The Twilight Saga

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it was wonderful! can't wait for more
wow... amazing.... just... wow!
i loved that chapter :) it made me feel all warm inside ;) :P
but yea, i loooooved it!
i thought you left the forum & i didn't think you were coming back. :( but i'm so glad that you did come back & wrote more! :D
can't wait for the next chapter Vegan_Vampire!
I so love the new chapter!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay she's home!!!!!!!!!!
That was great. can you message me when the next chapter and so on comes out? Thanks.
Please write more.SOON PLEASE!!!!!
Hey everyone!
Thanks for all the comments and support!!
Right now I'm working on some different projects, but I will start working on Dusk again v. soon!!

Thx again.
Please don't take to long : ( I love the story and I'm dying to find out what's gonna happen and how it will end.
So are you finished with this story?
Just wondering,
please write more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks lol
is it over? :( are you done writing?! no wedding scene or anything :'( sadness!!!!!
WWWAAAAHHH!!!! :'( that is saddnesssssssss :(


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