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Why doesn't everyone love edward??? He's Bellas Soul Mate!!!

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Well, seems I had more to say and forgot that I already posted a comment here. Its become so automatic piolet when responding to the threads I like LOL!!
I totally agree with you. Edward loves Bella so much he was willing to be misserable just so that she was safe and had a chance at a normal(human) life; he now knows that they are truely ment to be and I think that there love is even deeper/stronger than before.
im a edward fan becuse he is sooooooo senative (i no i spelled it wrong) and loving and he cares about people who think of him as an enamy jacob they like jack cuz he always half nude and thats wrong
yeah i always hear oh i love his abs! im like wow thats shallow
well said!!! i agree too. edward had me 100% at twilight!!

and yes he does outshine jacob...literally lol
What? You haven't noticed that there are twice as many Edward fans than Jacob fans on this site? I am a member of both, as I like both of them. And just noticed that yesterday that Edward has more fans than Jacob.
They like Jacob because just his muscular body I think:P
I am just a Team Edward person, but totally agree that they just like Jacob for his body(but some like him because of who plays his character.
I like Edward not Robert Pattinson. I don't find Robert attractive at all.

Love Taylor Lautner. he is hot!!!!!. Jacob gets on my nerves.
I love Edward and Robert!!! But Taylor Lautner is hot!! But like Zaida said Jacob gets
on my nerves too. And i do think jacob fans only like him because of his
Me and my sister are constantly debating over Edward and Jacob. It seems like there are more Jacob fans than there are Edward fans but I will stay true to Edward!!!
don't let yourself get influenced by team jacob fans. stay tru to yourself! :]


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