The Twilight Saga

So this is a Twilight/Harry Potter fanfic. I chose Eclipse and Deathly Hallows because they both came out the same year so it seemed appropriate. It starts out while Bella and Edward are in Jacksonville visiting Renee and Harry/Ron/Hermione just apparated from Tottingham Court Rd where they saw the Death Eaters to the forest in Forks right by the Cullen's house. The rest of the Cullens are out hunting. Ive written alot before, mostly poems and a few stories, but this is my first attempt at a fanfic. I will be sticking mostly to the storylines of the two books, but will have to change some details to make them fit together, so let me know what you think. =O)
Also, im going to try to stick to the characters as much as possible, so if im not let me know. I dont get offended by criticism so let me have it! lol.

Harry's POV

Blackness overcame us as the now familiar feel of apparition took us to a new unfamiliar place. As we were pulled along through the nothingness, I couldn't help but worry. Would the next place Hermione took us to be as bad as the last? Would the Death Eaters find us here as well? How did they find us in the first place?

Before I could even begin to contemplate the answers to these questions, the world came back into focus and I landed with a thud alongside Ron and Hermione in an unfamiliar forest. As I clammered to my feet, I looked around and saw nothing but trees- huge, damp, green trees. It was raining and everything was wet. Where had Hermione taken us? I was about to turn and ask her when-

" Harry! Harry! It's Ron, he's been splinched!"

I whirled around to find Hermione hovering over Ron's still form, frantic. Ron was pale and sick looking, on his arm was a large gash, like a chunk of flesh had been sliced right out of it. He was bleeding profusely and seemed to be totally unconscious.

" Hermione, can you heal him?" I asked. I had never learned those types of spells. Now that i think about it, they would definately have come in handy. I should have asked Dumbledore to teach me, or Sirius.

" In my bag, Harry! Quickyl, the essence of dittany. Hurry he's bleeding badly!" Hermione yelled, holding her sweater to Ron's gash to slow the bleeding.

I ran to Hermione's bag, which she had dropped about two feet away where she landed, opened it and cried, " Accio dittany!" The bottle soared out of Hermione's bag and into my open hand. I ran back over to Hermione and shoved the bottle into her outstreched hand. As Hermione poured the liquid over Ron's wound, i heard the sound of footsteps from behind us getting closer.

I whipped around, held my wand out in front of me and called, "Who's there?" in the bravest voice i could muster.

Out from between the trees stepped the palest, most beautiful man i have ever seen.

Okay, so let me know if you like it and ill put up some more. this is kind of short, but mostly i will have much longer posts.. think of this as a sneak peek =).

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This is good. I would love to read more
please post a longer chapter next time.I'll gonna love it coz i like harry potter too.
ok so sorry i didnt post sooner butive been in washington visiting my brother at school. i got home last night at 3am so im going to have the next chapter or 2 up today sometime. sorry about the wait.
Okay here you go. Next chapter. Sorry about the long wait. This isnt all i have written so ill put the rest up tomorrow. Its just so late and i have work tomorrow. Let me know what you think! =)

Carlisle’s POV

Running back from our unsuccessful hunt of Victoria, I caught the scent of blood – flowing human blood. I came to a swift stop.

“Hold your breath.” I called to my family as they all came to a stop around me. “There’s a human nearby bleeding badly by the smell of it.”

“There’s something different about it though. Does it smell less appealing to anyone else?” Rosalie said.

“There are three of them, two males and one female. One is hurt pretty badly.” Alice said a familiar blank expression on her face. “They look like children, Carlisle.”

“Is everyone under control? I want to go see if they need assistance. You don’t have to come if you can’t handle it.” They all nodded that they were indeed under control

“Alright. I want you all to stay behind me and make no sudden movements. I don’t want to scare them.” They all nodded and we made our way slowly and noisily to where the humans were.

As we closed in on their position, a boy’s voice sounded from behind the trees.

“Who’s there?” He said with a brave voice. His heartbeat betrayed his fear.

I slowly stepped out from between the trees and put my hands up in front of me. The three children before me were huddled together. The boy who spoke had jet black untidy hair. He was tall and skinny, like he didn’t eat well. Perched on his nose was a pair of big circular glasses. He had green eyes, the color of Edward’s before he was changed. Probably the most noticeable thing about him, though, was a small scar on his forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt partially obscured by his wild hair. The girl had bushy brown hair. Her face was hidden from view, because she was kneeling in front of the other boy, her back to us. The boy she knelt over was the tallest of the three. He had short red hair. He was very pale, and had a large chunk missing out of his right upper arm. The boy with the lightning scar took a defensive position in front of the other two, holding a stick out in front of him.

“My name is Carlisle, and this is my family.” I said as the others stepped out from behind the trees slowly. “We mean you no harm. We were hiking and heard you so we came to see if everything was alright. I am a doctor; I may be able to help your friend.” I spoke calmly and waited for the boy to respond.

“Hermione, we’ve got company.” The boy whispered to the girl who hadn’t seemed to notice our presence, too busy tending to the unconscious boy on the ground.

“Oh!” She said startled by our appearance. She quickly got to her feet and pulled a stick from her pocket pointing it at us as well.

“I promise you we mean no harm. I can help if you allow me. The others will stay back if you would like.” I spoke again.

“What should we do Harry?” The girl – Hermione – said, panicked.

“I don’t think they are going to hurt us. We are outnumbered and they haven’t attacked yet. They don’t even have weapons. Keep your wand out though just in case.” He whispered to the girl in a voice a human at our distance wouldn’t hear. Then he addressed me.

“Can you tell us where we are?” He asked still pointing his stick at us.

“Forks, Washington.” I answered. “Are you lost?”

“No we’re fine.” He said.

“Would you like me to see if I can do anything to help your friend.?”

“Hermione? How is he?”

“The dittany worked, but he is still not waking up. He’s lost a lot of blood.” Hermione said to Harry.

“I can offer you a place to rest until he is well again. It does look like he has lost a great deal of blood. My house is nearby and I have food and plenty of space to rest.” I offered.

“I don’t think we should move Ron right now.” Harry said looking intently at my right arm. Relief flooded his face as he looked at Hermione and said “I think they are alright. He doesn’t have the dark mark. So at least they aren’t Death Eaters, and they don’t recognize us so I think they are alright.”

“I assure you we will be very careful with Ron if you accept our help. I can carry him without moving him too much.”

“Don’t know what they think they’re doing with those sticks anyway.” Emmett murmured too quick and low for the humans to hear.

“I believe there is more to these humans than we think, Emmett. Don’t underestimate them.” I responded just as low.

“Alright we’ll come.” Harry said. It’s Carlisle right? I’m Harry and that’s Hermione and Ron.”

“Yes I am Carlisle. This is my wife, Esme and my children Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice. I have another son, Edward, who should be arriving shortly as well.” I said pointing to each of my family in turn. “I am going to step forward now and see to Ron now alright?” I told them as I cautiously took a step forward. I checked the boy over, and once I was sure he was well enough to move, I lifted him slowly and began walking to the house. “Alice, call Edward and tell him we will have company when he returns.”

We made our way into the house. I place Ron carefully on the couch. “Please have a seat, and make yourselves at home. I will return in a few moments.” I said, and made my way to the other room where my family was waiting for me.

Edward POV

“Bella love, wake up.” I said softly. “We are almost home. There’s something I’d like to discuss with you. I gently shook her. I didn’t like waking her. She was so peaceful and beautiful in her sleep, but it was necessary.
“Mmm…” She sighed still not fully awake.

“Bella, Alice called. She said there are visitors in my house. They-“

“Vampires?” She said. Her eyes widened and her heart rate picked up in fear. That woke her up.

“No love, not vampires. Actually, there are some strange smelling humans. Alice-“ I began, but Bella cut me off again.

“Humans? At your house? Why? Can I come meet them?” Ahh. My Bella, always curious. How I loved and hated that curiosity of hers.

“Ofcourse. It’s just, Alice tells me they smell strange for humans. Not bad, but less appealing than humans normally smell. I need you to be careful. I need you to stay close to me, alright love?” I wasn’t sure about these humans, and until I was I had to be extra careful with Bella around them. Until I could read their minds and find out what they are and what they want, I have to make sure Bella is safe with me. I can’t ever lose her again.
“Oh Edward, they are humans just like you said. Your whole family could be on top f them in a second if anything goes wrong. But if you insist, I will stay with you. It just so happens that I rather like being near you.” She smiled the most beautiful smile in the world. The only smile in the world that mattered. She dazzled me just as she has accused me of dazzling her time after time.

“Thank you. I love you.” I told her as I kissed her head. I did love her, but the word didn’t seem enough. They were inadequate to describe how I felt for Bella.

“I love you too Edward.” She sighed into my shoulder as we made our way up the drive to my house. I put the car in park and went to open Bella’s door. I wrapped my arm around her waist keeping her close, and sifted through the minds in my house looking for the three strange human minds. That’s when I smelled them. Their scent was definitely human, the burn in my throat proved that, but there was something else there. There was a slight turnoff to their scent, not appealing, yet not bad like the wolves. Then I heard their minds, and I froze halfway to the door.

‘Oh my, I hope Ron is alright. This place though, these people. I hope Harry is right, because there is something about them. I feel like I should know this, like I’m missing something. If only we didn’t have to hide that were wizards I could check my books.’ The girl was thinking. Wizards?

‘Who are these people? That Carlisle guy was nice enough, but they give me the creeps. I gotta stay alert and keep my wand out just in case they are working with Voldemort. If something happens to Ron or Hermione because I decided to trust these people I’ll never forgive myself. If I put them in danger again… No. I won’t think that. First my parents then Cedric and Sirius Dumbledore and Mad-Eye. All gone because of me. I won’t let anything happen to Ron or Hermione. I just have to stay alert, stay ready.’

Wizards? Wands? Could they really be… and who or what is a Voldemort? I need to get to Carlisle now.

“Edward, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Bella. Everything is fine. Just stay close to me, we need to see Carlisle and the others.” I made my way into the house, Bella at my side, and saw the three humans sitting in the living room.

“Who are you?” A dark haired boy with round glasses and an odd scar on his forehead said getting up and pointing a stick at me. What’s he doing with a stick> Ahh. That must be a wand. “Are you Edward?” The boy asked.

“I am. This is Bella.” I said in a soft calm voice. I pulled Bella slightly behind me as the boy sat back down.

“Hi.” Bella said peeking around me to wave and smile at the wizards.

Hmm. She’s pretty, but not compared to these other people. They are the most beautiful people I have ever seen. She looks so different from the rest of them. What is up with this place? Maybe I made a mistake coming here and trusting them. I need to talk to Hermione, maybe we should leave.

“Excuse us.” I said pulling Bella along with me to the other room where my family sat waiting.

“Carlisle we need to talk.”

“Yes.” Carlisle said, and waited knowing I had more to say.

“I read their minds. They are wizards, Carlisle. I didn’t even know wizards really existed. They mean us no harm though; they are actually quite frightened of us. The girl seems suspicious of us, like she knows we aren’t human. She was thinking about checking her wizarding books. Would they have books on vampires?”

“Yes, I thought they might be wizards. I didn’t want to ask them and risk exposure of wizards if they weren’t; I was waiting for you so I could be sure. I’m quite certain they will have books on vampires, but I’m not worried. They rely on secrecy as much as we do so they wouldn’t let our secret out. I am worried about their reaction if they do find out, not much magic has a large effect on vampires, but some does.”

“”Wait. Hold on a second here.” Emmett said. “Did you say they are wizards? Like magic? Is that what those sticks are?” He laughed.

“Yes Emmett, they are.” I said, and then turned to Carlisle. “They aren’t sure what to make of us. They are frightened, but the boy with the scar thinks you are okay Carlisle. He kept thinking about people, other wizards I presume. He was afraid he’d put the other two in danger. I think these kids have been through a lot Carlisle. He was thinking about people named Sirius and Dumbledore and Mad-Eye. He thought about his parents, and he was thinking about how all these people are gone because of him.

“Dumbledore?” Carlisle asked, startled.

“Yes. He thought the name, that Dumbledore among others was gone because of him. Do you know him?” I asked.

“I did. A long time ago. He was the only wizard I ever met. He was a great man and a great wizard, even at the young age I met him. This boy said that Dumbledore is gone? That he died?” Carlisle became very sad.

“That’s what it sounded like. He was afraid the same would happen to the other two children he is with. He has a very brave mind; he was ready to protect them with his own life. He’s very selfless. Something else caught my interest. He was worried we were working with someone named Voldemort.”

“Him I’ve never heard of, but hearing that Dumbledore is gone is very upsetting. He was truly a great man. I would love to hear the story. We should go talk to them.”

“Did you hear that?” Jasper asked. He didn’t need to, we all heard it.

“There are people outside.” Alice said her eyes distant. “Wizards in black robes like the Volturi’s. They aren’t good. They are here to look for Order of the Phoenix members and someone named Harry Potter.” More wizards. Wait the boy’s name…

“Isn’t the boy’s name Harry? Could he be who they are looking for?” I asked.

“I think he is.” Carlisle said. “When we found them, he relaxed when we didn’t recognize him. I guess he thought we must not be a threat if we didn’t know him.” Carlisle said. “I’ll go speak with the children and see if they can tell us what these other wizards are doing here.” He rose from his chair.

I wasn’t letting him go alone. “I’m coming. Bella please stay here.” I didn’t want Carlisle out there alone, but leaving Bella with possible danger pained me.

‘She can stay with me Edward.’ Alice thought guessing how I felt. ‘She’ll be fine. I won’t leave her side. I promise.’

I nodded and followed Carlisle to the living room where the two conscious wizards were peering out the window. So they heard our company as well.

“Oh no Harry! How did the Death Eaters find us again?” The girl squealed.

‘Crap.’ Harry thought. ‘Did they do this? I knew I shouldn’t have trusted these people. We’ll have to apparate. But Ron is in no condition to go anywhere now. What if he gets splinched again?’

“We didn’t send for these Death Eater people.” I answered his thought.

“How did you know that?” Harry asked.

“We can protect you if you’d like. They don’t have to know you are here.” Carlisle said ignoring the question.

“How do I know I can trust you? For all I know you did bring them here.” The boy said raising his want towards us again.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I know you are wizards, and I know Albus Dumbledore? I was once a good friend of his” Carlisle said, the picture of calm.

‘He knows Dumbledore? How does he know I know him? If he was friends with Dumbledore, then I can definitely trust him, but what if he’s lying?’

“Prove it.” Harry said.

“Dumbledore works as a teacher at a wizard school called Hogwarts, or he did when I knew him. We haven’t been in contact for quite some time.” Carlisle said smiling at the memory.

‘Okay, that’s true; he was a teacher before he became headmaster. I guess we’ve got no choice but to trust them. If they are lying we can just apparate. I don’t want to risk Ron getting hurt again if I can help it.’ “Okay. If we get out of this I’ll believe you. But how are we going to fight them? Are you wizards too?”

“We aren’t going to fight.”

“But they won’t go away. They aren’t just going to leave, trust me; they work for the darkest wizard ever. They don’t just give up.” Harry said.

“Trust me. We aren’t wizards; they have no reason to be here. Emmett will carry your friend, go upstairs and don’t come down until they are gone. They will not get up there, whether or not it comes to a fight. You have my word. When they are gone you can come back down and we’ll talk.”

“Open up or we’ll blast our way in!” The wizards outside yelled.

“Go now.” Carlisle said. The wizards followed Emmett, Bella, and Alice upstairs and Carlisle opened the door with me behind him. Emmett returned shortly to join us and Jasper at the door.

Bella POV

I ran upstairs with the wizards and Alice, somewhat by force. It made me nervous with Edward downstairs when there were bad wizards here, but Alice said it would work out, that these other wizards would leave.

“Hermione.” I heard the boy say. “Stay close to me; I want to be able to apparate quickly if we have to. I don’t know if these people will be able to keep the Death Eaters away.”

“Don’t worry.” I said. “They will be able to keep them away. They have saved me from a lot of dangers. I’m Bella by the way.” I was curious about these wizards. Is nothing fictional anymore? First vampires, then werewolves, and now wizards!

“Why don’t you look like the rest of them?” The boy asked.

“Um, well, I’m not actually related to them. Edward is my boyfriend.” I’ll admit, that was a very loose interpretation of the word, but they didn’t need to know the details.

“Oh.” The boy said.

“You can trust them you know. Except for Carlisle, they didn’t even know wizards existed until now. They are good people.” Good vampires, I corrected in my head.

Harry was still looking out the window, but the girl was looking at me curiously, like she was trying to make sense of something impossible.

“They really won’t hurt you.” I continued. “And Carlisle will make those other wizards go away.”

“You really don’t know who we are, do you?” Harry asked. I didn’t get a chance to answer because at that moment…

“Oh!” The girl squealed.

“What Hermione?” Harry said running to her side. Hermione, okay.

“It can’t be though, it doesn’t make sense. The books say… but she’s… but they look so much like…” She mumbled to herself.

“Hermione! What is it? What happened?”

“I can’t be certain Harry. It doesn’t all make sense. But I think… I think these people… I think they are vampires Harry.”

My gasp was audible. How did she know that? Harry’s head jerked up in my direction.

“No, no. Not her, the others. That’s why it doesn’t make sense. She’s a human just like us, but vampires drink human blood. She’s still alive. And their eyes, they aren’t red like the vampires we learned about in school. But everything else, it all matches up.”

“Are they? Is that what they are?” Harry asked me.

“Err, well, yes… they are. But-“I began.

“Come on Hermione we’ve got to get out of here.” Harry said.

“Wait!” I said my hand reflexively reached towards them. “They won’t hurt you. They haven’t hurt me, and like you said I’m a human too. I’ve been coming here for over a year. I’ve been dating Edward the whole time and none of them have killed me. They don’t drink human blood.” I was rushing through my words trying to get them out before the wizards left.

“That’s impossible.” Hermione whispered eyes wide.

“I wouldn’t be alive if that were impossible.”

“She’s got a point Hermione.” Harry interjected.

“But they’ve got to drink blood. It’s the only way-“

“They do. They drink animal blood.” I cut her off trying to get them to understand before I screwed everything up.

“And the eyes?” Hermione asked me, still doubtful and worried.

“It happens when they drink only animal blood instead of human. I don’t really understand it much, but Carlisle will explain it to you.”

Harry was back by the window. “Hermione, I believe her. The Death Eaters are leaving. They must be telling the truth.”

“Come on, let’s go downstairs and they will explain everything to you.” I smiled, relieved.

Harry’s POV

Before we made it out the door, Edward appeared in the doorway with his big muscular brother, Emmett I think. He put his arm around Bella’s waist and I cringed a little. I didn’t know how she could be so close to him, it creeped me out.

“They know Edward. But you probably know that already don’t you?” She said smiling. How would he know that?

“I do.” He said and kissed Bella’s head. I cringed again. “Harry, Hermione if you would come downstairs, my family is waiting. We would like to talk to you. Emmett will take Ron.” Edward said.

We followed Edward and Bella downstairs with Emmett carrying Ron behind us. I didn’t want him to be alone when he woke up. We reached the dining room where all the vampires sat on one side of a large table. I wondered what they had that for if they really only drank blood like Hermione said.

“It’s for show, Harry.” Edward said. I looked at him shocked. How did he know that? “I can read minds. I heard you wondering about why we have the table. We have to pretend to be human, to blend in, so it’s part of the charade.”

“You can read minds?” That was a shock. He must have known what I was thinking this whole time. What did he hear? I didn’t even know what I was thinking half the time.

“Yes, I’ve heard you as well as Hermione this whole time. You have a very selfless mind, the way you think about your friends here, it amazes me.” He complimented me.

“Err, thanks.” I answered. What else could I say? But I didn’t have to worry about saying anything else, because at that moment Ron started to stir. Hermione and I rushed to his side. “Ron?” I said.

“Harry? Where are we?” How did I answer that one?

“Ron! Ron, you’re alright. I was so worried about you! I’m so glad you're awake.” Hermione said throwing herself at him.

“I’m fine.” He said a little groggy. Hermione released him and he tried to sit up, but fell back down. Carlisle was there in an instant.

“Whoa! Is super speed a vampire thing too?” I said then realized that Ron didn’t know we were in a house full of vampires. He jumped up again, this time not falling backwards.

“Vampires? Where? Why are we still here?” He yelled.

“Ron calm down. It’s okay. They won’t hurt us. We’ve been here for hours. They don’t drink human blood, only animal blood. It’s fine. This is Carlisle. He is a doctor. He’s gonna take a look at you, okay? He’s done it already, he won’t hurt you so don’t make a fuss.” Hermione said.

Carlisle came over to us and bent over Ron. “Ahh!” Ron screamed.

“What?” I said. I knew now that Carlisle wouldn’t hurt Ron so I had no idea what happened.

“It’s alright.” Carlisle said. “He wasn’t expecting my skin to be so cold and hard.”

“This creeps me out.” Ron said.

“It’s ok, we understand, but you are fine, you just need a little food in you and you should be good as new.”

“Wait… we?” Ron said. The rest of Carlisle’s family came in to the room. We made introductions, and then all went into the dining room to sit at the big table.

“Please, sit. We will tell you all about ourselves. I gather you know what we are?” Carlisle said.

Me and Hermione and Ron sat at the table. “Yes. Hermione figured it out. And Bella said you were uh… good vampires?” I asked still a little unsure.

“We try. It’s a struggle, every day we must restrain our thirst. We only feed on animal blood, but it is never fully satisfying. But yes none of us have had human blood in many years, some not at all”

“So you read minds, Edward. Can all of you read minds? Is that like a vampire thing?” I asked

“No.” Hermione said. “At least I don’t think so. Some vampires can have additional abilities, but not all. It’s quite hard to find two with the same ability, right?”

“You are a very bright girl.” Carlisle said. “She is right. Some of us have special abilities, but not all. Edward is the only one who can read minds.”

“I can see the future!” A small pixie like girl piped up. She had short spiky black hair and she was of course, beautiful. “I can even see your futures, which is weird because I can’t see the wolves. I wonder why that is.” She rambled on. Wow that could be really useful. I wonder if she could see the outcome of the war.

“War?” Edward asked. Right, mind reader.

“Err, yea. We’re kind of in the middle of a war. The wizards I mean.” I answered.

“I would love to hear your story, as well as more on this war and my old friend Dumbledore. How about we tell you our story, then you can share yours if you’d like.”

“Okay. That sounds fair.” I answered glad that they would go first. I caught Edward smile out of the corner of my eye. That’s going to take some getting used to.

Alright. I was the first one to be changed into a vampire, many years ago. I have no special gifts.” Carlisle began.

“That’s not true.” Bella said smiling widely. Everyone looked at her. “Well it may not be considered a special ability, but I always thought your self control was pretty special.” She said to Carlisle, then she looked at me. “Carlisle is a doctor. He works with humans and blood everyday and has never killed a human.” She seemed proud of this man. He wasn’t even related to her. She must feel strongly for these people… err, vampires. Edward caught my eye and nodded. Hmm.. on second thought this mind reading thing could be cool sometimes. Edward chuckled.

“Thank you Bella. That means a lot to me, that you think of me that way. Edward was the first to join me in this life.” Carlisle paused and looked at Edward who nodded. “I found him dying of Spanish influenza in 1918 at the hospital I was working at.” Hermione gasped. “His parents had already died from the disease, and he was alone. I changed him, and as you know he has the special ability to read minds. I changed my wife, Esme, shortly after. She was dying from a bad fall off of a cliff.” Esme reached out and squeezed Carlisle’s hand. “Rosalie.” Carlisle said pointing to the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had long perfect blonde hair and the most beautiful face in the world, except for Ginny.

Edward looked at me again. I shook my head and thought ‘Don’t bring it up please!’ as hard as I could. Edward nodded. He really was a pretty good guy.

Carlisle continued. “I found Rosalie also dying and changed her.”

“So you have to be dying to be changed into a vampire?” Hermione asked skeptically, like she knew you didn’t.

“No.” Edward said smiling at my thoughts. “That’s only Carlisle. He believes everyone should have the choice. He wouldn’t change anyone who wasn’t dying, he wouldn’t condemn them to this existence if they had another way… unless they chose this.” He added a little uncomfortable. Bella grabbed his hand and squeezed. I wonder if Bella…

Edward stiffened. So she did want to be a vampire. That wasn’t all that bad of an idea considering she said he was her boyfriend. I wonder how it’s done. I looked at Edward to see if he’d heard me, and his face seemed pained. ‘Oh, you don’t want her to?’ I thought really hard again. He didn’t answer, but his face was all contorted. ‘Sorry, I didn’t know.’ He nodded

“Yes, Edward is right. So I changed Rosalie. Shortly after that, Emmett was changed, by me as well. Rosalie found him in the woods close to death. He had been mauled by a bear. She brought him to me and asked me to change him. Alice and Jasper were not changed by me. A woman named Maria changed Jasper. He lived many years in a vampire warzone in the south until he met Alice. Jasper also has a special ability. He can sense and manipulated emotions. We aren’t sure who created Alice, and she is the only one of us who doesn’t remember her human life. As you know, she can see the future. She woke after her transformation and had a vision of Jasper in her future. She found him and they found us. That is how we were all changed, but there is also Bell who is a part of our family as well now, and as you know still human. Bella moved here to Forks to live with her father. She met Edward and they fell in love.” Carlisle finished smiling. “And that is the story of how our family came to be.”

“Wow.” Hermione said. “It’s amazing how all of you just go against your nature. You know, by not killing humans. Why do you do it?”

“Just because we are dealt a certain hand, doesn’t mean we have to give in to it. We decided to change our nature because we didn’t want to kill to live. None of us wanted this life of a monster, so we make the best out of what we’ve been dealt.”

“That makes sense. It is pretty amazing.”Hermione said. She was right, they were pretty strong and good to do something like that.

“Yea, it is.” I said. “So now its our turn, isn’t it?”

“If you want. We won’t force you if you would rather not tell us your story.”

“No its okay. You told us yours. It is a pretty long story though.” I said. They should know this will take a while.

“We’ve got time.” Carlisle said simply.

“Okay. I guess it all starts-“ I began but Edward cut me off.

“Don’t say that bad wizard’s name. I read the minds of those wizards you call Death Eaters. They were thinking about something they called a taboo on the name. It’s how they found us here. I don’t understand it, but just incase I wouldn’t use the name.” He said.

“Really? A taboo?” Ron said

“You know what it is Ron?” I asked.

“It’s a charm. Its really complex, I only know that if anyone anywhere says the name they will instantly be able to find them.”

“Wow. Alright I wont say his name.” I started again. “So I guess it all starts with err… You Know Who.” The vampires all chuckled. “Years ago, when we were just babies, There was a war. You Know Who was gaining followers, who later became Death Eaters. He wanted to take over the wizarding and muggle world.”

“Muggle? What’s a muggle?” Alice asked

“It’s what they call people that aren’t magical. Humans, like Bella.” Edward said.

“I’m a muggle? Is that a good thing?” Bella asked laughing.

“Well its not a bad thing.” Hermione said. “My parents are muggles.”

“So, You Know Who wanted to take over everything, and he wanted to become immortal. So There was a war and it lasted years. It finally ended with this thing called a prophecy. It-“ I was cut off again, this time by Hermione.

“It wasn’t the prophecy that ended the war, it was Harry. “ She said with pride.

“But you were just a baby.” Esme gasped. “How did you stop a war?”

“Well You Know Who thought that this prophecy meant that I would be the only wizard who was able to defeat him, his only worthy opponent. So he came after me. I was one. He came to my house and killed my parents. My dad first, then my mum when she tried to protect me. Her protection put a magical charm over me, so when You Know Who tried to kill me, he was reduced to almost nothing. His spell backfired on him, but because he had already taken steps to make himself immortal he didn’t die.”

“Wait!” Emmett said. “You mean theres a spell that can just kill someone?”

“Yeah. It’s called Avada Kedavra. It kills instantly. That’s what gave me this scar.” I said pointing to my lightning bolt scar on my forehead.

“That’s sick!” he said.

“Well after that Dumbledore sent me to live with my aunt and uncle. You Know Who was gone and everything was good again. When we were all eleven, we got our letters from Hogwarts, That’s the wizard school. That’s Where Ron Hermione and I met. For the first three years, You Know Who was still gone.”

“That’s not true. He didn’t gain power again, but he tried. Our first year, he possessed a teacher and tried to come back but Harry fought him off. And our second year he tried again, but Harry fought him off a second time.” Hermione said quickly.

“Yeah, and he fought a basilisk too. This huge snake with venom, and eyes that kill if you look into them. And he saved my sister Ginny who You Know Who was possessing.” Ron said. Edward looked at me and smiled mischievously, probably thinking about my earlier thoughts of Ginny. He nodded. I smiled. I missed her so much.

“Well it all sounds pretty great when you say it like that, but I had loads of help from you two and Dumbledore. And Lots of luck too. “

“Please continue.” Carlisle said.

“So third year I met my godfather. You Know Who didn’t try to return that year, biding his time I guess. But we thought my godfather, Sirius, was out to kill me at first. We thought he betrayed my parents whereabouts to You Know Who all those years ago, but it turned out that he was framed. My parent’s other friend from Hogwarts, Peter Pettigrew, was the one who betrayed them. So, we figured that out but then before we could turn him over to the Ministry of magic, which is like wizard government I guess, he got away. See, him and my dad and my godfather were animagi. They could transform into animals.”

“Like the wolves!!” Bella yelled.

“Huh?” Ron said.

“My friend Jacob is a werewolf, he transforms into a wolf. There’s a whole pack of them here.”

“You know a real werewolf?” Edward asked me.

“Err, yea. Our old professor was a werewolf, that’s why my dad and his friends became animagi. The would stay with him when he transformed so he wouldn’t be alone. They helped him keep his mind.” I answered confused. Shouldn’t they know this if they knew werewolves?

“The wolves we know aren’t real werewolves. They are shape shifters, closely related to your animagi I would assume.” Edward answered.

“Oh, right. So Peter Pettigrew got away and returned to You Know Who. Our fourth year there was this tournament, kind of like a sports tournament to humans I guess, where wizards have to show their skill in three different tasks. You Know Who had one of his other followers impersonating a teacher, n he entered my name, so I had to compete in the tournament.”

“Yeah, he was amazing!” Hermione said.

“I wasn’t that good, and I always had help.” I said thinking back. I did always have help. Mad-Eye, well Barty Crouch Jr., gave me the hint to use my broom. I would have never defeated that dragon-

“Dragon?” Edward said. “You defeated a dragon?”

“Err, well not really. I just had to get past it and grab the egg it was guarding.”

“How did you get past it with a broom?” Edward asked. “Oh! Wow that’s amazing!” He continued as I thought about what to say.

“Would someone like to enlighten us as to how Harry beat a dragon with a broom?” Emmett said. Everyone laughed.

“Wizards use brooms to get around sometimes, you know… fly.” I answered.

Wow! Awesome!” Emmett cheered. He reminded me of Fred and George, then everyone else we had to leave behind came flooding into my mind. I put my head into my hand. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and a flood of calm. I looked up to see Edward looking at me.

“I’m sorry. This story must be hard for you to tell.” He said.

“A little. It’s hard on all of us, but I want to finish.” I said, then began where I left off. “So I got past the first and second tasks. The third was a maze with all sorts of magical creatures and spells as obstacles. At the end of the maze was a cup. The Tri-Wizard Cup. You were supposed to touch the cup, that’s how you won the tournament. The Death Eater that You Know Who had at Hogwarts turned the cup into a port key. A port key is an object that when you touch it, it transports you to a different place. Well me and another boy, Cedric, touched the cup at the same time, and it transported us to a graveyard where You Know Who was waiting. It was supposed to only be me, that was his plan, but I told Cedric to take it with me so we could both win. Neither of us could have done the tournament without each other. So we both ended up in the graveyard.” I stopped talking as the picture of that day flooded my mind. The sound of Voldemort’s bodiless voice. ‘Kill the spare.’ He had hissed. The flash of green light he saw, even behind his closed eyelids. The sight of Cedric lying dead on the ground. His opened blank grey eyes. The surprised expression on his face. The pain, not only of his scar which was worse than he had ever felt, but of seeing Cedric lying motionless on the ground. Seeing Cedric dead because he had suggested they take the cup together. Before I could get a hold of myself two things happened at once. I heard someone moan ‘Ahh’ in pain, and a loud thud sounded from somewhere else.

I opened my eyes and saw Edward with his head in his hands, and Jasper on the floor. Bella was rubbing Edward’s back and Alice was on the floor next to Jasper.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I’d like to know what happened to you. You and Edward were in so much pain. It knocked me off my feet. What were you thinking?” Jasper said. So that was the calm I felt.

“Harry, I saw what you just saw. If you don’t want to continue, you don’t have to. None of us will ask you to.” Edward said, composed again.

“It’s alright, that was the worst of it for now. So we were both in the graveyard. Vold- I mean You Know Who had his servant, Pettigrew kill Cedric.” I choked out the end of my sentence, took a deep breath and continued. “I was so blinded with pain from my scar I didn’t even see it, I just saw green light and Cedric lying on the ground afterward. Pettigrew dragged me to You Know Who’s father’s grave. And tied me to the headstone. He did this spell where he took a bone from his father’s grave, Pettigrew’s hand, and blood from me. Then he was alive again.” Fear ran through me along with the pain as I remembered Voldemort rising from the cauldron, his voice the first time he spoke.

“Ugh…” Edward said. “Sorry, I just saw him in your head. That is You Know Who? That is the darkest wizard ever? I am scared of that thing, and I’m a vampire. He doesn’t even look human, he looks like a snake, with vampire eyes.” He shuddered.

“I can feel your fear. It’s really strong, but there’s something else there overriding it. There’s hatred so strong that if I didn’t have Alice’s hand in mine I might attack you all right now.” Jasper added.

“I can’t see him, this You Know Who.” Alice said. “I cant see anything about him.”

“That’s is odd. We’ll discuss it after. Let’s not interrupt Harry anymore. Let him get through this story so he can stop thinking about it.” Carlisle said. I was really beginning to like him.

“Thanks. After he came back, he called his followers. They came, and he had me untied. We dueled. I just barely got away. Then during our fifth year Dumbledore started to build up an army against You Know Who. No one at the Ministry believed me or Dumbledore that You Know Who returned, so Dumbledore took the responsibility in his own hands. He called it the Order of the Phoenix. He also told me that the scar on my forehead somehow connects me to You Know Who. I have these flashes, kind of like Alice would I guess but it’s flashes of the present. I see what You Know Who is doing, but he can also put fake images in my mind. He wanted this prophecy that means, now at least, that in the end either I will end up killing him or he will end up killing me. ‘Neither can live while the other survives. ‘ That’s what it said.” Esme gasped.

“Oh you poor thing.” Esme looked like she would cry.

“What happened next?” Bella asked in a voice that was barely a whisper.

“You Know Who put a false image in my head of my godfather, Sirius, being tortured at the Ministry of magic, where the prophecies are kept. We went to save him. We were chased by Death Eaters, loads of them. They had us cornered, but then the Order came. There was a big fight. Sirius was dueling with Bellatrix Lestrange. Her curse hit him right in the chest. He was… he… “ I took a deep breath. I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“You don’t have to.” Edward said. I could tell he could see what I saw, what happened that night.

“Bellatrix ran and I chased her. Dumbledore followed me. Dumbledore and You Know Who dueled. He was the only one You Know Who ever feared. The fight ended, but not before the Minister of Magic came and saw him. Then our sixth year I had private lessons with Dumbledore. Wizards have this thing called a pensive. It’s used to store memories. Dumbledore showed me memories of You Know Who from when he was a child. The point was to explain things called horcruxes. They are basically pieces of a person’s soul separated from the original and stored in a safe object. Once you make even one, you cant be killed until they are destroyed. It is very complex spell, but the basic thing you have to do is kill. Kill with no remorse, no feeling at all. Just kill. You Know Who made six of them, the seventh in his body.”

“Harry I thought we weren’t supposed to tell anyone. We didn’t even tell my family!” Ron said.

“Think about it Ron, Edward can read minds. They would know anyway.” I said to Ron. “So Dumbledore told me all that in our lessons, then he told me that he had been searching for them and two were destroyed already. He said I could come with him to find and destroy one that he thought he knew the location of. So we went. It was in a cave surrounded by water. Once we got through the water, there was a door that had an enchantment on it. You had to give it blood in order to enter. Dumbledore cut himself; he said my blood was too important, that I was too important.” I shook my head at how ridiculous the thought that I could be more important than Dumbledore was.

“We got into the cave. There was a giant lake with a small piece of land in the middle. We found the boat that was supposed to take you to the middle and got in. When we got to the island, there was a big basin filled with a glowing green potion. We tried everything, but we couldn’t get rid of it. Dumbledore said we had to drink it. I wanted to do it, but he wouldn’t let me. He said I had to make him finish it no matter what happens. He drank and drank, and when he couldn’t anymore I poured it in his mouth. He was going insane with pain and fear and guilt. He was seeing things in his head, I don’t know what it was but it was bad. He begged me to kill him. He got really thirsty but I couldn’t get water to stay in the cup or the basin, it just kept disappearing. I had to take it from the lake, but when I did, the inferi attacked. Inferi are dead bodies enchanted by a wizard. They came at me. No matter how many I fought back, more just came. They had me. They were all over me pulling me into the lake. I knew I was going to drown. But Dumbledore somehow got the strength to fight them off with fire. We got out and I apparated us back to Hogsmead, the town by the school, because Dumbledore was weak. That’s when we saw the Dark Mark, You Know Who’s sign. It is put in the sky over a place when a person or people have been killed by him inside. It was over the school. Dumbledore and I flew on brooms to the Astronomy Tower, the highest tower in the castle. When we heard people coming Dumbledore froze me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t help. All I could do was watch as he was killed.” I stopped. I had to. That was the hardest part of the story. Standing there watching the bravest strongest wizard I have ever known killed and not being able to do anything about it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

I looked up to see the shocked faces of seven vampires, one human, and two wizards. I had never told Ron or Hermione what happened in the cave that night. I’d never told anyone.

“Oh Harry!” Hermione sobbed. “I didn’t know. Oh im so sorry. That must have been horrible.”

Ron patted my back and Edward squeezed my shoulder.

“That is pretty much the end of our story. We left everyone behind to search out the rest of the horcruxes so that in the end I might have a fighting chance.” I said finally finished reliving my nightmares.
thanks. im hoping to write more tonight after work so ill have something up today or tomorrow
gosh that was great !! awesome plot !!!
keep me updated and write more soon
Omg i love the story!! I hope you could continue. :)
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