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Why doesn't everyone love edward??? He's Bellas Soul Mate!!!

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I totally agree with this. When I ask my friends if they are on Team Jacob only because of Taylor and his abs, they says, HELL YEAH!, and I think this is just sad and shallow.
I must admit that I am also a team Taylor fan, but only Taylor. I absolutely despise Jacob in the books!
I agree. The girls in my family who are TJ tell me that they love Jacob the character and also Taylor because he is handsome with a great body so from what I understand is that they separate one from the other. I personally think Taylor is good looking, but Edward and/or Robert is HOTTER!!!! I didn't really like Jacob in the books at all until BD I accepted him and like him sort of because he helps Bella and he finally got the message that she belongs with Edward.
i love edward cullen
Now and forever!!!!!
me too... =)...
I am with you. :)
I agree completly!!!!
who knows but i think their crazy lol
Nobody but EDWARD!!!


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