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I want to see how many people agree that S Meyer should finish Midnight Sun and write the other three books from Edwards point of view. I would LOVE to hear the story from Edward! Think about agruments with Jacob, killing Victoria, Bella saying yes, the wedding , honeymoon, and the birth of his daughter, all told from Edward!! I think it would be awesome.

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i completely agree with you.EDWARD ROCKS :)
Yes, it would definately,I agree
I really want her to finish writing Midnight Sun.
As soon as I read Midnight Sun I thought and think the same thing. I would never get enough of reading Edward's thoughts!!
i think it would be more exciting than twilight and the others put together oh yeah dont you guys think that you would want to hear what goes thru edwards mind in newmoon during the time he says bye to bella and when hes about to go in to the sun
I am right there with you. I also just started a disussion I really think that she should continue writing. I love her books. I think that a book or two about their newly found lives together would be GREAT!!!!
yes i agree. that part i have read on Stephenie Meyers homepage is WONDERFUL! I love it, i want to know more of how Edward thinks, in the meadow, their first kiss, when he takes her to meet his family and plays baseball, and when he knows what James want, GAH it's frustrating, i really want to know more, and i know Stephenie said that she loved to write it too, so i really REALLY hope she will continue with it and publish :)
i think with the hype around the saga now it has gone mainstream thanks to tha movies a lot of people wil pay big money for these books
omg hell yea
I think she should keep writing the book... it sounds interesting!
I would love for that to happen....................
I totally agree with you. Maybe we should start a petition, write a letter or something...


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