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So this is a Twilight/Harry Potter fanfic. I chose Eclipse and Deathly Hallows because they both came out the same year so it seemed appropriate. It starts out while Bella and Edward are in Jacksonville visiting Renee and Harry/Ron/Hermione just apparated from Tottingham Court Rd where they saw the Death Eaters to the forest in Forks right by the Cullen's house. The rest of the Cullens are out hunting. Ive written alot before, mostly poems and a few stories, but this is my first attempt at a fanfic. I will be sticking mostly to the storylines of the two books, but will have to change some details to make them fit together, so let me know what you think. =O)
Also, im going to try to stick to the characters as much as possible, so if im not let me know. I dont get offended by criticism so let me have it! lol.

Harry's POV

Blackness overcame us as the now familiar feel of apparition took us to a new unfamiliar place. As we were pulled along through the nothingness, I couldn't help but worry. Would the next place Hermione took us to be as bad as the last? Would the Death Eaters find us here as well? How did they find us in the first place?

Before I could even begin to contemplate the answers to these questions, the world came back into focus and I landed with a thud alongside Ron and Hermione in an unfamiliar forest. As I clammered to my feet, I looked around and saw nothing but trees- huge, damp, green trees. It was raining and everything was wet. Where had Hermione taken us? I was about to turn and ask her when-

" Harry! Harry! It's Ron, he's been splinched!"

I whirled around to find Hermione hovering over Ron's still form, frantic. Ron was pale and sick looking, on his arm was a large gash, like a chunk of flesh had been sliced right out of it. He was bleeding profusely and seemed to be totally unconscious.

" Hermione, can you heal him?" I asked. I had never learned those types of spells. Now that i think about it, they would definately have come in handy. I should have asked Dumbledore to teach me, or Sirius.

" In my bag, Harry! Quickyl, the essence of dittany. Hurry he's bleeding badly!" Hermione yelled, holding her sweater to Ron's gash to slow the bleeding.

I ran to Hermione's bag, which she had dropped about two feet away where she landed, opened it and cried, " Accio dittany!" The bottle soared out of Hermione's bag and into my open hand. I ran back over to Hermione and shoved the bottle into her outstreched hand. As Hermione poured the liquid over Ron's wound, i heard the sound of footsteps from behind us getting closer.

I whipped around, held my wand out in front of me and called, "Who's there?" in the bravest voice i could muster.

Out from between the trees stepped the palest, most beautiful man i have ever seen.

Okay, so let me know if you like it and ill put up some more. this is kind of short, but mostly i will have much longer posts.. think of this as a sneak peek =).

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Harry POV

We spent the next few days at the Cullen’s house telling them every detail we could about Voldemort and the fight against him. It seemed that they truly wanted to help. Ron and Hermione thought it was a brilliant idea, but I was still hesitant. I didn’t want anyone else risking their lives for me. After staying with the Cullens for a while I was becoming rather fond of them, especially Edward. The idea of them risking their lives for me was very unpleasant. It hurt me almost as much as it did with Sirius and Mad-Eye, and everyone else ive let die for me.

“I’ve got it!” Carlisle said coming down the stairs from his study where hed been researching through his books as well as the ones Hermione brought with us.

“Got what?” I said as him and the rest of the Cullens minus Edward and Bella came into the room.

“I have been doing research as you know. The books that Hermione has provided me with have stated that very few things can destroy a horcrux, but they have said nothing about piercing a horcrux. I think that is because it depends on what a wizard uses for a horcrux. Take the locket for example, if we can find something that can pierce the inside of the locket and also hold our venom, it should destroy it.”

“That’s great! Now all we need is something to pierce the locket.” I said.

“And we need to figure out how to open it Harry.” Hermione reminded me.

“Well I think I’ve found something that can pierce it as well. When I changed Emmett, I tried to experiment with morphine to see if it would stop the pain of the transformation. Seeing as the transformation had already started, I had to use a stronger and thicker needle. That needle just might work to pierce the locket enough to get the venom in it to destroy it.”

“That’s brilliant!” I exclaimed. “Now all we need to do is figure out how to open it.”

Just then, the front door burst open and Bella stormed in and up the stairs. Edward followed sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose. Hermione and Alice got up and followed Bella up the stairs.

‘You want to talk?’ I thought to Edward. ‘I am an outsider I might be able to help. If you’d rather not talk, or talk to your brothers its alright.’

Edward looked at me for a moment. “No your right, do you mind if we go a little ways away from the house?”

“No that’s fine.” I said.

“We’ll be back in a bit.” Edward said and I followed him out the door. “Do you mind if we run?” He asked once we were outside.

‘Er.. I guess.” I didn’t understand why we couldn’t just take a car.

He smirked. “Ill show you why. Climb on my back.”

“Are you serious?”

“Trust me.” He said. “I’ll show you how I travel.” I did as he said and Edward took off into the forest as fast as a speeding bullet.

Bella POV

As soon as Edward and I got to his house I stormed right upstairs to his room. I was angry that he hadn’t told me aout Victoria coming back, and I was even more angry that he wisked me away for the weekend. I knew I couldn’t stay mad at him if I stayed around him, so I went to his room alone. But I wasn’t alone for long. Alice and Hermione found me sitting on Edward’s bed sulking a few minutes later. Hermione and I had gotten quite close over the past few days. I enjoyed having another human girl around that I didn’t have to hide anything from.

“Are you okay Bella?” Hermione asked as her and Alice walked into the room.

“Yeah, just angry. Did you know that Victoria was going to be here looking for me this weekend too or was it just the Cullens?”

“They told us after you left.” She said.

“It was just a precaution Bella. You know Edward is very overprotective. He only did it because he loves you.” Alice said sticking up for her favorite brother.

“I know, but I hate that he didn’t even tell me. And what if one of you were hurt? Do you think that would have been okay? No I wouldn’t have been able to live with that Alice. I love you all not just Edward. It would have been better if we stayed here.” I was ranting. I knew they just did this because they cared, but the idea of them fighting Victoria was too much.

“We know you love us all Bella. We all love you too, and that is exactly why we did it. Do you think it would have been okay with us if Victoria got hold of you? We would all suffer Bella, not just Edward.” I knew she was right, but how would she get near me if I had all of them protecting me?

“I know Alice. But with all of you here she wouldn’t have had a chance to get near me. I don’t want him doing that again.”

“I will talk to him Bella, I promise.” She said and danced out of the room.

“You know Harry does the same thing all the time. We are just friends, but hes always trying to get us out of harms way no matter how much we tell him we want to fight with him.” Hermione said.

“Really? How?”

“Well before we left home and school to go searching for the horcruxes, he tried to convince us that he should go alone. He didn’t want me and Ron coming with him. He said it was too dangerous to go, and even more dangerous just to be associated with him. It took a lot of convincing to make him see that we weren’t letting him go without us.”

“Wow. I guess Harry and Edward are a lot alike.”

“I guess so.” She smiled.

“It’s just I hate feeling helpless. Its like everyone is always having to protect me and im just some weak human. I cant help them and the idea of having them all fighting for me it just scares me so much. I just wish I could help.” I said. “Then theres Jake. Hes my best friend, but hes a werewolf. Werewolves and vampires are pretty much enemies. Edward doesn’t want me with him because he thinks hes dangerous, but Jake needs me right now. He’s hurting and I need to help him.”

“Have you told Edward all of this?” Hermione asked me.

“He says he wont allow me to see Jake, that its too dangerous.”

“He cant tell you what to do. He’s your boyfriend not your father. Go see him anyway.”

“I wish I could. Alice would see if I decided to go and they would stop me.”

“Well we wont make any decisions now, but maybe I could help. Us wizards have ways of getting around.” She smiled at me.

“Thanks Hermione. You really are a good friend.”

“So are you Bella. Im glad we ended up here.”

“Me too. Lets go downstairs. Im sure they are all listening in anyway, and I hate being mad at Edward. I think we need to talk this out.”

“Good idea.” We got up and made our way downstairs.

Okhere it is as promised. i am working on harry and edwards conversation now so thatll be up tinight or tomorrow
hey, so as you know im trying to come up with a good name for this story because eclipse/deathly hallows just doesnt sit well with me. I think it might be a good idea to have a contest?? Have you guys come up with ideas and ill pick one, the one i like best could maybe help me write the chapter after harry/edwards convo?

Let me know if you think its a good idea!!
Itz gud 2 me. Post mre!
Great chappie!!
loved it
hey everyone, sorry i havent posted in a while, ive been totally engrossed in readind the story Theres Something About Jenna by Tracy.. if you havent read it, its amazing, you should give it a look!!!

I am editing the next chapter and it will be up tonight around 8 or 9 my time(im in New York).

**I think i will go ahead with the contest if you guys are game.. you can post here or message me anything you think would be a good title and if the winner would like to, they can help me with a chapter of the story.. so if you want to just send me an idea. If I think of any i will post them up too!

Thanks for reading!!!
Edward POV

I took off with Harry on my back contemplating what I was going to say. I took him to a part of the forest far enough away from the house so we wouldn’t be heard by the rest of my family. When I set him down he stumbled around a bit but caught himself before I had to.

“Wow that was something. It was like flying on my broom only we were on the ground.”He said.

“Flying on your broom?” I asked. How could he fly on a broom?

“Yeah, its one way we get around. We have brooms that can fly. We use them for sports also.” Wow that is something I would love to see. “So, do you want to tell me what is going on?” He asked. I sat on a rock, and Harry followed sitting next to me.

“Bella, as you know, is being hunted by a vampire yet again. Every time I try to protect her she gets angry with me. She is always saying she wants to help, but I cant let her help. Victoria coult very easily kill her with one touch. But I guess that’s not the main reason. She feels that I am too overprotective sometimes, but its just that I love her so much. I don’t have a life without her.” I stopped. Just the thought of life without her caused me pain, took my unnecessary breath away.

“Hey, it will be alright. I know what you mean. I’ve put so many of the people I love in danger because of who I am, and a lot of them are gone forever. I have to live with that everyday. When I decided to leave school I told Ron and Hermione they couldn’t come with me. I lost too many people I cared about already and I didn’t want them in any more danger because of me. They refused to let me go alone, and eventually I gave in. It was the best decision I ever made. Sometimes you have to trust the people you care about. I think Bella knows the danger she is in, but she also trusts that you and your family will always be there and wont let anything or anyone hurt her. She trusts you with her life, maybe you should try trusting her to know what she can do.”

“Idont know if I can do that. I am just afraid that if I don’t I will push her away, especially when it comes to Jacob.” Just the thought of that dog had my fists clenched.

“That’s her best friend right? The werewolf?” Harry asked.

“Yes. When I left her, it was the worst time of both of our lives. Jacob was there to put some of the pieces of her life back together. I… I’m afraid that she feels more for him than she lets on. I don’t know if I could live if I lost her to him, and I cant see in her mind so I cant tell if she does love him. And then theres the fact that werewolves are dangerous, he could phase at any time and kill or hurt her.” Pain beyond pain shot through me at the thought of her choosing Jacob over me.

“I dont think you could lose her like that. She may love this Jacob kid, but Edward, she is in love with you. Anyone could tell that by just being near you. If you keep her too close, you may lose her though. If she says that he isn’t dangerous maybe you should try to trust her. Let her go conditionally, you take her and pick her up. Show her that you trust her and maybe it will make her trust you with other things like her protection.”

Harry was right, I knew it. I just didn’t know if I could do what he was telling me to. The idea of letting her near the dog without protection scared me to death.

“Anything else I can help you with?” Harry asked.

“No, not really. Theres just her wanting to be one of us. A vampire. I don’t want it for her. For myself I want it more than anything. To be able to spend eternity with her would be the best thing that I could ever dream of. But for her, I want so much more. Bella and I are always arguing on whether or not I have a soul. She is dead set that I do, but I am not as certain. To risk her soul just so I could have her for the rest of my existence seems so selfish. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Yeah, well I think I am with her on that one.” I glared at him. What is he talking about? “What I mean is that Ive only been here for a few days, but I can already say that I believe your family does have souls. For one, you deny yourself Bellas blood because you love her. If you didn’t have a soul I don’t believe you could do that. Also, you all deny yourselves human blood because you don’t want to be monsters. I don’t think it would matter to you if you didn’t have souls. I don’t think you would care. And if Bella wants to spend the rest of her life with you as a vampire, I don’t see it as a bad thing because I can see why she believes you have a soul. To her she isn’t giving up anything.”

“I suppose you are right, but I am still not sure.” Harry gave me a lot to think about, made a lot of good points. I still wasn’t ready to give up my convictions as to my soul and Bella’s protection yet.”Maybe we should get back. I think I need to talk with Bella.”

“Alright. Should we run again, or should I show you how I travel? Its faster than running.” He said.

“Do you have your broom?” I questioned him confused. I coyuldnt see a broom, but I guess he was a wizard.

“No we will apparate.” He said with a smirk.

“Alright. Let’s try it your way.”

“Okay, take my hand.”

I did as he said, and Harry spun on the spot thinking ‘The Cullen’s house’ over and over. We were suddenly surrounded by blackness, and it felt like it was pressing in on us from all sides. I didn’t breathe. As quick as it started, it was over, and we landed in my livingroom.

“Whoa!” Emmett screamed jumping back. Alice Carlisle and Bella jumped back also. Hermione and Ron just stood there smirking at our reactions.

“Wow that was something.” I said to Harry.

“How did you do that?!!?” Emmett said. “You just appeared out of thin air!”

“Its called apparating. You disappear from one place and appear in another.”

“Awesome!”Emmett yelled. He continues talking, but I wasn’t paying attention anymore. My every sense was concentrated on Bella. She was staring at me with a sad expression.

I held my arms pout to her and she ran to me and hugged me. I kissed her head. “Would you like to go talk?” I asked her. She just nodded. I picked her up and ran to my room to sort things out with my love.
i just finished reading the second book yesterday. i agree it was awesome!
great !! post more !! post more !!
I love it!but i want some action,Like Harry getting a vision of something from Voldemort and Edward seeing it!
okay, im having some major writers block for this story so i am thinking ill take a day to read the 7th HP again and get a feel for the charachters and stuff. Then ill get back to writing. Secrets fame and Vampires will be updated tonight or tomorrow i amd editing the next chapter when i get home from work tonight


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