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EDWARD’S GIFT: If you were offered Edwards Edward’s “gift,” of hearing the thoughts of all those around you, would you accept it?


Discussion: KST11/12/09 by Doc B
EDWARD’S GIFT: If you were offered Edwards Edward’s “gift,” of hearing the thoughts of all those around you, would you accept it?

Relevance: In an attempt to explain human nature Plato included Scocrate’s story about Gyges in his book “The Republic.” 440 BC Gyges finds a golden ring which gives him the supernatural power of invisibility when ever he puts it on. Plato’s opinion about power and human nature started a debate which has raged for 2400 years. Plato felt……… (better save that for the discussion ) ( )

.As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B
4ghnsc: In 1937 J.R. Tolkkien modified Gyges story to write a fantasy story, as a gift for his grandchildren He called it "The Hobbit." And later expanded 'Gyges' aka Bilbo Baggins story into a trilogy called "The Lord of the Ring."

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i like 2 be like edward mostly..cuz can hear people thoughts..thats would be much easier..
There were even times when Bella wished that Edward could read her mind. Like the time she wished he could understand her joy as she sat next to him covered in feathers.

Good point, thanks for sharing, Doc

Reading peoples mind is in some ways an invations of their privice. I wouldn't wont someone to hear everything I think. Would any of you
I certainly wouldn't. As humans the most crazy thoughts go through ALL of our minds now and then. For example we all thend to be a little selfish. Excellent point, Thanks for sharing, Doc

I don't know a great deal about Plato, my intellect hasn't extended that far but i will work on it lol!
Would i like to be able to read peoples minds as Edward does? Now that's a great question.

Leo Durocher, (American baseball player) once said, 'In the olden days, the umpire didn't have to take any courses in mind reading. The pitcher told you what he was going to throw at you.'

In some ways, mind reading would be great, to know what nobody thinks you do and to use that to your advantage. You could always be prepared to say the right thing. Make friends and influence so to speak. But on the whole, i agree with the above quote. I would rather learn about someone inside and out through honestly, body language, opening your heart and hopefully getting the same in return.
Even though Edward can read peoples minds, he can't read Bella's. He has the most indepth relationship with Bella as opposed to anyone else, regardless of his inability to read her mind. It's what makes her different, it's what intrigued him initially.
To be able to mind read, you would have to have a strong constitution. You would need to be prepared to take the good with the bad. I'm a police officer and although it would certainly give me the upper hand to read peoples minds, i need to work on evidence alone. Consider the following;
If you read someone's mind and they were thinking impure thoughts about children or something else equally as hideous, but they had not acted on their thoughts. Yet!!! Would you be able to sleep easy at night or would this add to the pressures of the world and send you into deep depression.
We, all of us think it would be easier to know what's coming, to know the hidden truth of natures secrets etc etc. But then what would we do??? We would constantly be waiting for life to happen to us, life we already know about. There would be no anticipation, no excitement, no mystery.
If you flirt with someone, do you want it to be a challenge or would you want their minds to lay all of their cards on the table up front? Where's the enjoyment in that.
Although i do understand the advantages of never losin a poker game haha! I think the advantages would be outwiehged by the sacrifices of normality.
I know my opinion will be quite the opposite to most peoples. Sometimes these gifts seem like a good idea at the time but you can't give them back! I enjoy the relaxation of peace and quiet when i can get it, but you would never get a moments peace in normal, everyday surroundings.

Love the question Doc, certainly thought provoking.
I would not want to be able to read the thoughts of other people. I respect their privacy. Also, I really don't want to know what everyone is thinking. I've got a twisted imagination as it is; I don't need anyone else to add to that! YUCK!


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