The Twilight Saga

so im taking a poll
Edward or Ian?
Jacob or Jared?
I say tie for all wat about you?

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Ian and Jared

- because they're Human and most likely, more possible to come across someone like them than someone who sparkles or turns into a wolf.
Totally agree with you.

Ian is sooooooooo sweet.
Edward Jacob
This is tough. Can I combine Edward and Ian? I like Jacob over Jared.
Edward and Ian, not a tie I prefer Edward 100000000000.............times more, i just don't really like jared and i HATE jacob, but between jacob and jared, I would say jared without thinking
Ian and Jared! =D
Okay so I go with Ian and Jacob
I loved all four but the main one is Ian.
I am in full agreement with you!

Ian is the best :)
I would choose Ian or jacob, I love the way the try to take care of the person they love the most!!! 8D
Its gotta be Edward and Ian for me!!!!!!
First Jared and after Jacob. They are so cool. Edward and Ian are annoying and overprotective. Don't like them.
Jared is my perfect man .


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