The Twilight Saga

I think eclipse was awesome i read book and the movie eclipse watch over and over again.

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I have to say that Eclipse is my favorite out of the Whole Saga-Book/Movie wise.

Breaking Dawn comes second as a book/Film, whilst New Moon and Twilight are not so popular with me.

Especially because in New Moon, I totally disliked Edward due to his actions and didn't really support him either. Since he was gone through a large portion of the book, I felt more drawn towards Bella/Jacob throughout the plotline-which carried on through to Eclipse as their friendship grew.

Again. How it comes that so many people do not realize that Edward is more in NM book than Jacob?

And whole idea of NM book is the fact that Edward&Bella can not be separate, despite their own stupidity.

Edward is gone for a large portion of the book!

It still doesn't change my Opinion, and about what I think about Bella/Jake and Edward during the Saga.


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