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does anyone know where Vagan_Vampire is?... :(
When are you going to post more? i am dying over her!!!!!
okay im dyin here whens the next chapter gonna be up?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!
errr the suspense is killin me ive been waiting for a week to read some more i was so wrapped up in this story i read the whole thing at once and i hear shes writing dying here lol not really but i wanna see what else is in store for nessie!!! can u send an email when u update it??
hahah i said i was dyin here too...well its true i cant survive with out my stories or i would die of boredom!
haha love it
18. Routine
was a welcome site. The deep rich green was a constant reminder that I was minutes away from home, not longer in the sunny, rust colored world of Volterra. I was sitting in the back of my dad’s Aston Martin, sitting next to Jacob and watching the moss draped trees zooming by. My heart was beating erratically in excitement. Every beat was a whisper; home…home…home…home…home…..I squeezed Jacob’s hand tighter and he squeezed back. I saw my dad smile at my thoughts.
“I’m glad your exited to be home, love. But you do know this means that Alice is ready to release her full wrath. With no more disturbing visions she’ll have nothing to distract her from the wedding.” Jacob groaned.
“Aww man, you’re right. I’m not gonna be able to get out of this.” He muttered. I dug my fingernails into his palm and he smiled at me.
“Not the wedding, just the planning part. Relax, Nessie.” I grinned and then turned back to the window.
“Mom, are you going to help with the plans?” I asked. My mom sighed.
“Yes, Alice won’t let me get out of this either.” She grumbled. I laughed, knowing that my mom hated any kind of party planning.
“Maybe we can escape together, Bells.” Jacob said, grinning.
“You’re on, Jake.” I rolled my eyes and watched as a few landmarks started to jump out at me. A twist of anticipation curled in my stomach. My heart started to beat faster as we came to the trees that bordered our long driveway. Adrenaline burned in my legs, I longed to jump out and run, run faster than the car could go, all the way to the front door. My dad chuckled.
“You’re free to go, love.” My mom guessed at my intentions and she smiled.
“Yes! Let’s run!” She said. My dad laughed and then brought the car to a smooth stop. I sprang out of my seat, pulling Jacob behind me. As soon as my feet hit the ground I was running. Jacob was running with me, holding the hand my mom wasn’t. The trees flew past me, the familiar smells of home started to breeze past me. It was hard to believe that only twenty-four hours ago I was in a hotel room, gazing out the window as the sun set over Volterra, dying the city a flaming orange.
The humid pre-storm air caressed my face as I ran, it filled my chest with its scent full of promises. We turned a bend and I could see the white house glimmering slightly in the muted light. I slowed to stop, gazing at this final proof that I was safe.
“Welcome home, Nessie.” Jacob whispered in my ear. I heard my dad’s car pull in behind us, but I had eyes only for my beautiful, beautiful home.
That night I was sitting in Jacob’s lap on the couch, while my family sat in various perches around the living room.
“So, what happened next? Gianna had told me that…the wolves had to ‘take a nap’ or something?” I asked. After we had taken care of the essentials (I called Charlie, who thought I was visiting some friends with Jacob, I slept, took a shower, and hunted) we had converged in the living room so I could find out what had happened while I was locked up in the cell with Seth (who was resting in La Push with the pack, Grandma Sue, Charlie, and Billy.)
“Well, when Quil, Embry, and I woke up we felt really stones, if we didn’t have the fast-healing thing we’d probably be showing some kind of head trauma.” He rubbed the top of his head and frowned. “We think that they knocked us out and then drugged us or something, we didn’t wake up for hours.” His face went hard, no doubt remembering the news he had received when he did finally come round.
“I was trying to revive the wolves, but they were out cold despite what I could do. I think that Gianna and Felix used some form of poison, my guess is even a highly diluted form of our venom.” Carlisle added. I sucked in my breath and curled myself closer to Jacob. I really hoped Marcus would not put Gianna back together again. I hated her.
“That’s horrible.” I whispered. Jacob stroked my hair.
“Trust me; it was mild in comparison to what happened next.” He said dryly. My dad chuckled.
“I’ve never seen you so angry before, Jacob. If I wasn’t infuriated myself, I would have found it rather entertaining.” My dad said, his tone light but his eyes hard. Jacob snorted.
“Yeah well if I hadn’t been friggin’ catatonic I would have been afraid of Bella.” I laughed, I could only imagine how my mom must have been.
“Okay, okay, well what did happen next?” I asked.
“Well, we had been tracking your scent for awhile. When we told the werewolves what happened, well Jacob erupted into a wolf and started on a rampage. We already had an idea of who might have kidnapped you-The Volturi- and Jacob was determined to go to Italy and kill them all. We had to stop him, as in physically restrain him, and talk him into phasing back. Which was not easy, believe me.” My dad said. Jacob snorted.
“Well whaddya expect? I wake up and she’s been kidnapped. How the hell would you feel?” He said, I could hear the anger in his voice. I knew he wasn’t mad at my dad, rather he was still mad about the entire ordeal. I wasn’t. Being here in my living room, encircled in Jacob’s arms, had erased all the ugly emotions from Volterra. I was living in the blissful, blissful moment.
“Trust me, Jacob, you weren’t the only one upset.” My mom said, her voice a few degrees colder then I would have liked.
“Relax, you both.” I said. Jacob sighed and I felt some of the tension melt from his body. I shifted slightly and laid my head on his shoulder. His arms tightened around me and brushed his lips across my hair. I suddenly wished that I was not surrounded by my family. Unfortunately I heard Emmet chuckle, which meant he was very aware of my wishing. Damn.
“Anyway, after that we were trying to brainstorm over where’d you been taken, or who would have kidnapped you. Of course we all expected the Volturi…but we had no proof and it’s a death sentence to storm Italy with no plan or real facts. Aro would twist any of our thoughts to make it seem like we wanted to ambush them merely to kill them.” Alice said, stroking Jasper’s hair away from his forehead (his head was in her lap.)
“So we didn’t know what our next step would be. Then I got a phone call.” My mom added. She was sitting next to Jacob (thus she was sitting next to me) holding my hand. “When I saw the number I almost didn’t answer, I really wasn’t in the mood to talk to J at the time. But then Alice nearly ripped my hand off trying to answer the phone.” My mom said, laughing. Alice laughed too.
“I saw that whatever he was about to say was going to make an immense difference. The future suddenly got really blurry again! So of course when I saw Bella wasn’t going to answer it I had to do it for her.” I laughed, and then remembering that one of my family members had actually had a digit ripped off, I glanced at Emmet’s hand. Oh, good. He had all his fingers….one of the upsides to being a vampire was the fact that having fingers ripped off was not a finality.
“So anyway J told me that a man had come to he told me that he had looked allot like us. He said that he had asked for a passport for his niece. When he gave J the picture J recognized you! He called me because he knew that Felix wasn’t a Cullen. I asked him to describe the man for me and when he did it matched Felix perfectly. So we gathered up everyone we had, and well you saw the rest.” My mom laughed. I bit my lip.
“The day I first started talking to Marcus…well right before I woke up I thought I saw Benjamin’s head was sticking out from my floor. That wasn’t a dream was it?” I asked. I had wondered about this after seeing Benjamin with my group of saviors. I believed in coincidences, but come on….
My mom grinned. “Yes, that was him. We had him create a plan B tunnel into your room just in case….plan A didn’t work.”
“Why plan A in the first place?” I said, furrowing my eyebrows. Plan A sounded a lot less messy to me.
“Well, our ultimate goal, of course, was to save you, but we also wanted to overthrow the Volturi. When our friends heard of your kidnapping they were outraged and immediately volunteered their help.” Carlisle replied calmly. I shrugged and laid my head once again on Jacob’s chest. He was wearing a thin T-shirt and I could feel his warm pulse beneath my cheek. My eyelids drooped with a sudden wave of exhaustion. I wanted to sleep. Maybe after one last question….
“Where are Nahuel and his aunt?” I asked. The question had occurred to me awhile back, but I was to distracted with my immense joy to give it much thought at the time. I loved Nahuel like a brother in many ways, he had even stayed with us for awhile after the Volturi had decided I would live….but our conflicting diets had caused to much trouble and in the end he and he aunt left, but we still kept in contact and I even had visited him a few times before. The fact that he wasn’t among my friends made me slightly sad in a selfish way. I was even more confused when Emmet chuckled and my dad smiled.
“Nahuel is in a rather complicated part of his life right now.” My dad said.
Little more information would be nice, dad.
My dad laughed. “Well, you see he has fallen in love with a girl from a local village. It seems that he was hunting there when he first saw her. Now he can barely stand to be away from her and his aunt is quiet frantic with worry over what to do. Quiet a situation, so as you can see they couldn’t spare there time, even though both of them were very concerned about you. I told Zafrina to let them know your fine.” My eyebrows knitted together, I had not been expecting that answer.
“I hope he has a happy ending.” I murmured. Jacob stroked my cheek and leaned down to whisper in my ear.
“Come on, Nessie. I can tell you’re exhausted. You need some sleep.”
“Wait. I have one more question.” I said stubbornly. I could hear the sleep in my voice and feel it in my limbs, but I would not sleep until all the little pieces had fallen together.
“What is it, love?” My dad asked, I could hear the amusement in his voice.
“I…I heard mom’s lullaby. Who was that?” My mom smiled and my dad chuckled.
“That was me.” He said. “It was a risk really, sneaking into the Volturi and everything…but we had the selfish to impulse to let you know we were coming for you. Luckily it didn’t backfire.” I snickered.
“Yeah, it only gave me panic attack.” Partly true. I was also drunk of hope. Jacob laughed and then squeezed my hand.
“Satisfied, Ness? You need sleep.” He said.
“Yes, Nessie. Let’s get you to bed.” My dad said. I curled my arms around Jacob’s neck. I would not leave him. My dad sighed at my stubborn thoughts.
“Jacob needs sleep as well, Renesmee.” My dad said sternly. Jacob’s arms tightened around me. I knew neither of us were ready to be separated for any amount of time. My dad sighed and my mom appeared at his arm.
“Just let them sleep here. Both of them are about to pass out as it is, she might not make it to the cottage.” My mom laughed. My dad narrowed his eyes and I could sense his reluctance to let Jacob and me sleep in a close vicinity.
“Relax, daddy. We’re in the middle of the main house.” I murmured. I felt Jacob chuckle softly beneath me. My dad sighed and then shrugged.
“Fine….lets go, love.” He said to my mom. She nodded and then leaned down to kiss my forhead.
“Love you, Nessie.” She whispered.
“Love you too, mom.” I smiled, half asleep. She laughed and took y dad’s hand, he brushed my curls from my face.
“Sleep well.” He said. Then with a rush of wind, they were gone.
“Really sleep is so inconvenient. I mean, I have so much wedding work to do now that Nessie is back! I really need to order the dresses…and book the caterer…I’ll need a human for the tasting…hmmm.” I heard Alice start to prattle. But I could barely focus on anything, the sound of Jacob’s beating heart was like a lullaby. My eyes drifted closed and I felt my conscious start to slip away.
“I love you, Nessie.” Jacob whispered suddenly in my ear.
“ you…Jacob.” I said, my mind seconds away from sleep. I wasn’t sure when exactly I slipped into dreams, but when I did, there were no nightmares. The Volturi gone from my mind.
THANK YOU!! I've been waiting for you to write more. PLEASE, don't take so long!
Totally agree!
thnx so much for this!!!! you have such a great was really good that you put them some trubles :D lol...i wish that you write more...are you right? just ler me know when you post the next :D
this was amzing please tell me there is more on the way it is cool i love it
im so glad u started writing again!!! i love your story! i cant wait to read more.....soon i hope


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