The Twilight Saga

The Only Son Of Elizabeth And Aro Volturi ,Edward Volturi Is Shipped Off To America, After A Incident That Could Have Harmed Him. Sent Live With The Cullen's ,The Small Town Of Forks And A Pack Of Wolfs Are Curious About The Newcomer. Can The Cullen's Keep Him Safe? And When A Wolf Imprints What Will They Do? And What's This About A Stalker? CC But Edward AU/ mpreg?

Chapter one-Little Prince 

(April 14th,1885)

The eldest Volturi paced back and forth in front of his bed chambers, as his darling Elizabeth let out another painful grunt and another painful scream, a baby's wail rung out through the castle; and a maid let him in. He slowly made his way into the room pushing the thin white drape away from the bed, their sat his Lizzy her bronze colored pulled up in a messy bun and her eyes were set aglow.

"We have a son" she softly cooed, tiny pale arms reached out of the crimson red blanket. Aro reached out for the boy holding him in his arms, he thought his heart would burst from joy; his little boy was beautiful. His mothers human emerald green colored eyes embedded into him wide and alert, full head of bronze colored hair with black streaks. The tiny prince gripped his father finger and his thoughts poured into Aro, he was worried that he had hurt his mother.

"She is fine little one." Aro cooed

"Edward." Lizzy whispered "Edward Romeo Anthony Volturi.'' Aro smiled

"Hello Edward."

(April 17th, 1885)

Three days after the birth of the prince there was a ball throne Aro's good friend Carlisle Cullen was the first to hold the baby.

"He's beautiful Aro absolutely perfect." Edward blushed snuggling closer to Carlisle where he stayed for most of the night till, Liz toke him away to feed.

"I've never see someone such as him." Carlisle Whispered in aw, Prince Edward had a heart beat, the most floral smell, light, fresh and a sent of a flower he could not put his finger on. He was a light as a feather but his skin was a hard as a vampires.

"A born Vampire."

"He is unique." Aro confirmed "He captures many hearts." Carlisle laughed, nodding in agreement.

"He grows quickly if I may stay and watch him." Aro trusted Carlisle but this little boy was the center of his world and many would want to hurt him he was certain of this. Carlisle sow his hesitation and stopped placing a hand on the leaders shoulder.

"I would never harm him Aro." He whispered "If that is what concerning you." He could not bear it in his heart to hurt the baby. Aro Nodded giving his permission to stay with them Carlisle smiled walking into his bedroom –Prince Edward was one of a kind.

(7Years later)

(January 10th 1892)

Edward thrived with Carlisle at his side; the boy loved to learn and was well beyond his intellect level, he could talk at the age of three months and can read, run, hunt, and perform other tasks at advanced levels for his young. After finishing all of Carlisle medical books he moved on to others his favorites Jane Austin, Jane Rye, and William Shakespeare.

The seven year old boy sat in his father office in the leather plush chair Pride and Prejudice gripped in his hands the stem of the book was so worn due to his many times of reading it .

"Edward." His ears perked up hearing his fathers voice his eyes never drifting from the page

His fathers light footsteps made there way into the office and Aro smiled Looking at his son his tiny body surrounded by the black plush chair. The book slowly moved away from his face, his emerald green eyes shone like diamonds and a crooked smile rested on his face he had on a pair black slack and white crisp clean shirt, a pair of white cotton socks and the Volturi necklace rested on his tiny chest.

"Hello daddy." His voice was high but soft and whimsical Aro went to lift up his baby boy.

"I have a surprise for you little prince "since Edward was touching his father, Aro could hear his thoughts.

A surprise, what is it?

"You shall see in a few moments." Aro answered as they made their way down the hallway and into the main hall. His thoughts had drifted off to Carlisle now wondering where he was, Edward had not seen him lately and missed his company. Now Edward had a unique talent, he like his father could read minds, but with out the tedious problem of touching people; he could hear a mile away of everyone's thoughts. Aro and Carlisle both had been blocking their thoughts the last few weeks, walking into the main hall Edward hid in his fathers neck as all eyes turned to him a pink blush lit up his cheeks. Aro chuckled rubbing his back; Edward smelt Carlisle and looked up under his long dark eyelashes. Carlisle tried not to gasp after spending so many years with the young prince he still could not get over Edwards beauty.

"Hello little prince." Carlisle said Edward ever the shy blushing boy waved shyly. Everyone chuckled-even Jane who as everyone said was evil but Edward loved her.

"We have a present for you."

It s not my birthday, it is not for four more mouths. He thought

"It's just someone for you to play with" Aro said

"I can play with Carlisle" He thought back his lip jutted out in a pout he did not need anyone else.

"Carlisle-"He stopped midsentence he never denied Edward anything and telling him that Carlisle was leaving in weeks to be with his mate in America-Esme Platt would hurt him.

"But first I would like you to meet someone" Edward nodded Esme peeked from behind Carlisle and smiled Edward quickly hid in his fathers neck again.

"He's just shy. "He Heard Carlisle Say

"Edward meet Esme Platt. She's Going to be staying with us for a while, Alright?'' Edward nodded wondering did this woman have to do with his surprise.

"No Edward she does not." His father told him

He sat the boy down and Edward toke his hand hiding in his fathers coat.

"Edward meet Chase." He peaked up and gasped –A lion! He was not a cub but not yet a full adult Chase walked up to Edward and sniffed him causing Edward to whimper a bit. Chase sensed his fear and licked his hand reassuringly; Edward giggled and came out more touching his golden fur.

"He's Beautiful daddy" Edward hugged Chases neck "I love him." Aro did have a response but water like smile.

A month after his birthday Carlisle left.

(117 years later)

(19 years old)

(April 1st, 2009)

117 years.

117 years staying of immortal entreaty Edward grew and of course as did his mind, interest and his body. He was perfect and angular—high cheekbones, strong jaw line, a straight nose, and full lips. His hair, which is always messy, fell in front of his face He is 5'5", and has a slender but muscular body. He is musical, able to play the piano like a virtuoso. He enjoyed a wide range of music, including classical, jazz, progressive metal, alternative rock, and punk rock, but dislikes country. He prefers indie rock to mainstream, and appreciates rock and classical music equally .He liked music from the fifties better than the sixties, dislikes the seventies. He loved collecting cars He owns an Aston, Ferrari458Italia, A Range Rover and many more. His last interest shocked everyone-He was gay he liked men but was to shy to approach anyone but many vampires approach him-Felix and Demetri where two of his admirers. Chase sat his feet purring as Edward ran his fingers through his mane. There were 14 days before his birthday and of course his father was throwing a grand ball with a longing sigh he made his way down towards to his fathers office opening it he stopped shock-Carlisle.

''Hello little prince" Edward gulped blushing bright red-He was beautiful. Aro rose up

"Edward?" He asked Edward backed away embarrassing tears ran down his face as he ran away. Carlisle had a mate, someone else had him-He was taken Edward could not have him and why would he want him? Edward then grew angry he never visited him, or, sow him –Never! He never wanted to see Carlisle Cullen again!



Chapter One-Above

Chapter Two- Below

Chapter Three- Page 2

Sneak Peak For Chap Four- Page 2

Chapter Four-Page 3

Chapter Fiver-Page 3

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wow I wonder what is going on, post soon

Thanks :)


"My Father," He growled "What is happening?" The male quickly closed the door locking it and Edward started to beat on it hearing growls and other noises down stairs Alice and Rosalie toke him away from the door laying him on the bed as he started crying.


What's going on?


Chapter Four – Disappearance


 It was dark, screams and burning filled the air Aro searched for his son quickly maneuvering through the halls he had locked his son in his room to keep him safe. They had attacked and he had to get him out. Kicking open the door his son and the Cullen girls were pushed into the corner crouching down in front of Edward. They stood seeing him and Aro quickly ushered them out hiding them close to his tall frame. Edward coughed in the smoke stopping. Aro picked him up in his arms quickly hurrying.


What’s happening?  He sent to his father, his thoughts were a tangled mess and he could not make sense of it. He felt like sleeping and his chest heaved in a pain he wanted to disappear. He could only catch

I have to get him out of here

Before everything went dark.



He still was not awake, Aro paced in front of his son body growling when the Cullen family came near his son.

“Aro” Alice huffed “He’ll wake up in 17 seconds “Aro flashes to him son’s side kneeling down. The tiny male groaned and started to cough harshly.

“Carlisle!” Aro cried in a panic the blond doctor knelt down at his side listening to his chest. It was full of smoke. He quickly pushed way a panicking Aro away and barked out orders to his family. They quickly did as their coven leader asked  and Carlisle cleared Edwards airways. Not paying any mind to the guard appearing or his wife Aro kept his eyes on his son-and a pair of emerald met his black.


“He will have to live with you” Aro deplaned, the smoke had cleared in the castle and the output was not terrible, but he could not have this happen again. He had to have his son removed from his home to a coven so he could be safe.  The Romans he knew had done this and they did not want the prince to be in danger. Elizabeth rubbed his shoulder looking she did not put in her input; her husband could hear her clearly. She did not agree with this, she did not want her baby across the country and she yearned to go with him.

Aro refused.

Edward Volturi was going to America, and he didn’t have a say in it at all.


Hope You Guys Like! Know It's KInda Short!   I'll Give You A Longer One Next Week Or Sometime This Week.

-Simba <3

Wow Intresting :) I wonder how Edward will react to living Italy and having to go to America without having his say in this.

thanks :) Glad You Like


Hi Simba,

Are the Cullen girls not fully mature either? It will be a real responsiblity having Edward with them.

I guess he will have to get use to not being treaed as a prince any more.

Best wishes


I Want THem To Be Teenagers... Mature Teenagers But Teenagers All The Same. I think I Have An Idea Were I Want To Go With This. Thank You For Reading.


Chapter Five-Stubborn

Edward refused to leave; he did not wish to leave his parents or home. The castle was being rebuilt at vampire speed but his parents instead that he leave with the Cullen’s, his room had been burnt so he locked himself in the library ignoring all pleads and threats.  Volterra was his home; they all could not think he would so easily give it up. He wanted to stay, America was different and he knew very little of it. He struggled with the decision of giving into his parents or fighting his own way to stay where he belonged, his father’s footsteps could be heard in the corridor. Edward heard him sigh and knock on the doors to the library, it echoed off the walls for a moment then it was silent.

“Edward,” his father whispered “Edward open the door” Edward shook his head looking down at his fingers, they played with his families crest, the V hit the sunlight sparkling slightly his hair fell in front of his face a silent tear ran down his face he did not want to leave. Volterra was all he knew.

“Edward, darling please,” his parents begged, he toward He stood shuffling towards the door opening it his head his down. He felt his parent’s arms wrapped there arm him as he tried to hold the tears at bay. Elizabeth started to sing and he burst into tears.

“Please” he begged “Please don’t make me go!” he wailed, he liked to Cullen’s but they were not his family he felt strange around them and they felt the same. He knew Carlisle loved him but he did not wish to impose.

“Edward, sweetheart we have no choice.” Lizzy ran her fingers through his bronze curls

“You’re not imposing” Aro whispered rubbing his  shoulders gently “There more than okay with it Teddy” His childhood name spoken and he smiled.

“Why can’t I stay?”

“It is not safe, we must protect you,” Lizzy whispered

“You’re not safe either! “He exclaimed

“You’re at a greater risk then we are” Aro said, he listened to his child thoughts as he came up with ways not to leave his home. When he could not address one he sigh slumping against his parents and sighed nodding, tears falling down his face, his tiny frame shaking. Everyone left the royal family alone as the silently packed the prince’s things. It was a morning period and no one wanted to speak, the light of the castle was leavening.

(Airplane To Forks)

None of the Cullen’s bothered the prince, Aro had gave them their own personal jet to deliver the family to America. Edward bloodshot eyes looked out the window his finger gripping his family crest. He truly felt alone, Chase was not allowed to come with him, and he would be hunted and poached for his fur then killed for the American’s to eat.

He felt the plane dip in elevation and Emmett alert them that they were arriving, he did not want to step on American soil, he did not want to be here, and he did not want any of this he wanted home.

(Cullen Mansion)

Esme directed him to his room, they had moved this tiny town a few months ago, his room was large half of his was made of complete glass overlooking the Olympic Peninsula, walking towards the window he gasped, it was green, pure green and lush.

He loved it.

He had a large canopy bed also green with dark wooden bed post, it was monstrous, and the floor was a snow white, the wall a dark green with leaves hanging from the ceiling. The dresser was also a dark wood and large, his closet was also large, and he could also see the racks of clothing. A flat screen mounted on the wall and a rack of CD’s under it. A bookshelf of books and a video game console an Xbox it was called. Caught up in his room he did not hear the sound of skin slapping skin and a female crying, finding the noise his eyes widening

Rosalie was receiving a spanking.  

 The lump in his throat when down slowing, his eyes pricking with unshed tears, he did not want her to get in trouble because of him.

“Edward?” Esme whispered, he noticed he had been staring at the wall. He flinched when he heard another smack but looked up at Esme.

“Thank you, it is beautiful,” Esme smiled stepping forward to hug him, he was stiff and blushed hugging her back.

“I’ll leave you alone, Carlisle should be up in momentarily,” Edward nodded shuffling towards his bed and laid back curling into a ball, he let out a yawn and snuggled under the blanket.

(Next Day)


They wanted him to try American Public School. He woke to an energetic pixie wanting to dress him up; he kicked her out politely and dressed as he wished. They all sat around the table as he ate when Carlisle brought up the idea. He shot the blood shake out of his mouth shaking his head.

“No” he deadpanned

“Edward” Carlisle started; the corner of his eyes harding slightly

“No” he growled “I don’t want to” Carlisle stood his lips in a frown,

“I didn’t ask you” His chest grumbled with a growl

“WELL I DIDN’T ASK TO BE HERE!” He Screamed, Edward ran out the room and the Cullen home.
“After him,” Carlisle growled slumping back against the chair.

This was going to be a long processes .        


I'm So Sorry! Please Forgive Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was hitting Rose and why? Carlisle?

Is he not as nice as he would have us believe?

Lot to think about.

Best wishes



Thanks For Reading Chris and yes it's Carlisle But Hes Spanking Her And You'll Find Out Later Why :)  

-Simba :) 

great update!


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