jacob. I smiled and started to walk towards the door…It had been a few weeks since Alice had foreseen my wedding…..Nothing had changed, Alice and I had been very careful not to think about the vision, so my dad was in the dark. I opened the door and smiled at Jacob’s towering figure. “Hey, Jacob.” I said smiling, he grinned back. “Hey, Nessie….I just came to ask you something.” I got a suddenly vivid mental picture of Jacob dropping down to one knee and asking me to marry him…..I pinched my leg (which wasn’t painful at all) stop thinking about that kind of stuff! I scolded myself before smiling at him, “what?” “Would you like to come to La Push tonight? My dad’s having a huge bonfire tonight. My pack and Sam’s pack will all be there, and so will Sue and Charlie.” I clapped my hands one, “that sounds great!” I put my hand on his neck and pictured my mom and dad. Jacob shrugged, “I can ask them if you want.” I laughed. “I can handle them…Thanks anyway.” He leaned down and kissed me, “anything for you.”

“Dad?” My dad looked up from the piano, “yes, love?” I smiled sweetly and batted my eyelashes…Time to turn on the charm. “Well…Tonight Jacob’s going to this bonfire down at La Push…and both the packs will be there, along with Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Sue…aaaaand I was wondering if I could go too.” My dad closed his eyes and smiled slightly. “So like your mother.” He murmured and then laughed, “It sounds fine. Go ahead.” I leaned down and hugged him, “thanks, dad!” “Just double check with your mom.” Hm. Like that could deter me. “Okay.”
I walked into Alice’s room and giggled; Alice was giving my mom a makeover. “Okay, so you want to use this shade of eye shadow with this lipgloss, okay?” “Yeah. Sure.” My mom grumbled while Alice’s hands moved with lightening speed across my mom’s face. Alice turned and her eyes went blank for a second….Then she scowled and turned back to Bella. “Blurry half-breeds...” She muttered. My mom swatted Alice’s hands away and then smiled at me, “what’s up, sweetheart?” I skipped over and put my hand on her neck. I pictured the whole conversation with Jacob and then my dad. My mom nodded, “sure. Tell Charlie I say hi, and that we’re coming to visit soon.” I grinned, “yay! Thanks mom!” Alice looked up, “what? You know I can’t see anything about this!” I showed her the recap. She nodded thoughtfully. “Okay, so we’re going kind of outdoorsy, right?” She tapped her chin, “let’s go shopping! Sorry, Bella….The makeup will have to wait.” My mom rolled her eyes, “oh no…I’m so upset.” Alice wrinkled her nose, “at least your daughter has a fashion sense.” I grinned at her. “Port Angeles?” Alice cocked her head, “hmmmmmmmmmmmm….I don’t think so. I see myself trying on this totally hot sweater, and it looks like that cute little boutique in Seattle.” I nodded, “okay, I’ll go get my wallet.” My mom sighed and shook her head. Alice stuck her tongue out at her and then walked over to her closet. “Okay, Nessie, meet you in my Porsche in..umm, half an hour, okay? I need to do my hair.” My mom raised her eyebrows, “what? The Porsche? Isn’t that a little conspicuous, Alice?” Alice groaned, “Live a little!” She snapped. I giggled as I left the room, my mom and her playfully arguing behind me. “See you later mom!” I called behind me, “love you!” She called back. “Love you too.”

“You look great, Ness.” Jacob said as he drove us down to La Push. I looked down at my dark blue jeans and angora copper colored fitted zip up sweat-shirt and grinned; Alice and I had done well. “Thanks….You look good too….” I giggled and Jacob snorted, he was only wearing sweats, as usual. After a few minutes he pulled up in front of Billy’s house. The front door creaked open to reveal Billy in his chair smiling at us. “Hey, son. Hey, Nessie.” Jacob grinned at his father, “hey, old man. How are ya?” Billy chuckled, “fit as a fiddle.” Jacob got out and opened the door for me. I smiled and waved at Billy. “Hello, Billy!” I trilled. Billy smiled at me, “I’m glad you came tonight, Nessie. The bonfire’s almost startin’, we should be getting over to the cliff face.” Jacob nodded and then took my hand, “let’s go!”

“Yo, Nessie!” Seth clapped his hand on my back. I smacked him back, “hey, Seth!” Jacob’s pack was already around the fire, Sam’s trickling in….Seth, who I loved like a brother, Leah, who liked me….not at all, and Embry, who was almost like what Jacob had been to me before…And then Quil, my own personal teddy bear. Beside Quil was Claire, who had grown into a beautiful eight year old. “Hello, Jacob, Nessie.” Sam walked up with Emily on his arm, her wedding ring glinting in the firelight. I waved, “hey, Sam. Hi, Emily.” I watched as Sam’s huge pack conformed around one side of the fire, Jacob’s pack on the other. The tension between both packs was apparent, but everyone tried to get along. “So how’s vamp land?” Paul asked Jacob through a mouthful of chips. Jacob growled at him. Paul rolled his eyes, “scaaarryyy!” He cried mockingly. Jacob’s fist clenched, I put my hand on his arm, “it’s okay.” I murmured. I knew Jacob was always worried that his friends vampire teasing would insult me…I really didn’t care much. “Rachel, tell that story about Jacob as a baby again….the one with the poison ivy!” Quil called. Rachel snickered and then nodded. “Ready, little brother? I want you to provide the shrieking sound-effects.” Jacob scowled at them and crossed his arms, “screw you both.” He sneered. I giggled and leaned my head against his shoulder. He relaxed slightly at my touch and then put his arm around me. “Okay. Let’s hear it.”

“Nessie, you want anything?” Paul called. Someone tossed a marshmallow into my lap. I felt my stomach turn. Ew, gross….It was white, and coarse…and squishy. Disgusting. I wrinkled my nose and flicked the thing of my lap, “no….Thanks, I’m fine.” Paul sneered, “What, I thought you were half human. Can’t you eat normal food?” I felt Jacob stiffen beside me, “shut your hole, Paul.” But it was too late. No daughter of Edward Cullen took crap from werewolves. I glared at Paul, “I can eat your gross food, Bring it on.” Paul laughed, “excellent!” He threw something at me and I caught it automatically. It was a hot dog. I stared down at it in horror. Animal flesh? Why would anyone eat that gross, chewy stuff, when the blood was so close and so much better? “Ness, forget him. You don’t have to eat it.” Jacob whispered. I shook my head and slowly, oh so slowly, took a bite. I gagged slightly; even though it was cooked it tasted raw. It was grainy and stringy, and it tasted like…Totally horrible. I swallowed quickly and then tossed the whole thing over the edge of the cliff, waiting to hear the satisfying plop as it hit the water. The laughter had barely begun when we heard tire’s pulling closer. I shot up. “It’s Charlie!! No more vampire talk!!” Ever since I was fully able to grasp the whole if-you’re-human-and-you –know-about vampires-you-have-to-die thing I was extra careful around my grandpa…The thought of Aro and Caius and Marcus looming over my grandfathers frail human body was terrifying…..But of course, once he married Sue, he was starting to get a general grasp…The word “vampire” was never used…But still, he wasn’t an idiot. “Nessie!” I shook myself internally and smiled. “Grampa!” I cried and ran up to hug him. Sue drifted past us and then took a seat next to Seth. Grandpa looked me up and down and smiled…Although a tic at the corner of his mouth twitched; I hadn’t changed a bit. I took his hand and lead him into the circle around the fire. Billy smiled at him, “hey, Charlie...Long time no see, how are you?” Charlie chuckled and sat next to Sue. “I’m doing great, Billy. You?” Billy shrugged, “nothing’s new.” I took my place back in the circle next to Jacob. He put his arm around me again and I curled into his side. The firelight made the eyes of the many spectators glitter….Suddenly...Everything seemed so fragile. My whole life, so careful and beautiful…Seemed suddenly like the brilliant coals at the bottom of the fire. Right now the coals were perfect…Glowing and gorgeous…But before long they would turn to ash and fly away, separated by the fickle winds of fate.
Was I just being morbid? I had almost lost everything once….Could it happen again?
Was this just some kind of late-night induced worry?
Or was my time really almost up?
Love it
4. Denali
“Okay, are we all ready?” Esme asked for the fourth time.
“Yes.” We all groaned in response. Esme nodded and then picked up her own suitcase.
“All right. So let me see……Carlisle, and I will take the Mercedes. Emmet, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper will take the Jeep. Edward, Bell, Nessie, and Jacob will take the Volvo, alright?” Everyone but Alice responded with a “yes”. Alice pursed her lips; she had wanted to take her Porsche. We all got into groups and then walked over to the garage.
“See you guys in Alaska!” I called before squeezing into the backseat of the Volvo with Jacob. My dad slid into the driver’s seat and my mom sighed.
“Why can’t we run there?” She asked, pouting. My dad grinned and shook his head exasperatedly.
“For one thing, we’re leaving in broad daylight. If we don’t want to alert everyone to the fact that coven of vampires is living here then we should probably drive. Second of all…well…” His voice trailed off but he shot a quick look at me. I crossed my arms and scowled out the window. I could run all the way to Alaska and be totally fine. I was half vampire!! I wasn’t all human. Ugh! My mom nodded in understanding. Jacob rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through my hair, my curls sprang back into place as soon as she straightened them out. I sighed and leaned my head against his shoulder…I was looking forward to seeing the Denali clean again, especially Carmen.
“Yes, love?”
“When are we going to visit Zafrina again?” I asked. I loved Zafrina like an aunt…Or an older sister.
“I’m not sure….soon…” He replied. Was he hiding something? I sighed and closed my eyes. Jacob’s breathing was getting deeper and I knew soon we would both be asleep.
“They’re asleep.” I whispered. Edward nodded. I crossed my arms.
“Edward, is something wrong?” Edward sighed and turned to me, his golden eyes blazing. “Alice has seen some stirring in the Volturi’s decisions….she can’t pinpoint anything but……..She’s seen Renesmee’s face.” He choked off. I knew by his expression that he wasn’t telling me everything. ‘Edward?” I put my hand on his cheek. He leaned into my palm and sighed.
“It…..was her…full grown face.” I gasped and whipped my head around, half expecting to see Aro’s milky eyes watching me from the forest whirring by.
“They….They’ve been watching.” I managed to stutter out. Edward nodded stiffly, twining his fingers in mine.
“At any rate they’ve seen her now, at maturity.” I felt the old know of dread in my stomach…..after so long of not having to worry….after so long of peaceful living….it couldn’t end now. I turned around to see my beautiful daughter, her head nestled onto Jacob’s shoulder…She was perfect.
Everything Aro wanted.
“Nessie? We’re here.” I heard Jacob’s husky voice drift through my thick dream fog. I blinked slowly and yawned and watched as the world came back into focus. I sprang up and then bolted out of the car into a thick snow drift. Oh ugh. I shook the snow out of my hair and scowled at Jacob’s laughing face.
“Nessie! Mi estimado! Mi Hermosa!” I heard Carmen trill. I ran into her arms. “Carmen!” I squealed into her golden brown hair. Carmen stepped back to look at me.
“Isanto cielo! You look gorgeous, Nessie. You have not changed at all.” I smiled at her.
“And I never will.” We laughed together as the rest of the Denali clan exchanged greetings with my family. Kate, Garret, Tanya, and Eleazer hugged each of my family members (okay, not Jacob) and made remarks on how well we all looked.
“Hey, Nessie!” Garret clapped me on my shoulder. “How you been?” He asked, his golden eyes glowing with his usual good humor. “I’ve been good. I’m frozen in time now.” Garret grinned.
“Join the club!” He said laughing. Soon everyone went into the Denali’s house. It was a normal kind of lodge style house, really warm and nice. My family were soon lounging around and laughing with the Denali’s. I curled up next to Jacob on the couch in front of the fire. Jacob was stiff and he was almost scowling. I knew why, first he didn’t like being around vampires that weren’t my family, and second he hated not being able to hear how his pack was. He was to far way to hear their thoughts….but he couldn’t be away from me for too long, and vice versa. Whenever I was away from Jacob everything seemed darker and it almost felt harder to breathe; because he was my breath. I looked around at everyone….I could still see the pain in Tanya and Kate’s eyes….I had been there when Irina had been mercilessly pounced upon and burned. Tanya and Kate were still mourning…it was…different…loosing someone when you were immortal, as a human you knew that someday, somewhere, you would be reunited with your loved one in whatever awaited you in the next life. For vampires you would live forever with the loss. When you were a human you were only apart from the dead person for as long as you lived. You wouldn’t have to suffer the loss forever. When you were a vampire, gone was gone. You would never be able to see the person lost again. Ever. Also, humans comforted themselves with the thought that whoever had passed was ‘in a better place’ vampires weren’t sure what happened to our kind when they were burned. What happened when the living dead were killed? I looked at the bright faces of my family…..I didn’t believe that they were ‘living-dead’ they were so full of life and love. The Volturi on the other hand….they might be classified as un-dead….they were monsters in every right. I laid my head on Jacob’s shoulder and tried to block out the images of Aro watching me with his filmy, greedy eyes. I would live in the moment, right here, right now.
“Anyone up for a hunting trip?” Garret asked, shaking me from my thoughts. Kate, Emmet, Alice, and Jasper raised their hands. I shrugged and raised mine too. I was with my family, I should be enjoying myself! But as he hunting part traipsed out the door I couldn’t shake the image of The Volturi as they closed in on my family……

5. Vampires vs Werewolves

“Come on! Please, Nessie!” Jacob pleaded. Alice narrowed her eyes.
“No way! Unless she explodes into a stinking dog she is not on Team Werewolf!” Alice snapped. I sighed, ever since the idea for Vampires vs Werewolves baseball game had come up Jacob had been begging for me to be on Team Werewolf.
“She has the same number of chromosomes as a werewolf.” Jacob added. Alice snorted.
“She drinks blood, she’s super fast, super strong, and she has impenetrable skin. She’s on Team Vampire!!” I rolled my eyes. I had my suspicions that Alice and Jacob both had ulterior motives for wanting me on their team. Jacob wanted to make sure I was safe…like a ball couldn’t hit me or something. And Alice wanted me because she knew Jacob wouldn’t play as hard if that means I would lose. But I had already promised my mom I would play on Team vamp…..aaaand Emmet would kill me if I played for the other team.
“Sorry, Jacob, I promised my mom I would play on Team Vampire.” Jacob sighed, but he smiled.
“Whatever makes you happy.” He said. I grinned at him and wound my arms around his neck.
“You make me happy.” I said. Alice snorted.
“Okay, we’ll see you in the clearing tonight. It’s going to be a huge storm!” She left grumbling to herself about how she might be able to see who won if it wasn’t for the werewolves and me. Jacob kissed my forehead.
“So what do you want to do until it’s time for me to whup your butt at baseball?” He asked. I flicked his nose.
“Please, you wish you could beat us.”
“I don’t have to wish; I know.”
“So over confident,” I smiled wickedly at him “that will be your demise!” Jacob rolled his eyes and tugged on one of my curls.
“I’m looking forward to seeing your face when you lose.” I pulled my lips back over my teeth and growled in the back of my throat, glad that I had inherited this part of being a vampire.
“There, that’s how it would look. Not that you’ll ever see it!” Jacob rolled his eyes and kissed my cheek before taking a step back.
“Don’t be a sore loser, Ness. Now I have to go and tell the pack that we’re fighting you tonight too.” I pouted and crossed my arms. “That’s not fair, we were going to do something together.” Jacob kissed the tip of my nose.
“Sorry, Ness, but I really do have to tell them….we’re waaaay outnumbered and I need a plan.” I sighed shrugged.
“Fine, I’ll see you later?”
After one last good-bye kiss we left for the woods. Now what was I going to do? I could go shopping with Alice…..or play the piano….
“Oh come on, little sister! I would owe you!” I heard Emmet pestering my mom about something.
“For the last time, Em, no!”
“I would go easy on him.”
“No, no, no, no, no.” I heard Emmet growl with frustration….what were they fighting about?
“He hasn’t had a fair fight in his whole existence. He’s had this coming for a long time now!” I tiptoed over to where the kitchen opened up into the living room. Emmet and my mom were facing each other, both of them glaring.
“No Emmet, and if you don’t let up I’ll fight you!” Emmet snarled quietly.
“Like that’s a threat.” I heard the front door open and I grinned when I saw my dad come in. He looked at Emmet for a few minutes and then chuckled, walking over to wrap his arm around my mom’s waist.
“Really, Em, you know how stubborn she is.” Emmet rolled his eyes before flopping back on the couch.
“Would you be up for it?” He asked. I suddenly realized what the fight was about; Emmet has been trying to make my mom use her shield on him while fought my dad so he’s finally have the upper hand without my dad’s mind reading. This fight had been ongoing for the last five years or so. I sighed and then went out the back door. What to do? While I was lost in thought my feet took me through the forest and then onto the familiar stone path of my house. I sighed and pushed open the door, gliding over to my room. I guess I’ll read. When it doubt, read Shakespeare. I skimmed my bookshelf and furrowed my eyebrows…where was A Midsummer’s Night Dream? My mom must have taken in. I walked into my parents’ room and inhaled deeply. I could smell old book, under the bed. I crouched down and swept my hand under the bed, my searching fingers hit something hard and unfamiliar. I dragged it out and cocked my head; puzzled….it looked like a….photo album? I opened the first page and gaspef; it was my mom! And she was…a human. Her eyes brown, her skin pink, and her features a little less perfect. And there was my dad and mom…my dad looked….mean. And there he was in Grandpa’s living room....I flipped the page, and I saw endless pages of me as a baby…then as a toddler….then as a kid…tween…teen…all in about six years time. I sighed and put the album back….I really did want to read Shakespeare.
The cold air whipped through my hair, blowing into my face. I knew I had to run away, but I couldn’t see where I was going…what direction to run. “Renesmee.” I heard a whispery voice call me. My heart stopped I ripped the hair from my eyes and gasped as I saw what awaited me. A line of black approached me, only Aro’s hood was pulled back. He held out his hand. “Come now, dear one. Come join us.” A wolfs howl cut through the dark field- for I could see now where I was; the baseball field- I looked around. Jacob? Was it him? Aro narrowed his eyes. “Can’t you see, Renesmee. No one is coming for you. No one knows you’re here. You’re all alone.”
You’re all alone.
You’re all alone.

I awoke in a cold sweat. My head snapped up and I looked around…I was in my bedroom, on my bed, A Midsummer’s Night Dream in my lap. I groaned and looked out the window. It was twilight, time for the game. I could already here the thunder. It was time for the game.

“Nessie? Where the hell you been?” Jacob asked as I walked over to where his car awaited me. I shrugged.
“I drifted off.” I replied. I circled my arms around his neck. Jacob rolled his eyes and leaned until his lips brushed mine.
“Bored without me?” He asked, his lips against mine. I giggled.
“Yeah, a little.” I tried to push the dream as far back into the deep crevices of my mind as I could. It was hard though….Aro’s filmy eyes kept popping back up in my mind. I pulled away from Jacob and tapped his car.
“Don’t we have a game to attend?” I asked. Jacob grinned and opened my door for me. I strapped in and Jacob started the car. I leaned my head against the seat and sighed as the trees started to whip past us.

As Jacob and I walked into the baseball field I got a chilling flashback to my dream. I shook my head and then surveyed my family. Mom, dad, Alice, and Jasper were huddled together talking strategy, Carlisle and Jasper were marking the bases, Emmet and Rosalie were passing a ball back and forth. I recognized Quil, Embry, Seth, Leah, Paul, and Sam watching Jacob’s approach.
“Paul?” I growled. Jacob grinned sheepishly and shrugged.
“He’s got a mean pitch.” He said. I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek.
“See you after I cream you, babe.” I said. Jacob snorted and kissed my forehead.
“Keep dreaming.” He called as we walked over to team werewolf. I shook my head affectionately and then skipped over my family.
“Hey!” I called. My mom smiled at me. “Hey, Nessie.” She replied. I caught the ball Emmet tossed to me and grinned.
“Who’s ready to kick the werewolf’s butts?” I asked. Emmet punched the air with his fist.
“Yeah!” He called. Jasper smiled at the apposing team.
“Then let the game begin.”

The game was going great. Team vampire was up by one points and team werewolf was putting up one hell of a fight. Jacob had even been able to make a home run off of Emmet (much to Em’s chagrin). I was up to bat, and Sam was throwing. There was minutes left in the game.
“Hey, dog! How ya gonna feel losing to a bunch of vampires?!” Emmet called mockingly. I grinned, but kept my eyes focused on the ball in Sam’s large hand. After another beat of silence Sam whipped the ball forward. I swung the bat around and hit the ball with a crack I started hurtling around the bases. Seconds before I reached third base I saw in horror something Emmet would never let me live down. Jacob, a huge grin on his face, was holding the white baseball in his russet hand. I skidded to a stop.
“Yuuuooorrrr out!” Yelled Quil. My mouth dropped open; I heard gasps coming from behind me, from my family.
“It’s….it’s a…….?” I stammered. Jacob grinned and nodded.
“It’s a tie.”
Of course.
6. Vision
I laid my head against the glass wall and watched as the flakes drifted peacefully down to the ground. Emmet, Jasper, my mom and dad, and Rosalie were having a snowball fight outside. I grinned as Emmet through a snowball with enough force to break humans’ bones. That was probably the reason the werewolves didn’t play. I closed my eyes and giggled as I heard them taunting each other outside.
“Really, Jaz, you can take down thousands of newborns and yet a snowball fight is too difficult?” Emmet called. Jasper picked up a hand of snow and whipped it so fast that it would have been a blur if not for my inherited vision.
“Hey, Nessie.” I turned and saw Jacob walking over to me, snowflakes glistening in his hair. I reached over and brushed them out. He caught my hand and kissed it. I leaned into his chest and sighed contently.
“Why aren’t you out in the snow, Nessie?” He asked as he rubbed his hands up and down my arms. I shrugged.
“I already was out this morning. Alice had fun stuffing snow down my coat.” Jacob laughed and leaned down to kiss me. When he broke away I grabbed his hand and led him to the couch, I pushed him down and sat in his lap. He put one arm around me and used his other hand to mute the sitcom that was on.
“Is that hot chocolate stuff good?” I asked as one of the people on the show took a sip of a whip cream topped drink. Jacob shrugged.
“Nothing special. Why?”
“I was wondering if I would like it.”
“Nessie, the only human thing you like is water.” I giggled and closed my eyes, listening to the comforting sound of his heartbeat.
“I know.”
We stayed like that for a long time. I would have been happy to stay there forever. But all too soon something shattered my happiness.
Alice had walked into the room and smiled at us.
“Aw, you two are cute.” She said before starting re arrange the flower display. I sighed and laid my head against Jacob’s chest.
“Why must you insist on interrupting my peace, Alice?” I asked. Jacob laughed but Alice scowled at us. My dad and mom walked through the back door, the snow clinging to their cold faces. Both of them looked at Jacob and I and then looked away quickly. Ugh.
“How was the snowball fight?” Alice asked. My mom grinned. “Excellent.” My dad scowled at her.
“It was really un called for to give Rosalie your shield. I thought you were on my side.” My mom kissed his cheek.
“Of course I’m on your side, sweetheart. But still, Rose needed help.” It was all very normal. The gentle teasing, the relaxed atmosphere. That’s probably why what happened next was all the more shocking. Alice gasped suddenly and fell to her knees, her hands clasped on either side of her face. My mom cried out and rushed to her side. Jasper was there in seconds, trying to pull Alice up to her feet. My dad just watched in horror as he read her thoughts.
“Alice? ALICE!” My mom yelled, shaking her shoulders. Alice moaned suddenly and shrank in on herself.
“It’s to clear.” She whispered. My mom furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.
“What are you talking about?” She asked. Alice closed her eyes.
“I see……something in the night. But I can’t see it too. I see the face of someone we don’t know…but….I can’t see what they’re doing.” She was rocking back and forth.
“Then everything gets so clear….” She whispered, agony twisting her voice.
“Alice, what? What does that mean?” My mom pleaded.
“It hasn’t been so clear since….since….”
“Since Renesmee was born.” My dad finished in cold, hard voice. I felt Jacob stiffen underneath me, and my breath left me in a gasp. The only reason the future would become so clear would be if I, and all the wolves, were gone. My mom had frozen, her teeth snapped together.
“The Volturi?” Jasper asked in a quiet voice. Alice shook her head.
“I don’t know.” She whispered, and then she looked at me, her eyes full of agony for a future that was suddenly less blurry.
“What can we do?” Jacob hissed. My dad closed his eyes and clenched his teeth together.
“I don’t know. Alice’s vision gave us no leads. No clues. We must watch out for the vision in the dark.” He said through his teeth. I was still numb.
All my morbid thoughts had been true.
Time was almost up.
Fate was finishing what had been put off for so long now.
Even if my family wasn’t sure about the Volturi, I was. Aro’s face had filled my dreams for weeks now. And he always said the same thing.
“You’re all alone.”
I burrowed my face in Jacob’s neck and tried to stay calm. I couldn’t panic; my mom and dad were already at the seams. My mom had to go through this once; I could remember how her face had looked all those years ago.
“I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Jacob murmured into my hair. I could hear the promise ringing in every word, but it wasn’t enough. If I didn’t get hurt, he might. That was so much worse.
I heard footsteps as someone entered the room.
“What’s going on?” I heard Carlisle’s voice. I tried not to listen as my dad told him everything….but I couldn’t block it out. Each word felt like a death sentence. Mine. The day became a blur after that, at one point I knew Jacob had lifted my gently from his lap so he could go tell his pack, then my mom had come to take his place, cradling me in her arms. I heard plans trying to be made. I heard Rosalie’s long hiss as she heard the news, I felt her arms wrap around me and mom. I could feel as Emmet banged the wall with his fist. But it was all unimportant. I was trapped in my mind, which was now twisting and snarling over what I knew was going to happen. What I had always known. Only one thing could wake me from my stupor, and that was Jacob’s voice as he bolted through the back door. I grew more anxious when I saw his face, it was twisted in agony. My dad cursed and started snarling at something I could not hear in Jacob’s mind.
“What is it, Jake? What happened?” My mom asked in a panicked tone. Jacob shook his head slowly, pain twisting his voice when he spoke.
“Seth is gone. Someone got him.”
I have to say I am enjoying this story, I love how you brought a lot of people in it (Denali and Garret and the whole wolf pack) but I agree I hope your not killing off Seth he too is my fav :P
i am absolutly HOOKED on thi story!!! plz write more?!?!?!?!?!?!? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
i like seth...:-(.. couldnt you have pick leah instead?? lol great story so far.. more more pls
7. Kidnapped
As soon as her words had been uttered everyone in the room was running sprang to my feet and stated running after my family. My heart was beating erratically in my chest and I couldn’t hear anything but the blood pounding I my ears.
Seth was gone.
In a small part of my brain, the only part not totally filled with panic and grief, I realized this was my fault. It had to be. The freaky half-vampire child was never going to be left alone. The small part of my brain was once again churning with the sick thoughts that I tried to repress…..the fact that the halves of me were opposites in every way. The vampire half of me drank blood, and yet there was that same substance pulsing through my veins. I was super strong and fast yet I grow tired. What was I even? I grit my teeth and forced these thoughts out of my mind, how selfish of me to wallow in my own uncertainties while Seth was in trouble.
“This is where it happened.” Jacob had slowed to a stop in a small clearing (for we were now in the woods) I looked around and gasped as I saw what must have taken place. There were giant wolf footprints circling the clearing, a smaller set of human footprints surrounded them as if whoever had left them was walking around Seth, leaving him no escape. Then, more horrific yet, there was the deep set trail that lead from the footsteps into the forest, it could only be caused by Seth being dragged away, nothing but a werewolf could leave such a huge mark.
My dad stepped closer to the tragic scene and inhaled deeply.
“I don’t recognize the scent, though it was a vampire. What happened exactly, Jacob?” He asked his voice calm but his eyes were still on the edge of panic. I twisted my fingers through Jacob’s and waited as he took a deep breath before beginning.
“I phased and ran out to tell Embry, Quil, and him what had happened, Leah’s at La Push…” His voice quavered and I knew why; Leah was going to be beyond livid. I shuddered at the thought of her fury.
“Something was wrong though, Embry and Quil were both running over to this spot, their thoughts were really worried about something….then I realized the only thing I was getting from Seth was blackness. I followed Quil and then we all found….this.” He gestured to the footprints.
“We smelled the blo-vampire’s trail; it was fresh so I told Embry and Quil to follow it. They should be back soon.” As if on cue I heard the pounding of enormous feet, they were close. As soon as Embry broke the trees I knew they had no luck; his eyes were somber. Jacob swore and tugged his hand from mine.
“I need to phase.” He growled before sprinting into the woods. Seconds later the huge russet wolf bounded into the clearing, he stared at Embry and Quil, the silent communication was frustrating to everyone but my dad, who could hear everything like it was spoken aloud.
“What happened?” My mom finally snapped. My dad sighed and shook his head slowly.
“They…lost the trail. Whoever took Seth crossed a large lake and the scent died.” Quil whined and nodded his head. My dad raised his eyebrows.
“But why?” He murmured. Embry’s shoulders sagged and then shot back up in a shrug.
“What? What is it?” I asked. My dad turned to me.
“They think Seth has phased because they can’t even see the blackness anymore, but only he could make the decision to phase, but why would he give up his wolf form? It’s his greatest defense….” It seemed as if he was muttering to himself now. Suddenly all three wolves froze. Jacob snorted through his teeth, it sounded like a swear word.
“What is it?!” My mom cried. My dad shifted, it almost looked like he was going to crouch in front of my mom. Danger?
“Leah…is coming.”
Yep. Danger.
Jacob whined….Leah must be reading his thoughts….seeing that her brother had been taken by a vampire. I heard the pounding of her feet as she shot towards our group. Jacob ran into the trees…a minute later he was back in his human form. He walked over and stood in front of me. I rolled my eyes, despite the fact that Leah was going to want to rip all our heads off, I was still safe.
I heard the ripping snarls before I saw Leah. She burst through the clearing, her lips pulled over her teeth, her eyes wild.
“Leah, please, calm down.” Jacob said his voice low. A feral snarl ripped through Leah’s teeth, apparently calming down was not an option. She stalked from the clearing, she was going to phase. When human Leah walked back into the clearing she looked even more livid the she did in wolf form.
“Leah…” Jacob said warningly. But that was not enough to stop her.
“You want me to be CALM?!” She spit, acid coloring her every word.
“Well-“ Jacob began
“Calm?! After a bloodsucker TOOK MY BROTHER?!” She jabbed her finger at my family.
“This is ALL THEIR FAULT!” She shrieked. “I can’t BELIEVE I EVER Protected them! They’re all just a bunch of LEACHES!!!! If Seth wasn’t protecting them he might STILL BE HERE!!!” Jacob glared at her.
“Stop it, Leah! It’s not their fault, alright? We think it may have been the Volturi….” He stopped when Leah’s gaze turned to me.
“So it’s her fault then. I should have known!” Jacob’s eyes flashed with fury.
“I said shut it, Leah!” He said, harsher this time. Leah laughed, almost hysterically. I could see tears glistening in her eyes…I realized now that anger was not the only thing she was feeling now...she was in pain.
“It’s always the same for you Jacob! Always turning on the pack for a girl! First Bella and now her!” Here words froze, turned to molasses in my brain….dripping slowly through every crevice until al I could hear were her last words.
‘First Bella and now her’
Bella? My….mom? What did…that mean? Jacob had frozen beside me.
“What….what does she mean?” I whispered. Leah’s eyes widened.
“You never told her?! Hah! Figures!” She turned back to me, the pain and anger clear in her eyes. She was going to take out her revenge on the person she thought responsible. Me.
“I guess Jacob was keeping this a secret from you. You know before you were born? Well Jacob knew your mom.” My mom had coiled into a spring next to me dad. A growl escaped her lips. She was in on this?
“Shut up Leah!!” Jacob shouted. But I took a step closer to the girl.
“When your dad left your mom, Jacob was there for her. And guess what? He fell in love with her. She was he thought about. Do you even know the reason he was here when you were born?” I shook my head. Jacob was snarling behind me, I ignored him.
“It was because he wanted to be with Bella before she DIED!! You were killing her and he hated you! Everyone hated you! And then you were born….and Jacob imprinted. Do you know what that means? It means he was forced to fall in love with you because of some werewolf thing!!” It was at that moment that Jacob sprang forward. He was glaring at Leah with a deep-set hatred. I felt the tears start to spill from my eyes. It was true….it had to be, Jacob and my mom were both snarling at Leah. I felt my breath gasp through my lips.
“Nessie, no, please…” Jacob had turned back to be when he heard my cry. I stepped backward. What was I to him? A replacement Bella because my mom loved my dad and not him? I felt more tears spill down my cheeks and I bit my lip to keep it from shaking.
“Get away from me!” I hissed before turning and running as fast as I could. My whole world had crumpled and shattered around me.
I was blinded by tears but I kept running.


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