The Twilight Saga

~Hello Everyone! Welcome to Bella and I's Wedding~

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*I smiled back at her lightly*

-smiles and whispers- he'll be here, Bella.

Jazz:: *uses his powers to calm her down*

Emmett:: Its time *he the reverend* 

Edward:: *Smiles*

Emmett:: Edward Cullen do you take Bella swan to be your wife?

Edward:: I do

Emmett:: and Bella do you take Edward Cullen to be your husband?

Emmett:: You may now kiss the bride 

Edward:: *put her ring on then kissed her passionately*

Edward:: *continues kissing her and wipes her tears*

Emmett & Jazz:: *clap*

Edward:: *smiles and thinks back and you're my goddess*

*I smiled brightly and clapped* that was beautiful

Edward:: Thanks Sierra! *he smiled*

You're welcome
You're welcome *I smiled lightly*

*Edward and Bella got into the car and were off to the airport*


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