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Is it just me who found their contacts in NM just a little too yellow/gold? I thought Edward's eyes when they were gold in Twilight were just right, and then in NM I just kept noticing it with all of them, Edward, Alice... etc, that their eyes were kind of over the top. Maybe just me.... it did kind of bug me a bit. And at one point, Edward's eyes were gold when they totally should have been dark. I've only watched it once so I can't say exactly when that was, but did anyone else notice that stuff? I absolutely LOVED everything else about his look in NM though, overall loved the movie!!

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Yeah I noticed Edward was sooooo white too, so I thought the makeup a bit over done lol
I prefer the eyes in twilight..In nm, their eyes, look...kinda fake?
Edward's eyes in Twilight were better . The one in New Moon was to yellow.


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