The Twilight Saga

so im taking a poll
Edward or Ian?
Jacob or Jared?
I say tie for all wat about you?

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I agree with the time to warm up to Ian 'cause he did almost kill Wanda but after he turned all nice I fell in love with him to
ian and jacob....i don't really like jared but i love jacob and i love ian he is perfect edward is just.....but i love him to.
Oh man! Ahh, as much as I love Ian for standing by Wanda (and what he says to her when she wakes up in Pet's body about holding her in his hand! How could you not love him after that?!), I have always loved Edward. Besides, he can sparkle in the sun (won't be any good for raids, but then again, he's so fast, he could probably do an entire raid in mere minutes without anyone seeing his sparkle ;D).
Between Jared and Jacob...this is a toughie, because I don't adore either. I like Jacob in the fun, hanging-out kinda sense, but as a "partner," I suppose I would choose Jared (prior to Melanie's disappearance) because he seemed loving, protective, and downright loyal. I'm trying not to let his initial reactions to Wanda affect how I think of him.

However, I think the REAL question is...JAMIE or Jacob? These two are just way too similar for me to pick right off the top of my head. I wouldn't think of either as a partner, but as a friend or little brother, Jamie is more bouncy and I LOVE the way he just talks and talks, and he isn't as annoying as Jacob can sometimes be, so I think I'd pick Jamie. =)
but ian and jacob no doubt
so on!
Ian and Jacob. I like Jared 2 but not as much. Jacob is my twilight sweetheart and i like ian b/c he doesnt judge wanda. i didnt like jared that much at the beginning b/c uv wut he did 2 wanda
i think between edward and ian its a tie cuz at the beggining they both were a danger to the main character and then they fell in love. an jared an jacob i say jacob cuz jacob never hurt bella an jared hurt wanda a lot of times
ian and jacob!!!!!!
Hmmm, Ian or Edward - that's kind of tough. I love Edward, but I kind of fell hard for Ian too. I guess it boils down to if I want to grow old with someone and have a family - Ian. If I want to live forever with the love of my life - Edward.

Jacob or Jared...Jared definitely.
huuuuummmm.....mmmm... i dont know ..well edward is sooooo EDWARD and georgous and perfect...and ian is sooo SWEET and soft and cute... and i niether love jared nor jake... but i would choose jake because i like him..(a lot more than jared..)and jared hurt wanda A LOT!!! ...i dont know who to choose (edward or ian?)...AAAWWWWAAA..=S..haha! its a hard desicion.. mmm..welll...BOTH
lol ok the first one would be a tie cuz i cant pick between the 2 :P but as for the second one i would defiently go for jared because im not a fan of jacob
Ian and Jacob.


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