The Twilight Saga

You choose which twilight character you would vote for president! My vote is for Renesmee
1. Edward
2. Bella
5. Jasper
7. Carlisle

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i vote for Alice
what the heck! u didnt put emmett!!!!!!!!!!!! well, im voting for emmett regardless!!!!!!!!!!!
Alice or Carlisle either one i would vote for
umm well... either Alice or Edward
President: Carlisle
First Lady: Esme, naturally
Vice President: Edward, Bella on his arm of coarse
UN Representative: Renesmee
Advisor: Alice
Secretary of Defense: Jasper
Bodyguard: Emmett
Stylist: Rosalie

Now they all have a place hahahaaa
hey that works to
lol! that could work but Alice ould probably be better as a Stylist then Rosalie lol!!!!!
hahahahahaaa :D
this is a good point but once she got started she would be impossible to stop


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