The Twilight Saga

so im taking a poll
Edward or Ian?
Jacob or Jared?
I say tie for all wat about you?

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Hm, all of them. :] Lol, they all kinda balance each other out huh? I think so. :D Plus, it's just so hard to pick. xD
Ian and Jacob.

Man oh man do I love those two.

Sorry~ but Edward is just soo....omg look I'm perfect at everything. And no, Jared doesn't say that but he's such a....blah to Wanda towards the end of the book. v_____v
Ian~ I just love him. The tiny little things he does that make such a big imprint are sooo cute ^ ^ And Jacob......He's got that personality. That amazing personality that half the people get really annoyed at and then half the people really loove him <3
Weird.....Ian's ice, Jake's Fire....
Ed's ice, Jared's fire.

Ian and Jared definately. They have this rugedness (sorry about the spelling) about them that i don't think you can find in young characters such as Edward and Jacob, but i do love them as well ! xx
idk why but i prefer the host so i say Ian over Edward and Jacob over Jared!!
I think ian then Jacob cause. They are sweet and kind and I now the others are nice but these are the nices to me and Think they match me better. And ian didn't care what wanda was he loved her the way she is. And Jacob is hot and nice.
Ian, seriously...what kind of guy would've actually cared for a female's personality instead of her body? (well my boyfriend is like tht, lol). Plus Wanderer is an alien.
Jacob coz he's really funny with those titles in Breaking Dawn. He's also really cool and more realistic even though he can transform into a wolf. Edward is a bit too unrealistic (no offense Edward fans, i mean it).
Jared and Jacob!!!
In Twilight, I would have chosen Edward without a doubt - Jacob is friends material only in my book!
In The Host, I would choose Jared - but I really really like Ian too
well ,, am team EDWARD but I love Ian ,, so the both ( IAN & EDWARD ) ,, of course JARED !!
Ian ( i loved how Ian started to soften up and started to understand Wanda) AND I HATE EDWARD


Jacob (I love Jacob......... that's about it and Jared made me feel bad for Wanda i think he was a little too harsh for awhile
um...I think ian and jacob! but i also love edward!


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