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I think eclipse was awesome i read book and the movie eclipse watch over and over again.

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I hate Eclpse movie. It destroyed Bellas character by making and saying her things which she never would do.

Do you like Eclipse the book, but just not the movie? 

Eclipse is probably my least favourite of all four books. Edward is insanely controlling and abusive and Bella is full of indecision over who she loves most - all the while, everyone treats her like she is the most important person in the world and she starts developing narcissistic tendencies. She's become a spoilt, selfish brat in this book and no matter how many times she thinks those exact words, nothing changes her. She's attracted to Jacob's muscles and in love with the idea of Edward, the idea of forbidden love (she'd have to be with Shakespeare among her favourite authors) and then there's a page every chapter that states how Edward is too beautiful for her, how beautiful he is, how beautiful he is compared to her ordinariness, blah blah blah. Anyway, I know this is a mean post and sorry if I'm causing offence, but this is how I see Bella and Eclipse. -Oh and the lack of action with the new borns - pull a Breaking Dawn and write the fight scene from Jacob's POV or something to liven it up a little.

The movie WAS a favorite but has now been (Excuse the pun LOL) Eclipsed by Breaking Dawn. I find myself drawn to the BD movies more than Eclipse now. However, the books? I'm still gaga over Eclipse. It's weird, but, I don't like BD the book for some reason, yet it has some of my favorite scenes.

I was really looking forwards to Eclipse movie, but was very disappointed.  I had the opposite experience for BD, wasn't looking forwards to it but liked it. :D 

IKR! I had expectations for Eclipse, it still made me emotional, but it just didn't have the appeal the book did for some reason. Same with BD, wasn't excited, wasn't dreading either, but it kind of met the mark for me more than Eclipse did.

Eclipse is my favorite among the Twilight novels; I dunno if it is also my favorite of the movies, it could be argued that I feel equally about it and both Breaking Dawn parts one and two.

Yes, I have to agree but not only with eclipse. All of the entire movies were highly faithful to the Books. Now I know there was no fight scene at the end of Break Dawn Pt.2 but I think it was ingenius.

It was brilliant and saved the movie and the book for me, which is saying a lot because BD is still my least favorite book. 

Why is BD your least favorite book? Inquiring minds want to know. =)

Plus, I miss reading your posts, JJ. I miss you grrrl! (I'm away from a stable internet connection atm but always look for your posts & read, if not answer, them.)

The BD book needed a much better editor and that would have helped a lot.  There are so so so many details that are drawn out and built up for complete disappointment.  

Examples for better editing. 

Bella meeting with the guy to get the new IDs for Nessie and Jacob.  In the book that took several meetings and it was a very lengthy and detailed process.  Especially for something that turned out to not be needed at all.  The movie handled it much better with Bella meeting him one time and him already having the documentation ready. 

The build up of gathering so many vampires and the details about those vampires.  Yes they were needed to make the Volturi pause, but it could have been brought together quicker.  

I'm sure that there are other specific things but I don't really remember anymore. To summarize, it was basically just a very frustrating book to read and I didn't enjoy it. 

The ending of the book just absolutely killed it for me.  I still hate the ending, but I do feel like the movie's battle scene made the book's ending better.  It gave you that holy crap moment that you needed to have in an epic battle, and then was able to take it all away and you (the viewer) were glad that that all didn't actually happen. 

Some of the things that are often critized that I didn't have a problem with was Bella being the hero.  I thought it was great that she was finally the strongest one of the group and was able to take a leading role.  

I like Renesemee and that she exists.  (I do not like that Jacob imprints on her, but it does serve the story nicely.)  The whole science of "how" I don't feel like I need to understand or it be "possible" due to it being a fantasy world. 

Thanks for your comment Marie.  Miss you too. :) 

I read in Fanpire, a book that attempts to de-mystify the Twilight phenomenon, that most fans of TTS do not like BD simply because Bella isn't really the Bella that most of us have come to know (and hate or love, lol). By the time Bella wakes up a Vampire, a Cullen Vampire (better than all other vampires), she has  a perfect life. She has the perfect husband. She made all the right choices when she chose Edward. Bella is perfect: she is hot (looking), she is invincible, she has all the time in the world to love Edward & her new family, she has a perfect daughter, she even has a super power: super self control/shield. Not to mention the clothes, the cars & the limitless wealth. She even gets to keep Charlie...and Jacob, although I do not think that Jacob should have been part of the picture (her baby & a shape-shifting wolf! forever and ever and ever. aarrgghh!). The Cullens show the Vampire world who's boss. In fact, Carlisle, Bella's father-in-law, could probably start his own little Vampy "kingdom" strong enough to rival the Volturi if that were his desire...and somehow we fimd this out because of Renesmee, Bella & edward's daughter.  It's all about Bella. The new and perfect Bella. Oh sure, Jacob's POV is in there but I think a lot of readers were a bit miffed to hear part of BD in Jacob's voice, the boring part of the story anyway. I know I'm going to pay for that last comment but really, who's story is more palatable? Jacob hunting down his imprintee in parks where little kids play while cruising around in a super sports car or Bella and a lavish wedding, vampire sex, Bella's pregnancy, Edward & Bella (will Bella's choice to keep her "nudger" destroy her  & Edward's relationship? read on to find out, Twihards. dun-dun-daaaa!), Bella and her perfect, beautiful baby who seeps through the night, eats the same foods as her parents from day 1 & can communicate every thought, feeling and memory from birth to others, and as mentioned earlier, and finally Bella becoming the awesomest  Vampire. Ever.

The fight scene in  the movie BD does liven up the book and the series but for all those who read BD after seeing the movie  they might be a bit disappointed. Fight scene or none, in BD SMeyer presents a Bella who has changed from ordinary human girl to the girl to the girl who has it all...and can keep it forever, unlike the rest of us.


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